Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My days at the Red Lobsta

Hello there my lovelies,

Wow, I have been away for a while. I know that I have neglected this blog, but I have been busy doing other things like sleeping on my really comfortable bed, playing solitare on my Ipod and working out.

I am going back to school today to pursue my paralegal certificate. I look forward to this quarter and I hope that I learn a lot and meet some cool people for my study sessions.

Speaking of which, I may have to get an internship for free and get a few part time jobs so that I can do the internship and go to school part time and still make a living. I may have to go back to being a waitress.

I was a waitress during college and I learned a lot. I realized that for the first half of my serving career that I really was a crappy server and I want to appologize to all of the poor guests I served. I didn't know how to serve back then, I can't take more than five tables and part of me didn't care. For the latter half, I wised up and improved my level of service and started caring more about my customers. And I started to receive compliments and sometimes customers would even leave nice notes on the back of the receipt thanking me. They didn't always know how to tip well. But if they left me a nice note or at least gave me a nice compliment I wasn't angry. Getting crappy tips and stiffed was a common thing at Red Lobster, especially Sundays. So if I got compliments or was told my service was great, I took the compliment and let the rest slide. It was the people that demanded shit, ran my ass around, and left me a crappy ass tip after I did everything they asked. It was that and the occasional racist that really left me bitter.


I stumbled upon this and it brought back my days at da Red Lobsta. I take both sides. I understand the side of the server and the customer. People should definitely tip, but those same customers are also entitled to great service. Bad service, bad tip. And I know that when things go wrong, it's not always the servers fault. But why should customers have to pay for bad service no matter who's fault it is ?

I left waitressing because it made me bitter and a table racist. And I was tired of complaining. Yes many people I served did fit the stereotypes and it was sad. Many people that tell me "You can't stereotype people because not everyone is like that" never really served.

But now I may have to go back soon and I will have to go in with a new additude. Because life is just much better when you try to like people instead of be angry. People always will piss you off and stiif you and be assholes. The trick is remembering the people that treat you well and forgetting the people that piss you off and don't deserve your attention.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

August 31st

August 31st

Hello All,

I was out for a couple of days for my friend's wedding, so I didn't really get a chance to post on Aug 31st.

My grandma in Austria aka Oma passed away one year ago on that day. She died immediately of a heart attack and was gone within a few minutes. I was happy that she went peacefully. Otherwise, I was devastated by losing her. I loved her so much. She was 71. I thought she would have lived until 90 no problem. She seemed healthy and happy.

She was happy in her last hour, cooking lunch with her boyfriend and as he was in the basement getting food, she passed away. It was as if she was meant to go. It all happened so fast and it happened just when no one was around. By the time the helicopter came it was all over. Her time was up and we all just had to deal with it.

I didn't get the news until much later that day. However around the time it happened my blue cross necklace busted strongly and the beads just flew everywhere in my room. I couldn't pick up all the beads because there were so many. I looked for the cross and when I found it, it was completely detached from the rest of the necklace. I knew something happened within me, but I didn't think much of it. I of course got the news later that day.

I miss her so much. She was a wonderful person. She was full of love and life and she wanted me to be happy and in love. She taught me German so I could understand my background and understand her as well, lol. She also was selfless as she worked with the mentally handicapped and encouraged us to help them. She managed the finances of one of the handicapped men and made sure he was taken care of and that no one was taking advantage of him.

The best thing I ever did was fly to Austria to be with her one last time. Getting there was so expensive and last minute, but it helped so much in the healing process. Being there with her during the funeral helped me understand that her chapter on Earth ended and helped me be okay with the fact that the only way I can feel her presence is in my heart.

Austria is not the same without her. She was so proud of her country. I really miss her. I hope she somehow still knows that wherever she is now.