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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Tuesday Ramblings

Man, I just had a blog post typed, and somehow accidentally deleted it. How lovely...........

The state of this country makes me really sad. Watching the police kill George Floyd in broad daylight shocked my conscience. While people were telling the officer to get his knee off George's neck, the other officer just stood there and taunted the crowd. Basically, they just felt that they could do whatever they wanted to do, and no one would do anything.

Situations like this are nothing new, it's just that more people are filming them, they are getting more exposure, so we can finally hold the responsible parties accountable.

The young lady who filmed this is 17-18 years old, and if she had not recorded this, those officers would still be employed with the police department, and no one would have believed her. There would have been a lot of he-said/she-said, and no concrete proof strong enough to gather people from all over the world to protest.

It sure seems like there is a huge spike in unjust incidences, but I don't see it that way. I just think it's getting recorded more, and more people are less afraid to come forward.

And another thing.................Though this unfortunate event has brought people together to march and enact change in their communities, it has also caused a huge divide. People fighting over politics and getting so nasty with each other on social media. You can not have a conversation without people insulting and accusing each other.

I used to be willing to discuss politics, but after this, I refuse. I will just stick to posting my normal bullshit on Facebook, and take my beliefs to the polls.

And you should too........meaning get out there and vote in your next election!

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