Saturday, January 31, 2004

Just Another Saturday


Well, today is just another Saturday. It was slow as hell as work today, but I still managed to walk out with fifty bucks. I was gonna work tommorow, but my boss told me not to come in because it would be slow because of the Superbowl. I really need the hours and extra money, but I also really hate working on Sunday so I guess I don't really mind staying at home just this once.

A lot of my coworkers are quitting Red Lobster, and a lot are planning to quit I think due to the new management. I really miss my old bosses James and Farhad. Work was so much more fun with them around. I don't have any problems with our bosses in particular since I've worked with them before, but a lot of other people do. I really need this job for the next five months, so I am just kissing ass as much as I can so there are no problems and I can exit gracefully. Gosh, I can't wait for the day that I can FINALLY write my two-weeks notice !!

 On another note, I have been spending the past few hours trying to figure out how to use my new printer and digital camera. I am thrilled that I can take my own pictures and print them. I am not thrilled, however, that I have to spend more money on photo paper and ink.

Well I better go. Y'all enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


I am happy that I got my digital camera and portable printer for my trip today. I love my new high-tech toys and I am still learning how to use them. I can even make small videos on my digital camera. I just hope that they don't get stolen. That would suck. Thats the good news of the day.

On the other hand I am very worried about how I am going to have enough money to stay in Spain. So many bills and things are coming up unexpectedly now. First of all, I have to make unnecessary payments to my dentist because my damn insurance company refuses to pay for me even though we pay the monthly premiums. I thought that I was covered.  I am not letting this go down without a fight. I will go to small claims court if I have to.

I also need my wisdom teeth pulled, and my car is slowly dying. The worst of all is that my boss is cutting back on my hours. I have to fight to just work three days. C'mon!! I've been there for three years now and they still don't give me priority. Luckily one of the guys gave me his shifts. I am so tired of working at Red Lobster, but I'm kinda stuck at this point. I really have to concentrate on my last semester so I won't have a lot of time for a second job. Not only that, but not a lot of places are not even hiring. Oh well. I only have to put up with this for 5 more months.

I am also worried about school. I just hope that everything goes smoothly this semester and that no unexpected surprises come up that prevent me from graduating. I hope that my advisors at school remembered to tell me all the classes I need and didn't leave any out. I also hope that I get lucky and have good group members for my projects this semester.

What else? I can't believe that January is almost gone. That went by so fast. Time flies so fast, and I am just glad that I am doing something with my life right now. Because if time is going this fast now, I will be old in no time. I would hate to look back and wish that I had pursued my goals.

Well, its late and I better get to bed. G'nite :)

Thursday, January 29, 2004

The First Day of my Last Semester


What can I say ? I am not thrilled about this semester, especially since I just finished my winter session. I am especially NOT thrilled that I have some group work. There is always the chance that someone is gonna slack off.

In my Global Marketing class this girl that sat next to me was chewing gum loudly. Not only that, but when she was breathing she made a squeaky sound. Between the lip smacking and the nostril whistling I was ready to hit her. It was almost impossible to have to listen to her and take notes from the instructor. Not only that, but the instructor was boring as hell. I am gonna make sure I never sit next to her again. On a better note, Jimmy aka Mr. Hottie is in that class. He was in my Marketing Research class last semester. Hee hee.

In my Spanish class this cat came in the class and jumped on the shelf while the teacher was writing on the board. Before it came in, I could hear it meowing down the hall really loud along with the sound of the bells on its collar. It was wierd and so out of the blue. It was obviously lost and wanted its owner.

Other than that, I am glad that the weekend is approaching. I have a lot of reading to do for my classes.

Well, I better get going. TTYL :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Spring Semester Starts Tommorow


Tommorow I get to start school all over again. I just finished taking a final last Friday !!!! I have four classes left. I have 2 marketing classes and 2 Spanish classes.

I went to my internship today to help out. If case you don't know, I work at a startup skincare company. I helped my boss make samples for an upcoming event, and I played with her dog. She has the cutest little Maltese named Marty. I recently bought him a toy and he just loves it.

What else? O yeah, my dental insurance knows that I am eligible for treatment, but they just won't pay what they are supposed to. This has been going on for so long, and I just want this all over with. I think that I am gonna have to go to small claims court. This sucks.

My roommate and I are also waiting for SBC to hookup DSL like they promised us. It was supposed to have been done on Monday but they keep on giving us the runaround. Cingular is a part of SBC, and I've had so many problems with Cingular. Unfortunately, our apartment only lets us use SBC, so we're stuck.

Well, thats really all for now. I don't really have a lot to talk about because I've been extremely lazy since school ended. I've been eating junk food and watching the channels that come in our ghetto television.

Have a good one. Auf Wiedersehen :)


Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I left My Heart In San Francisco

Hello Everyone :)

I went to SF yesterday with my roommate yesterday. We left early in the morning and took BART to go to the Spanish Embassy. Just like I thought, the trip wasn't really all that helpful. It turns out that I need a job before I can apply for a visa, and I won't get a job until I am in Spain. So if I need to get a visa, I would have to come back to the US and then apply. Whatever !!

We also spent most of the day walking around and taking the bus. Everything is so much more expensive up there. We visited Union Square, Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. Even though it was cold, it was nice because there weren't many people. We also watched the barking sealions. Overall, I had fun.

I also bought my new digital camera and a new portable printer. I even got a $100 rebate for it. I am slowly getting ready for my graduation and trip abroad.  I still need to buy my plane ticket.

I also went to my belly dance class last night. We worked on some moves as well as dancing with the veil. I love bellydance, and it is so relaxing for me. I wish that I had more opportunities to perform like I did last year.

Anyways, I better start doing my errands. Bye for now.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

What a Long, Uneventful Day !!!!

Hello Everyone,

I went to traffic school today. It was from 8am until 4pm. The first 2 hours were painful. I was so tired and I kept falling asleep. This black woman sitting behind me was acting like the instructor was giving a sermon. Everytime he made a point, she would say, "mm hmmm" or "right on".  The people in my group were cool. We all went out to lunch together during the lunch break.

I also worked today and last night. People were so nice to me last night. My last table had the cutest little kid who was so much fun to play with, and the parents left me a fat tip.

Today was a little different, but people were still nice. One table did completely stiff me, but the other tables were nice. 10 minutes before closing, this party of 10 walked in and I had to help take it. I was mad at first because we were about to close, but I got over it.

I am just glad that the day is over. I'm gonna go to bed now.

Friday, January 23, 2004

No More BUS 189

Hello everyone :)

I just finished taking the final exam for my winter class. During the exam, some guy just wouldn't stop grunting. Some girl also let out a squeaker fart. I kept stifling my laughs and the teacher came over and wanted to know what was so funny. I am just glad the class is over. I feel sorry for everyone else that has to take it during the spring semester. I heard bad things about the professors that are scheduled to teach. My friend got asked out by her BUS 189 prof. Yuck !!

Compared to the past few days I feel a little better, but still feel like shit. But I am lucky that I have friends like Sandra and my roommate. They helped talk things through with me.

Unfortunately school starts next Thursday so I only have a few days left to enjoy the free time. At least I am registered and I have all my books. This is my last semester so I hope it flies by smoothly.

Well, enjoy the weekend y'all.


Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I feel so depressed today

Hello everyone,

I am usually a happy person. But I am just so depressed lately. I made a huge mistake over the weekend and wish I could do things over. I can't eat and I just wanna cry. Luckily I have been able to suck it up and act like nothing is bothering me but I don't know how much longer I can do it. Ask me if ya wanna know. Too little space to get into it here. For the past few months I feel like I have been moving forward. I just feel like I am back at square one all over again. And theres really no one around to talk to. Luckily I talked to my friend Sandra, but she's all the way in Vegas. My roommate has been gone and I usually talk to my boss, but even she wasn't there today. Being at home alone really sucks. Plus I have an exam on Friday. I am miserable and feel completely alone right now. I was happy just a couple of days ago.

But I am handling this better than I have in the past. In the past when I get depressed I just break down and don't eat anything. At least I am eating a little and doing some studying.

Well, at least I feel a little better now that posted a little entry. On a better note at least we finished our group project.


Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I Finally Got my new Dell !!!!

Hello Everyone,

I finally got my new Dell !!!! It is sooooo nice too. I got this for my trip to Spain. I am gonna need this for my class over there.

So much happened to me today. I ran into my new friend Jonard. Him and I had the same marketing teacher last semester and got the same grade. He makes me laugh so much. Him and I are both attracted to men and he is NOT afraid to tell me what he thinks.

On the way to the bookstore these 2 guys stop me and tell me that they are having a conversation contest where they need to talk to a certain amount of people to win a trip to Europe. So they talk to me, but it turns out that they want me to buy magazine subscriptions from them. I wasn't about to fall for that scam. I politely tell them " no thanks" and they immediately get mad at me and tell me to go back to my boyfriend. Whatever ! As I walk away they are saying nasty things about me in a volume I can hear. Our campus is LOADED with people that are trying to get our money on a regular basis, but today's incident bothered me.

Oh, my car also broke down as I was on my way to pick up my new laptop. It turns out that the serpent belt broke and I could barely steer. I ended up on the center-divide on 680. Luckily I got it fixed and still have a car.

I have a lot to do. Bills to pay, and a new semester to prepare for. I still gotta buy my school books. For my Spanish class I gotta buy 4 books !!!! What the ? I heard from and old classmate that my teacher for that class loves to stare at women. I guess I will watch what I wear to his class.

Anyways, I'll talk to y'all later :)

Monday, January 19, 2004

No School Today, Yay :)

Hello Everyone :)

I am so happy that I don't have to go to school or work. I will take the day to clean and finish my homework.

The guy that I met at Spencers is gonna take me out tonite. Its so wierd. Now that I am gonna go out of the country in five months, I am meeting more guys. Not just any guys, but superhot guys that I drool over. What is up with that ? Now that I am in a point in my life where I just don't care if I am single for the rest of my life, I am talking to more guys.

I worked yesterday and people were nice to me but didn't tip well. This one table had the cutest little girl that would just smile at me and go underneath the table. But her mother only left me a dollar. What the ? I am tired of getting cheated out of my pay. What do my tables want me to do ? Do 25 jumping jacks and stand on my head?

My managers also mounted a TV to the wall in the bar, behind the counters where the bartenders work. The TV fell down !! And it was still working ! The bartender was lucky she was standing somehere else because she could have gotten knocked out.  That same girl was in the kitchen the day before when the long flourescent light bulb fell next to her and shattered into a million pieces. Luckily she didn't get hurt. The managers also mounted up the TV again. I would have put in my 2 weeks notice right there. I want to live, thank you.

Anyways, I better get back to my homework.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

So Much Fun, So little time :)

Hello Everyone :)

I worked yesterday and though things were slow, people were very nice to me with words and money. Today is Sunday and you already know what Sundays mean: Ghettoness. I wish I didn't have to work today.

Last night was my friend Shira's b-day party. I went to Spencers gifts to get something for her, and this hot guy comes up and talks to me. He was soooooo fine. I think I turned red. He saw me pick out a b-day card with buffed men on it and wondered what I was doing. It turns out he was getting stuff for his friend's b-day party. He told me I had beautiful eyes, and though I was in a little hurry he kept on talking to me. We exchanged numbers. I wish there was always eye candy at the mall.

Shira and I went to a comedy club in Sunnyvale. One of the guys there was so hilarious. He had us all rolling on the floor with his facial expressions. After that we went to Santana Row. We waited in a huge line to get into the V bar at the Valencia Hotel. It is a NICE place. There are a lot of people to talk to there, and its a different crowd. Most people at the bars in downtown are students or don't go to school and don't have jobs or crappy ones. Most of the people at the V bar have graduated, have their own houses and have killer jobs. The music was playing, but not so loud that you have to scream. There was no dancing, but I got up and danced to the music anyways.

Anyways, I better get ready for work now. Enjoy your weekend. 

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Old Memories

Hello everyone,

After work last night I got a call from my old friend Jacob who was in town. I hung out with him and his friends at the Tres Gringos bar in downtown. We caught up and heard the lastest in each others lives. He's building a new house and he's gonna have a new baby boy and I am going to be traveling for a looooong time. We used to work and go to school together until when he graduated and moved back with his family. I never thought that we'd hang out once more because he lives so far away. Its funny how so much can change as a few months go by.

I also worked last night and have to work in about an hour. I am really tired. Later :)

Friday, January 16, 2004

Thankful to be Alive

Hello Everyone:)

Yesterday I almost got into a car accident. I was soooo close and saved by less than a second. I was turning around the corner and was watching both sides of the road very closely. But as I turned a car was right in front of me and we almost crashed. Who knows what would've happened and I am not going to try and think of the possibilies. I am just thankful that no one was hurt that that no info had to be exchanged. Before I went to bed last night, I thanked God above for my life. I really feel he held me back from the accident for a reason and that it is not just a coincidence that the accident didn't happen. It just validates my point that I am here and living for a reason. And the hardships down the road that I will have to face will be for a reason, just as I was saved from this accident for a reason. My point here is to be thankful for what you have right now because it can easily be taken away.

On a lighter note, I got my hair cut yesterday and I like it, even though it is shorter than what I wanted. Its easier for me to flip my hair around. When I bellydance I like to incorporate my hair into the dance moves and twirl around.

I am a little frustrated because I am still waiting for my laptop and it is so hard to work on my group project without a computer. I am not gonna get my new comp for at least another 2 weeks. I went to the computer lab here at the apt and a woman was there. She said she'd be there for an hour. Over an hour later she was still there. I was soooooo annnoyed with her. That Biatch. I am here at my neighbor/friend's house working on the project and typing this entry. He's been so nice to let me use his computer.

Anyways, I better go now and get ready for my peoples at da Red Lobsta.


Thursday, January 15, 2004


Hello Everyone:)

I was planning to catch up on my fave daytime shows today, but the TV and DVD system broke. I was in the middle of watching a movie last night when it broke. Damn ! I rented American Wedding, but I saw it by going next door and watching it with my neighbor Sharon. Though it was slow a couple of times it was still hilarious. I just adore Sean William Scott who plays Stifler. He plays the character so well and he is NOTHING like Stifler in real life.

I am so happy that I don't have class today, so I came to the comp lab to work on my paper. I have a lot of typing to do. Yesterday all we did in class was watch the movie Wallstreet with Charlie Sheen. I just LOVE that movie and it covers a lot of what we are learning in class.

After class  yesterday, I decided to go to the hot tub since it was so cold outside. On the way there, there were three guys standing around. They asked me if I was going to the hot tub. I decided to say, "No, I am going to some old married guy's house before his wife gets home, but please don't tell anyone." I really hope they thought I was kidding because I don't want to be known as the new skank around town. I won't be saying stupid stuff like that again.

Last night I also blew $20 on dinner at Todai. I was starving and none of my friends could join me so I just went alone. It is an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. I ate a lot of snow crab and soaked through a lot of napkins. I wanted to eat more since I paid a lot, but I just can't stuff myself.

Overall last night was fun and relaxing for me, but that will all change tonight as I must finish my paper and e-mail it to my group.

Y'all have a lovely day :)



Wednesday, January 14, 2004

A 5 Day Weekend Ahead

Hello All,

I am happy because I got my exam back yesterday and ended up getting a B+. Not too shabby, since I forgot a lot of the terms. My teacher complained that he was being too easy. Whatever. I am also happy because I have tommorow, Friday, the weekend and Monday off. My teacher is traveling and Monday is a holiday. I am gonna catch up on my fave daytime shows: Starting Over and Passions.

I was also happy yesterday because Mr. Ass Breath that I talked about in my previous journal entry was chewing gum so I didn't have to smell the funk. Lets hope I am lucky today as I was yesterday.

After school yesterday I went to the jacuzzi at my apt with a friend. We just shared our old work stories. He used to work at Office Max and I worked at Staples so we both had our stories of the many managers our stores went through and some of the wierdest customers. Believe me, every store has its share, especially at the office stores. My roommate also works at the library and its always fun to hear her stories about how ghetto people can get in a library. She said that the grossest thing was when the bums come in to sleep on the couches and then the couches end up smelling like moldy ass.

Other than my class and work, I am also continuting to plan my trip to Barcelona. Its only 5 months away !!!!!

Anywho, I better get going, and remember : Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

How you doin ?

Hello everyone :)

I took my exam yesterday, but I don't think that I did very well. I am expecting a C. Yes, I studied a lot and made flashcards. BUT, I didn't review it again before the exam, and THAT right there my friends was my mistake. I am also working on my group project. I have to write about KFC's weaknesses. Its really hard to find that info online. Companies like to talk about their strengths.

One of the guys in my group sits by me in class every time, probably so he doesn't have to move when we have a group discussion. He could sit ANYWHERE else, especially since there are a lot of empty chairs now. It wouldn't usually bother me because he's cool, but this guy has some bad breath. I bought gum once and offered it to him. Thankfully he took it. I just wish that he would either close his mouth more or brush his teeth.

I also saw Average Joe 2 Hawaii last night. I used to religiously watch the first Average Joe with Melana. I still wish that she would have chosen Adam, rather than Jason who STILL lived at home with his parents. I like this new girl better. She is much prettier than Melana and not as fake. She at least gives all the guys a chance.She went on a date with the ugliest guy there and let him kiss her. Melana never did that.  I can't wait until the hunks show up though. That will make it all the more interesting.

Okay, I better get ready for class.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Just another day


I am tired, have a headache and I also have a fat exam in an hour. I am also trying to do some research for my project and am not finding anything useful. I am sitting here in the school computer lab. The girls next to me just won't SHUT UP. They keep talking and giggling in Chinese. I wouldn't care if they were whispering but they are using normal voices. I would ask them to be quiet, but they sit behind me in my class and I don't wanna create more tension.

I also ordered my Dell laptop over the weekend. It should ship out next week. I am happy about that. I also still have to call the school in Barcelona and see how I should apply for a working visa. Now that I finally paid for the tuition, I find out that it is real hard for American citizens to find work there. Even as an English teacher. Now I am really wondering what the hell I got myself into.

I also worked yesterday. I dropped my tray for the first time. Before then, I never dropped a tray and I've been serving for almost four years. I was climbing up the steps when I tripped and the soups, salads and drinks fell off. No food was spilled on anyone or myself. Thankfully my customers were nice about it. I also got two compliments again over weekend. One family wrote a nice note on the back of the credit card slip. Even though they left me a crappy tip ($5 tip on $75) , I wasn't mad because at least they took the time to thank me. Most of the time when I get bad tips, people just leave and don't say a thing, leaving me to think it was my service.

I wish I had more to tell, but work and school is my life right now so thats all I can really elaborate on. What I need is to go dancing, switching clubs every hour.

I better get back to reality now and finish studying. Later.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Just a Waitress Ranting

Hello Everyone,
I think that you all should visit It is a website dedicated to food servers. There, you will find hilarious stories and ways that servers get revenge on mean-spirited customers. But as you read it just keep in mind that not all servers are like that. I have never spit or tampered with anyone's food, and wouldn't do it. Neither would my coworkers. But here is what I think : If the server did an awesome job, she deserves to be tipped. If she is crappy give her a crappy tip. It's that simple. Customers that are rude and humiliate us after we went out on a limb for them are just asking for it and deserve the occasional revenge. People that have never served love to tell me that no one deserves to have their food spit in no matter how mean they are and that if I don't like my job I should get a new one. Whatever. Those very people need to use the money they saved by stiffing their servers and buy a friggin' clue.

Speaking of serving, last night was busy for me, but not financially rewarding. I went out on a limb for each and every one of my tables. If a table ordered All You Can Eat shrimps I let them take home way more shrimp than the managers would have allowed. The food was out on time, I smiled, checked up on them often, yada yada yada. Most tables barely left me 10%. If they smile and tell me I am such a nice server, why don't they tip me right ? Maybe what they mean is : "You're such a nice server that you will understand why we are too cheap to leave you a decent tip." As soon as my winter session ends, I am applying elsewhere. This is just too much.

What else.... Ah yes ! School ! I have an exam on Monday and have a buttload of reading to do. I am lucky that our teacher is so nice. He brings jokes to class and is laid back. I haven't started on my homework yet because I've been doing errands.

Well, I better get ready for work. I should be in a more positive attitude next time.

Auf Wiedersehen !


Friday, January 9, 2004

Tipping is Not a City In Japan

Hello Everyone :)

I had to work last night unexpectedly, and I had an interesting night. One of my tables, which was a party of six ordered some All You Can Eat Shrimp special. One of the women shared with the other guy who decided that he didn't wanna order anything. That is not allowed, but if I say anything it just creates hostility and its not worth losing a tip over. This guy kept ordering the scampi which is shrimp broiled in garlic butter sauce over and over again. Most people leave the butter sauce alone but he was eating it and kept asking me to get more drawn butter. It was sooooo disgusting, because the scampi is loaded with butter. They were nice to me, and were playing cards to keep themselves occupied.

Another guy came in and ordered some take out food. He always insists that we mess up his order and he always wants it free. My manager finally grew a backbone and politely told the freeloader not to order from us because we obviously aren't living up to his standards. The guy's reaction was funny : "I'm not gonna accept that". Well, our Red Lobsta won't be serving him anymore. Moral of the story : Yes, it is easy to get something free from us, but be discreet about it, and don't do it EVERY single time. To get free food, people will play the race card, put stuff in their food, or simply say that the food was nasty after they've eaten at least half of the dish. Don't get me wrong, sometimes people are legit and deserve a free meal, but it is totally obvious when they just want free food. Enough said.

My winter session class is moving along, but I am dreading our group project. I always have group projects in my business classes, and I always HATE them. We have to do a thorough analysis of KFC. We have a research paper and a group presentation. Thankfully, everyone in this class is a graduating senior and most are serious about graduating so I don't think we have to worry about slackers.

I also saw a cute dog tied up to a pole next to the school bookstore, while the owner was inside. The dog was soooo cute. It was whimpering and jumping up and down. I had to go and pet it. It had a precious look on its face. The owner was pretty friendly too. She told me how the dog, Bo was put up for adoption twice cause it wasn't a good hunter. After I am done traveling, I am going to get a new dog. I want a beagle.

Anyways, I better finish my homework before class starts.

Thursday, January 8, 2004

It's a small world after all !

Hello Everyone:)

My new roommate spent the night for the first time. We talked till 3am. We grew up in the same area, and it turns out that we both had our first job at Jack In The Box around the same time. Wierd. Her boyfriend also used to be in one of my Bio classes. When I first met them, I thought they were complete strangers. I guess not.

After school yesterday I finally sold my bookshelf and my stereo combined for $30. I was having a hard time getting rid of it anyways so I figured I might as well just sell it for that price.

I am starting to look for airfare to Spain and its all soooo expensive. I think that I can get a one-way ticket for about $500. I once got a round trip ticket to Germany for $500 on Priceline.

I also chilled at the hot tub at my apt complex with my friends last night. A bunch of people were there. The weather was kinda nice and I could see some stars in the sky. When I was in high school we lived in a house with no backyard because the other houses behind it now weren't built yet. I used to go outside and sit under clear starry sky for hours and just think about my future. Those were the days.

I better start getting ready for my class y'all. Enjoy the day :)


Wednesday, January 7, 2004

It's Official !!!

Well, it's official !! I am getting married to a rich man !!! HAHA, just kidding. I finally paid my tuition and reserved my spot for the school in Barcelona. I will be taking the TEFL course at the Windsor School in Barcelona in late June. I will be learning how to teach English as a foreign language. After I get my certificate I should be able to get hired in schools in many different countries. I am happy, but the course is all work and no play. The course lasts for a month and will begin at 9am and ends at 10pm M-F with a break in between. Plus, there will be a lot of extra HW assignments. I will be lucky if I get a chance to work out during that time. I now have a lot of planning to do for this trip. I have to buy a laptop, plane tickets, get a visa, and the list goes on. I have been dreaming about this trip for at LEAST a year.

I also had a mad food craving last night. My fridge was empty so I drove 15 minutes to the nearest Jack-In-The-Box with drive-thru for a chix sandwich. I was still hungry after so I had some ice cream, which helped. No more midnight snacks for me for a while !!

While I was driving to get my food, I was listening to some Wild 94.9 slow jams that came out when I was in high school. One of the songs was "Moving On" by Mya when she was getting famous. That song just brought back a flood of memories.  I was about 17-18 yrs old, and I couldn't wait to get out of high school and move out. Time was moving so slow. Back then I felt like I had the whole world in front me. I felt like I would always be young and that I would have all the time in the world to fulfill my dreams. I grew up in a sheltered environment and was so much more naive then.

Now I am 23 and about to graduate college. My old friends and peers are getting married, starting families and thinking about buying houses. I am still young, but time is moving so much faster. I now realize that I don't have all the time to fulfill my dreams. I also realized that people aren't what they seem. Sometimes your friends aren't really your friends. On the flip side people that you least expect to be there can come through in your time of need. The most important thing I've learned and am still learning is that there is NOTHING I can do about the past.

Tuesday, January 6, 2004

2nd Day of Winter Session

Hello everyone !!

Now that school has started up again I have a busy schedule. I am the main contact person in our group so I have some extra responsibility. Plus my days are now consumed with going to class and reading the long, boring material. We have to do our group project on KFC. Maybe I will get extra credit for bringing in some fried chicken.

I am also happy that I don't have to work until Friday. I was getting sick of wearing my loony fish shirt every day. I think that I am gonna apply to Maggianos. The restaurant is bigger, nicer, busier and I would have a bigger section to work in.

Oh, I am also trying to sell some of my stuff. I am selling my broke down laptop, my bookshelf, stereo and coffeemaker. I posted a notice on our mailboxes and got a couple of calls so far. The first guy that called wanted my laptop.  I am selling it for $50 because the screen is broken and it is completely crashed and needs to be rebooted. He thought I was selling him a fully-functional laptop for $50. In his dreams !! HAHA. I guess I wasn't clear enough in my description. The guy was super cute though. I just hope that I get rid off all my junk.

While I was sitting in class today the girl next to me kept tapping her foot. Don't you hate that ? The chairs are super-close so I could hear the noise and feel the vibrations while the teacher was lecturing. I am glad she stopped. I was ready to scream in her ear.

I also tool a sleeping pill last night since I have had trouble sleeping lately. I was told that the pill lasts 6 hours. More like 12 hours for me!!  It was soooo hard to get out of bed this morning. Plus, I had a wild dream. I dreamt that I was being chased by 3 different people. I was chased on the beach and then in the airport. Everytime I hid myself I got found. No more pills more me.

Oh yeah, I also spoke to the school in Barcelona. I hadn't heard from them in a while so I called them myself. I am gonna send them money real soon. I am super nervous about living in Spain for a while but I really feel like this is the right think for me to do at this point in my life. I just hope I get a job there.

Anyways, that's all for now everyone :) Enjoy the day.

Monday, January 5, 2004

First Day Of Winter Session Class

Hello Everyone !

Today was the first day of my winter session class. 50 extra people wanted to add the class and there was only room for 5 more people. Thank God I registered early ! One guy sitting next to me told me that this is his third time trying to add the class. He graduated last semester !!! Luckily he got in. There is sooooo much reading to do. Luckily we only have 2 exams and a group project. The teacher seems cool though, but the material is boring.

I also worked last night. Three people in a row told me that I was such a great waittress :) That always brightens my day. But the thing that ticked me off was that I came to work on an early shift and the managers "randomly" chose me to close. I stayed late and had a lot of cleaning to do. Plus my last table was super ghettofied. They ordered a lobster about a half hour after we closed and then had the nerve to complain when I brought it to them. They complained that it took to long to cook. HELLO ! Steaming and stuffing a lobster takes 30 minutes !!! They left me 2 bucks on $60 and told me to keep the change.

I also get to start up bellydance again today. I am so happy because I need the exercise. I also bought a sword a month ago to practice dancing with so that should be fun.

Now that the holiday season is officially over I hope that you are getting back into the swing of things smoothly.

Bye Bye now :)

Saturday, January 3, 2004

My interesting day

I ended up going to the meeting in downtown San Jose at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at 3am. Basically everyone there has his/her own business and is there to set goals. I felt out of place since I don't have my own business. While we were in the meeting some drunken or high homeless man wandered in to our meeting room and just helped himself to our breakfast pastries. He was shoving them down his face and laughing at the people who were talking. Finally a couple of guys made him leave. I finally left the meeting at 6am because I was tired and had to work.

Thank God, it was slow today. I was too tired to be lifting heavy trays and running around. Unfortunately, people where ghetto today. I didn't make as much as I should have. And to top it off, one of the women just kept looking at me wierd. While I was asking her if she needed anything, she just looked me up and down like I was some sort of hussy after her man. I brought her everything she needed, but whatever ! She ended up leaving me 4 bucks on 68 dollars. I have to work tommorow (Sunday) and Sundays are always bad. I guess people can't take out their ghettoness in church so they decide to do it at my tables. And I figured out why most church people don't leave me 15%. They give God 10% of what they earn, so why should they tip the waitress 15%?

What really irks me today is that I was supposed to sell my coworker my laptop, but the harddrive crashed the night before. My laptop is 5 years old. I got it as a high school graduation gift. It looks super ghettofied because the LCD screen and mouse broke so I have a monitor and mouse hooked up. Plus, it takes forever to download and I can't download zip files. It lasted this long and the day I sell it it crashes and becomes useless. Oh Well ! Well, I am at the compuer lab typing this and its closing. Gotta go !

Just another day :)

What can I say ? Today was just another day. I have developed awful sleeping habits ever since school got out. I now go to bed around 5am and get up at 2 in the afternoon. By the time I get my ass out of bed, half the day is gone ! Oh well.

I had to register for traffic school today. What a long line ! While I was waiting a cute guy started flirting with me. What a nice way to pass time at a boring place like that. While I was whistling in line he told me he knew I was a good whistler because I have nice lips. HAHA. Okay, I know that is the lamest line I've heard in a while, but hey I took it.

I also had to work AGAIN. I started work early and took a lot of tables in the beginning. People were nice today, but getting a little shadier with their money now that the holidays are ending. What I don't get is that some of my guests smile and thank me, and then leave me a couple of crumpled up $1 bills.What the hell? But I still made good money.

This is also my last weekend of freedom before my winter session starts. I am taking Strategic Management, which I dread. The class runs from 1-4pm Mon thru Fri. I am gonna have a lot of papers and group work. I just hope that there will be some cute guys in that class. I'll need something nice to look at when I get tired of staring at the white board. ;)

When I took a marketing class last semester with my friend Shira, there was this total hottie, Jimmy that would sometimes sit next to us. He will never know what we thought of him. We played it cool when we talked to him, but as soom as he turned his back to us we would giggle and talk about him just like girls in junior high.

Tonite, I am not going to bed until 6am. The president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in San Jose invited me to their annual meeting they have at the beginning of the year at 3am downtown. It is such an ungodly hour, but this could help me in learning better Spanish and I could get more involved with the community. I hope this opens up opportunities.

Anyways, enjoy your weekend y'all.


Thursday, January 1, 2004

The Start Of a New Year

I hope you all enjoyed your New Years. I made so much money last night. I made all my tables happy, and turned them all over fast. It was a non-stop night. I also ran into an old coworker, Dario. He was a lot of fun to work with back in the day.

Today was a lot slower at work, and it seemed like everyone called in sick. Oh well, I need all the tables I can get. I also got a huge compliment. I took over for another server and the table said that they had me before and that I was much better than the other server. They left me a good tip too. Sometimes people compliment me and leave me a shitty ass tip. So I was happy today.

I have also wrote out my New Years relsolutions for the year. One of my resolutions is to become fluent in Spanish. Another resolution is to get my navel pierced and keep my stomach toned.

 Last year, I only completed about half of my resolutions. But hey, at least I didn't just abandon all my goals like I've done in the past. I got a marketing internship, learned how to dance with double veils and I made plans to study abroad.

I am also happy because I caught up with a buddy of mine. He pissed me off so much last year that I refused to talk to him. Too long of a story especially because there is a limit on this journal. I blocked him off my e-mail, my instant message and phone. I went 4 months without talking to him and I would have easily gone longer. But somehow I got an e-mail from him wishing me a happy New Years. I checked my e-mail settings often, so I knew he was blocked. I just wonder how the settings changed. I felt like this was a sign to just stop being mad. So I took the opportunity to just let bygones be bygones and we just talked for a long time. I am still kinda mad, but at least I am not holding a deep grudge.

I also made up with my grandpa. I got into a huge falling out with him a while ago, but ended up making peace with him. He's 90 and isn't gonna be around for much longer. I guess my point here is to forgive and forget, especially if the other person is sorry. So many other people in the world have negative family experiences and would give up anything to fix their broken relationships.  In my experience, it is easier for me to live my life when I am not reflecting negatively on the past. Of course this is easier said than done. It isn't easy, but it is worth it in the long run.