Saturday, May 31, 2008


Above is that link to a music video for a song named Gia by Despina Vandi.

This is the first song that we dance to in our bellydance class for our warm up dance. I love the music video and watching the dancers in the desert. I like the end how she gets swept away on a horse.

I have always wanted to go to Morocco or Egypt and visit the desert. While I was living in Spain a couple of my coworkers went to Morocco and camped out in the Sahara Desert over the winter break. I always thought about going there for the weekend, but never had the money to do it.

Morocco, Egypt and Turkey are some of the places that I would love to visit. I hear that you can get some beautifully tailored bellydance outfits in Turkey.

This artist is Greek, and a couple of her other songs are also my favorites.

Speaking of Greek, the Greek Festival is tomorrow and I am going to check it out with my friend. I can't pass up an opportunity to eat some good food and do some Greek dancing.

Another Day At the Law Library

Hello All,

Today I spend another 3 hours at the law library. I ran into one of my classmates there. She was complaining about how long the the research is taking. I can't say that I blame her because I was there a couple of days ago for another three hours. And you know what ? I am still not done ! And on top of that I still have to type it all up. I just feel sorry for the rest of my classmates that decide to start a couple of days before it is due.

After I left the library and as I was walking out to my car, I see this total hottie walk his dog. I think it was a doberman, but I forget. Beautiful dog, beautiful man. So I act like I am completely staring at the dog. The guy stops, smiles and asks if I want to pet the dog.

So I go over and pet the dog, and the guy asks me about my shirt ( It says "Build a Bridge and Get Over It") Then he asks me what I was doing at the library and what my plans were for the rest of the day. Haha, I had a million different responses, but I just smiled and said that I had to go to work, and turned around to leave. He then said "Maybe I'll see you around sometime". While we were talking we we both smiling and flirting, and I felt like we both had more to say or ask each other, but we just didn't.

Yeah, we had a moment. I blushed. In my opinion one of the hottest ways to meet a guy is if he is your neighbor (Which also happened to me recently, lol) or if he's out walking his dog. I always had a thing for a good looking guy with a dog, lol. I am sure his dog probably stood there and thought that the whole thing was cheesy.

I probably won't see him again. But sometimes the initial moments of meeting like that are better than anything that could happen after.

Friday, May 30, 2008

MySpace Survey on my AOL Blog

Just You

1. Whats your favourite sandwich filling? I LIKE SMOKED TURKEY
2. Do you have any style icons?  NO
3. Whats your skin colour?  IVORY
4. What colours do you like to wear? BLACK, MAKES ME LOOK SLIMMER, LOL 
5. What do you like most about yourself?  I AM A GOOD PERSON
6. What colour eyeshadow do you wear?  RIGHT NOW, PINK AND BROWN
7. What colour are your eyebrows?  BROWN
8. Do you keep your armpit hair?  LOL, NO
9. If someone hot asked to see you naked for $200 dollars, would you show them your assets?  PROBABLY, AS LONG AS I AM NOT GETTING FILMED
10. Whats your cup size (If female)?  BIG, LOL
11. How long is your hair?  DOWN TO THE MIDDLE OF MY BACK
12. Which family member do you look like most?  MY MOM
13. How long do you spend in the bathroom?  LONG ENOUGH
15. Do you dance around your bedroom in your underwear?  YES
16. What part of guys do you like the least? ADJUSTING THEMSELVES
17. What part of guys do you like the most?  BIG BUFFED ARMS TO WRAP AROUND ME
20. Describe your figure:  HOURGLASS
21. Describe your ideal man: HAVEN'T MET HIM
22. Do you like men with beards and goatees?  GOATEES
23. Do you like guys who are small in *that* department? LOL, HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO ANSWER THIS ???? 
24. What would be one of the things important to you in a relationship?  FIRST THERE HAS TO BE CHEMISTRY, THEN THERE HAS TO BE COMMUNICATION
25. How do you rate virginity?  OVERRATED
26. Are looks important?  THEY ARE TO A CERTAIN POINT
28. Would you get your nipples pierced?  NO WAY
29. Whats the best word to use: sleep with, shag, fuck, sex, make love:  I AM NOT EVEN GOING TO ANSWER THIS, LOL
30. What is your most sexiest feature:  MY EYES
31. What is your least sexiest feature:  MY HEIGHT

The Stupid Ones

32. Are you looking for a partner right now?  NO
33. So you dont have a crush on anybody?  I DO
34. What celebrities do you think are hot?  MARK CONSUELOS
35. If you could look like any celebrity, whom would you look like? SOMEONE ONCE COMPARED ME TO ADRIANA LIMA, BUT I DON'T SEE IT 
36. Green apples or red apples? RED
37. Lights on or off?  DEPENDS ON THE ACTIVITY
38. What time do you go to sleep?  LATE ENOUGH
39. What TV do you watch on Fridays?  I DON'T HAVE TV
40. Are you still friends with everyone at school if you have left? NOT EVERYONE 
41. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?  MY CLASSMATE WHO NEEDED HELP
42. What annoys your friends about you? SOMETIMES I AM A LITTLE TOO BLUNT
43. How high do you play your stereo?  MODERATE
44. What colour are your curtains?  UGLY
45. What make mascara do you use?  LOREAL OR ESTEE LAUDER
46. Where do you buy your clothes? KOHLS
47. What are you thinking right now? THAT I NEED TO GO TO THE LIBRARY TOMORROW
48. Are you on speaking terms with your parents?  DAD YES
49. Do you like children?  YES, BUT I AM NOT READY FOR MY OWN
50. Has your love life been good or bad?  NEITHER
51 What was the last alcohol you drank?  MIDORI SOUR, I ALSO TOOK A SIP OF MY DATE'S MARTINI
52. Are you scared of commitment?  NOT IF HE IS RIGHT FOR ME, NOT AT ALL
53. Do you want a serious relationship?  YES, EVENTUALLY
54. Are your parents religious?  YES

In the Movies

55. If you could remake/write/direct ANY movie AND star in it, what would it be?  I WOULD STAR IN THE SPANISH APARTMENT
56. Direct or produce? PRODUCE
57. Have you ever thought about working in the movie business?  NO
58. What are, your favourite:
Horror films:  HATE THEM
Supernatural thrillers: NONE
Action films: NONE
Historical dramas:  THE PIANIST
Tragedies:  I HATE THOSE
Romantic:  NOTEBOOK
59. What movie role can you imagine yourself playing?  I COULD SEE ME PLAYING MYSELF IN A MOVIE
60. What is the most non-scary horror film ever? I DON'T KNOW
61. Who would be your love interest/lover in your movie?  MARK CONSUELOS
62. What would your movie be about?  ME LIVING IN BARCELONA
63. Where would it be set?  BARCELONA
64. What era?  2004-2005
66. What would be the genre? FOREIGN
67. What movies are great to watch if you want to drool over the people in it?  LATIN SOAP OPERAS, LOL


68. Name all your favourite songs from 2 of your favourite bands:
69. What band could you NEVER stop listening to?:  NIRVANA
70. What band/singer have you been listening to for years? BRITNEY SPEARS
71. What CDs are you going to get next?  I BUY ON ITUNES, BABY !
72. Describe your music taste?  I LIKE ALL DIFFERENT TYPES OF GENRES
73. What was your music taste like four or five years ago?  THE SAME
74. What singer would you most love to look like, or sound like?  DESPINA VANDI, NATACHA ATLAS
75. If you were in a band, what position would you take on (lets just say you CAN play some instruments if you cant)? LEAD SINGER 
76. What kind of music would you play?  ALTERNATIVE
77. What bands would be your inspirations?  INCUBUS, LINKIN PARK, NIGHTWISH
79. What band that you listen to now, can you see yourself getting sick of soon?  I DON'T KNOW
80. What would your music videos be like? ON THE BEACH IN EUROPE
81. What movie has the best soundtrack?  I DON'T KNOW
82. Besides CDs, do you still keep tapes (and what ones)? I JUST HAVE OLD BELLYDANCE MUSIC ON TAPES FROM MY OLD INSTRUCTOR 
83. Do you have any mixed albums? YES
84. Do you listen to 80s music (if so, what bands/singers)? I HATE EIGHTIES MUSIC 

More Random Questions

85. List the stuff you hate, it can be anything:  THE PRICE INCREASES
86. List the stuff you love, it can be anything:  MY NEW WEIGHT, LOL
87. Has your family ever walked in on you while you were naked/in your underwear?  PROBABLY WHEN I WAS REALLY LITTLE
88. Have you ever been sprayed with sewage?  NOT YET
89. What body sprays do you wear?  I WEAR PERFUME
90. Whats your BEST facial feature?  MY EYES
91. Whats your WORST facial feature?  MY TEETH
92. Whats your favourite desert?  MUD PIE
93. What was your last most hilarious thought? I FORGOT 
94. Whats your favourite word?  WHATEVER !

Dreams & Nightmares

95. Have you ever dreamt of sex with someone you know? YES, IT WAS A DREAM I WOULD LIKE TO FORGET 
96. Do you have a lot of nightmares? ONCE IN A WHILE 
97. What do you dream about in general?  FAMILY, THINGS THAT ARE HAPPENING IN MY LIFE
98. When you dream about friends what are you doing?  USUALLY IN A CONVERSATION WITH THEM
99. What did you last dream about? CRAP, DON'T REMEMBER

100. What was your last nightmare?  I DON'T REMEMBER
102. Have any of your dreams ever come true? NO, THANK GOD !

So Annoying

Hello There My Lovelies,

While I was living in Barcelona, I saw this music video that just totally swept me away. It just captured every emotion that I was feeling and left me longing for more. I can't explain it.

Basically I forgot the name of the song and the name of the artist. I have been looking for the song for the past three years. I have found every other song I loved since I came back except this one. I'm afraid that I'll live the rest of my life without getting my answer.

In the music video, these girls were on the beach and singing. It was so simple. It showed a group of girls driving to the beach, frolicking on the beach in their bikinis and meeting a bunch of guys to socialize with, and then their ride home, with the girls sleeping in the back, and leaning on each other. The view of the beach was beautiful, especially with the sun shining on them.

I don't why this simple video captured me. I guess I felt lonely over in Barcelona and just wished for a group of friends that I could be close to and hang out with. I longed for hanging out on the beach and feeling free.

I don't know why I even write about this, lol. I wish I could find that song. It was such a simple song that I will probably never see again.

I did go to the beach while I was in Barcelona. I remember that first time. I was learning how to teach English as a foreign language and one of my students invited me to hang out with her. She was a really cool Catalan woman. Short hair with streaks(that was the style), worked as a biologist. She drove me to the beach in her car and we went to an isolated beach called El Prat de Llobregat. It was the first time I really frolicked around in the ocean, lol. I even swam a little. Here in California it's just way too cold. But in Barcelona it was nice. The water was cool while the weather was just hot. I felt free, and I even have a picture somewhere. I wrote about this a couple of years back.

I also used to dog sit for my English coworker. I remember sleeping over at their nice apartment and walking their dog on the beach. It was a beautiful view.

Good times.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Above is a link to one of my favorite perfume ads that was aired while I lived in Barcelona. Apparently this ad also aired in Germany as the announcer spoke German. I really loved this commercial. It invoked a lot of emotions in me while I lived abroad. This ad came out around the holiday season when it was really cold (the coldest winter in 20 years) and when I was sad and homesick. Just watching that girl run in beautiful weather and jump as if she was reaching the sun gave me a little hope almost.

I used to walk into department stores like El Corte Ingles all the time while I was living in Barcelona just wishing that I could afford expensive makeup and perfumes and handbags. I was alone in a foreign country with not very much money, and I just longed to have expensive things.

I did end up buying this perfume near the end of my stay. It smelled good, but I don't wear that scent anymore. But I still remember the commercial.

I am working on securing a better job. I would love to take an actual vacation someday where I can actually travel overseas and do some shopping.

The Law Library

Hello There My Lovelies,

I am kinda tired. Last night I went to my bellydance class and got back into the swing of it. I bought a new bellydance top. They call it a corset but it looks more like a bra. Whatever, it looked hot and it wasn't expensive at all. I also bought some nice eyeshadow. I wore it to dance class and I loved it. I would love to wear it to a performance with a pair of black gloves. 

About an hour before class I ate my leftovers from dinner the night before. A garlicky seafood dish. That was a big mistake. While I was doing the shimmy and doing bellyrolls, my stomach was reacting. While I was in the middle of my dance, I felt the overwhelming urge to burp, lol.

What else.................... Yes............ In addition to drafting a complaint, my CA Law teacher also threw a take home midterm at us that requires research. I am not pleased. The problem is, is that he is old and thinks he's always right, his instructions aren't very clear, he's a hard grader and he is unavailable to answer our questions as he will be out of town until it is due. Plus, we are not allowed to help each other out. So basically I will be pulling this all out of my ass and hoping for the best.

So today I spent a good couple of hours at the law library. Luckily it's not that far from my house. Some of the research books were brand new and newly stamped. I have this thing where I like to smell the paper of new books. Well, while I was doing my homework I was smelling the new paper. This quirk came directly from my mother.

It's kinda a boring place to be, but it's not all that bad. They have a beautiful rose garden. You can take your research outside and sit at one of the tables and look at the roses. There are also a couple of cats that like to hang out there.

Anyway, thats all for now..............


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Fulfilling Day

Hello All,

I wanted to write about my volunteer job. Yesterday I went to volunteer at the legal agency and yesterday was a memorable day.

For starters we have new interns. A couple of months ago it was law students from Stanford. Now I'm seeing Santa Clara Law students for the summer. I got to talk to them while we went to Whole Foods for lunch (it's our thing). I have been there for a while and have gotten to see faces change as semesters and quarters in school pass by. I get to pick their brains about law school and the LSATS and taking the Bar.

While I was talking to them I discovered that one of the girls was born in Barcelona and is Catalan. She was raised here most her life and therefore didn't have an accent. We were talking about life in Barcelona and Catalans. I was so happy. We talked about the party life and the problem with cigarette smoke over there. Then I talked to a guy that traveled all across Europe and got into serious debt over it.

The funny thing is that they (the new interns) got actual formal training. I got absolutely no training when I started six months ago. I was just thrown into everything and had to figure everything out. But I am glad that happened. Because it helped make me proactive, and it forced me to constantly ask for things to do, and it forced me to break out of my shell and constantly ask questions. I remember the first week I was there. I managed to file a visa and put together all the necessary documents without my hand being held. Hell yeah it was hard and I felt like an ass but in the end I got my work done. I also ended up doing translation work and doing client intakes. Those were my favorites. I always liked the initial client interaction.

So I have landed a new internship for the summer and it is finally time to say goodbye to the legal agency. Next week will be my last day. It has been six months with them, and I learned a lot. I went there purely to get out and volunteer and give back to the community. I also wanted to educate myself on immigration issues in our community. In the process I learned a ton. Now it's time to move on.

I spoke to the program director and we had a really nice chat. She was very happy for me and told me that I proved to be invaluable to the organization. She told me to keep in contact with her, because they are thinking about creating a paying position for me.

She then looked at me and said "OMG ! You have blue eyes !I never realized the whole time that you had such colored eyes !" She then asked me if this was my real hair color and I said yes. She then told me " Wow, you'dbe like a dream for someone !". LOL.

I don't have days like that often. I was glad it happened yesterday.

Late Night Reruns

Hello All,

Okay, so I finally deleted my Myspace profile yesterday. I wanted to keep everything concentrated here on my blog. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my back.

I haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately. I have been staying up way too late watching Sex in the City reruns while I paint my nails blood red. I kinda like it. I am so excited that the movie is finally coming out. I refuse to stand in line this weekend. I will wait until a Tuesday or Wednesday night or something. I feel sorry for all the husbands and boyfriends that are being dragged out to the theaters.

I was watching Charlotte fall in love with her divorce lawyer and for some reason it got me all emotional. There are many people in this world that don't know what true love feels like. I am one of those people. I guess you can say that I carefully guard my heart under a lock and key, lol.

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Memory I don't want to forget.............


My Cousins and I during their visit to California, February 2007.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Nicest Compliment Ever

Hello All,

Okay, so I should be doing my homework right now. But you know, we don't always do what we should be doing...............

Anyway, I wanted to talk about the nicest compliment I ever received and I got it when I least expected it. Which to me, made it all the more special.

Early last month in April, I was trying to locate a Good Will to donate stuff in the city that I volunteer. I must've driven around for a good half hour. I couldn't find it. My day was already off to a bad start so I just decided to just quit.

So I try to get back on the freeway to go to my volunteer job. I see two possible entrances. I take the entrance to the left, but it turns out that I was entering on the wrong side of the road. There was no DO NOT ENTER sign in red that's usually posted for everyone to see.

Anyway, it was a narrow, winded road to the main highway, and I was driving on the wrong side of it. And a car was coming on the opposite direction of me. Luckily I swerved and missed getting into a full head-on collision. I stayed there till the next car passed. Actually turning the car back around so I could drive on the right side of the road was an interesting task.

Needless to say I felt like a complete ass, and I had a good cry. So I get to my volunteer job and one of the ladies there greets me with a warm smile. I'm like "Okay, I just have to tell you what happened to me."

She then looks at me, smiles and pays me one of the nicest compliments " You know, you always come in here and have a story to tell. There is always something interesting happening to you."

She then proceeds to tell me about this movie. She was saying:

 " You know, there is this movie based in England where this woman comes over to visit family. She has a lot of quirks and things always happen to her. And she meets this man that falls in love with her because of it. He just falls for her uniqueness."

I haven't seen her in the office for a while. But she and I come from completely different backgrounds. I used to talk to her a lot and get her perspective on life in the 1960s here in California during the Civil Rights movement. She's given me a lot of perspective and answered a lot of questions I had. She's a woman that's proud of her heritage, and is active in her community. She's very knowlegeable about laws in her community so that she can educate others.

Having her tell me that I lead an interestinglife and always have adventures to talk about made me feel a whole lot better after nearly getting plowed over on the wrong side of the road.

Needless to say, that weekend I also had another interesting episode. I almost got fined by a cop who claimed that I was trying to evade paying the bridge toll. He was parked at the side of the road near another exit for busses only. I went to him to try and ask if I could take the exit so that I could turn around since I was going the wrong way and didn't even need to get on the bridge. I had no cash to cross the bridge that I didn't need to cross. I missed my exit by less than a mile.

 But instead of listening to me, he claimed that I was trying to evade the toll and was being a jerk about the whole thing. The only reason I went to him was so that I could be an honest citizen and find out how I could turn around without evading any tolls.

We argued back and forth, and I tried and tried to explain that I live an hour away and that I needed to be in Emeryville and not San Francisco. I finally blurted out that I don't even live there. He then took my license to his car. I thought I was gonna get a fat fine for simply being honest. I was already late for my appointment and pissed at him for being a jerk so I started crying. I was really crying, the whole works.

When I he came back to my car, I wiped off my tears as best I could. He looked at me and told me that he was giving me a warning. He was about to stop the next offender and told me to just go, but that next time there would be more CHP lined up and ready to ticket me.

All in all, an interesting week.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sex in the City

Hello All,

Okay, I watched Sex and the City again last night. My friend Henry did the nicest thing for me a couple of years ago and sent me the entire show. All the DVDs in a beautiful pink velvet case along with Godiva chocolates. It was one of the nicest things anyone ever did for me.

I watched a couple of episodes and fell asleep on the couch. My roommate came up and woke me up in the middle of the night, oops !

I can't wait for the movie to come out. I am planning to go with one of my good friends from high school. We plan to dress up, go to dinner, maybe flirt with a couple of cuties and have a drink before the movie. I have been waiting for the movie to come out for a long time now. We plan on going during the week as I work weekend nights. Also, no way do I want to stand in long lines. I imagine that opening night will be very crowded with a lot of tipsy ladies, lol. I am sure that bars will all be serving cosmopolitans or martinies all night.

My gal friends tend to identify with one of the characters. One of my friends from college identifies with Carrie the most. Well, I agree, she is definitely most like her. As for me, I can't completely identify with just one girl. I find myself identifying with them ALL. To break it down.

CARRIE: I identify with her emotions regarding relationships, especially when she's going through her breakups. Haha when she said that even certain amounts of time are off limits after a breakup I laughed and nodded in agreement.

CHARLOTTE: She's the least slutty and a bit naive, and so am I, lol. I don't share the same views of a storybook romance like her though.

MIRANDA: Well, I do love the law. She is independent and doesn't need a man to take care of her. And I identify with that.

SAMANTHA: I do not sleep around like her, but I do talk like her. I have a dirty sense of humor and some of the same points of view. She is my favorite one.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hello There My Lovelies,

Okay, I was totally supposed to work on my homework today but that did not happen. Shame on me. I have to draft a complaint for one of my legal classes and I am so not looking forward to it. After the Memorial Day holiday I will also have another research project thrown at me. Not feeling the love there either. I really want this quarter to end soon.

Instead I went shopping. I bought a new purse and wallet. They were on sale, and I couldn't pass it up. The purse and wallet look expensive, and I feel like a million bucks carrying that little handbag.

I also bought a little sexy sundress. I couldn't pass that up either. It was on sale, for about as much as the purse. It was $68 retail but it was marked down to like $14. No way was I passing that up. I am wearing that to church. And before you scold me for dressing all skimpy in the house of the Lord, I must add that it came with a little jacket so that I am appropriately covered.

All in all not a bad day, especially since I spent my morning watching Sex and the City episodes on DVD. I can't wait for the movie to come out.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hello There My Lovelies,

So I have been slowly getting back into my dance routine. I am just starting off by taking a class once a week with one of my favorite teachers, who happens to have the same name as me. She is beautiful and nice and her class is a good workout.

So after class last night she invited us to a new Persian restaurant. And as an added treat, her teacher was performing. The dance was beautiful. I was sitting with one of my classmates and we ordered some Persian food. While we were waiting I was telling her about my previous dance teachers, well because one of my first teachers had Multiple Personality Disorder. No joke. She would insult us all. She blamed me for sleeping with her neighbor, when in fact I had never even met him. The sad thing is I still miss her. She turned me into an awesome performer. She had a knack for taking an ordinary girl and turning her into a good performer. I was a beginner with her, just starting out and people that watched me would come up to me and compliment me all the time. One guy told me he fell in love with me, based on my moves, lol. I haven't found another teacher like that since. I've learned more techniques since I left her and I've improved of course, but I feel like she was the teacher that threw the pixie dust on me while I was on stage. She had a way of turning us into performers, it's something that I just can't describe. I ran into her brother a couple of years ago and told him how great she was when she was nice to us, and how I still missed her. I saw a tear roll down his cheek. A sad moment indeed.

Anyway, back to the performance last night..........So I watched this woman perform. Her name is Nana Candelaria and she has been around for a while. She was very graceful and I loved watching her. She would pull up people to dance with her on stage and I happily followed. I just had fun following her lead and shimmying. It's been about a year since I last performed. I miss it all. I miss my old self. It felt good getting out again.

Some Old Pictures I found

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting This was taken by my friend at a Halloween party in 2005.


The ceiling picture above was a spoof on the Ceiling Cat. One of my coworkers made it for me, bless his soul. 

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday Stroll

Hello All,

Yesterday was a nice day. I wore a sun dress for the first time in a long time. I bought it for like 3 Euros while I was in the Czech Republic. It was cheap, but very pretty and after 3 years since I bought it I still hadn't worn it. So I wore it to church. And I looked good too :)

After church, my friend and I went to eat sushi and take a nice stroll downtown. It was beautiful. Hot as hell, but nice. I was wearing heels, and it took a little getting used to but I was happy to get out. I walk all pigeon-toed but I am determined to learn how to walk all sexy in heels.

While we were strolling we went to the candy shop. It was a trip down memory lane. I was so happy when I saw the Candy Land board games over the years that were displayed. I saw the edition from 1985 and my friend and another guy that came along with us all had the same version. It was cool. It was how my mom initially taught me how to count. There was so much sugar in that store, lol. Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was playing on the screen. But I gotta say that my favorite was the corner of the store where there were bubble gum drawers. Basically different types of gum were filed according to brands and flavors. And I saw my favorite brand: Bubble Yum. Stacks of different flavors with the famous punk duck on the wrapper. Good times.

Although I had a nice day yesterday, I wasn't feeling the love today. Somehow my tire has a tear in it as well as a nail. I am currently driving on my spare tire. It blows. People think I am a 90 year old driver on the road. I need to get that fixed soon as I am supposed to drive to Santa Cruz on the windy roads and can't afford to make the trip on a friggin' donut tire.

What else................ Oh yeah, my stomach has been a little sensitive lately. I didn't eat much at all yesterday. In fact all I had was yesterday's lunch. So this morning I was absolutely famished and could barely get out of bed. I went to go have a bowl of cereal and milk. Now I don't know what the hell is up with my milk. It hasn't even reached its expiration date. Yet it spoiled. (It's 1%). It spoiled like 5 days early. I took one whiff of that and it smelled so bad. It was so bad that I ran outside to hurl. But since I had nothing in my stomach there was nothing to unload. I look back and laugh but it wasn't so funny this morning. This morning I was right at the side of my house clutching my stomach and kneeling over, like a cat trying to hack up a fur ball.

What else.............. Ah yes, I had an interview last Friday and I am waiting to hear back. I also have another interview in a couple of days.

Anywho, that is all for now.




Saturday, May 17, 2008

Update on The Carwash

Hello there My Lovelies,

Okay, so I told you all about my carwash experience. Now I must tell you that a bird (there was probably more than one) took two big shits on my rear window while I was at school today.

I dunno what kinda bird it was, but it was probably huge, or at least had a big breakfast this morning.

This morning I went to school for a Paralegal Association meeting. I had a wonderful time. One of my teachers was there, as were a bunch of people in the field. It made me feel a whole lot better.

As I was leaving campus some guy approached me and asked me to vote for him for the finance position. I wasn't prepared to vote since I don't know anyone running for the class positions. I was going to just brush him off. But then he asked me in Spanish if I spoke Spanish and I lit up. We had a nice conversation. He told me that I look Latina (even though I am not) and I took that as a compliment. I like the Latin culture and Spanish was my minor in college. Then he told me about how they are raising money with a dance off and told me about the salsa dancing on campus. He wanted to see if I could dance the salsa. I told him that my schedule is filled and that I have a full plate and can't promise anything but it didn't matter. We went downstairs near the student activities place and he taught me a salsa dance.

Now I don't just go off and dance with strangers. But I was like, "what the hell" I need a little diversion, so I went. I had a great time. He was a very good dancer and gave me the lesson all in Spanish. Actually, it wasn't a lesson. He danced and I followed. And I have to say that I did a damn good job following. If I practiced I could get it down. I hadn't really done the Salsa since I was in Spain. Now Spain is not where the Salsa originates from. But since many people from Cuba immigrate to Spain there are a lot of salsa teachers. I remember when one of the guys I went out with took me to a salsa club on the beach and helped me with the moves. Fun times.

Anyway, after we were done dancing, he wanted to make sure that I voted for him so he walked me all the way to the voting office. I stood there in line and thanked him for the lesson. Then as he walked away, I stood there for another 30 seconds and ran off. I wasn't gonna vote for someone unless I knew that the person was qualified. Yeah, he was a damn good dancer, but that doesn't mean that he's the most qualified.

All in all, interesting day.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Aloha my Lovelies,

Okay, so a couple of days ago I did some spring cleaning. I got rid of a lot of shit. Kitchen utensils I never used, a lot of clothes, shoes, are now gone and I feel like I can breathe a little better.

I also came across my stuff from Spain. I had a collection of writing assignments I did, I had my resume in Spanish, and phamphlets of things I did. I also reread the stack of cards and letters that family and friends from back home sent me. I miss it all. I also found a $100 bill hidden in a card that I thought was lost. I was stoked. I broke that bill on gas.

I also stumbled across my favorite Spanish TV show that I haven't seen since I was in Spain:  Aqui No Hay Quien Viva. That show helped me improve my Spanish and provided a lot of laughs. I found the reruns on YouTube. Basically the show is about Spanish people living in an apartment complex, the dramas that go on between the landlord, neighbors and the janitor, El Portero.  The janitor, El Portero was my favorite. There is no show without him in my humble opinion. It's hilarious if you understand Spanish culture. When I found myself laughing at the episodes, I knew I had come a long way.

Anyway, I have more to say. I am working on doing a 180 and completely changing my life. It's a long process but I think that things are happening. I have different things in the works right now. I am not saying anything because I don't want to jinx it. I should elaborate more on it next week.


Quickie Update

Hello All,

Wow ! Today, it was hotter than Satan's asscrack. I need to go buy some summer clothes. I drank a lot of water.

Today I washed my car, finally ! I haven't washed it in over a year. I can't believe it has been so long. I took it across the street. There was a do-it-yourself wash. Seriously, it would have been cheaper to just sit at a drive-thru wash at the gas station. But I didn't know that. I filled the machine with quarters and had fun sudsing up my car and rinsing it. There was so much grime and the water evaporated off the car so quickly that I had to rush and rinse it. I thought that I knew how to wash a car quickly from working at Enterprise Rent A Car. Apparently it's been a while.

It is still a little dirty, but not so bad. I am happy that it's all white again for the most part.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Hello There My Lovelies................

I have to be honest. I am going through a very difficult time in my life right now. Those that know me personally know what's going on. Otherwise, I don't really like to get deep on this blog that much anymore. I know I used to. Right now it is hard for me to stay bubbly and upbeat in my entries, but I will definitely try for the next time around.

But I gotta say one thing. I will ride out this misery for as long as possible. It is taking its toll on my body but kinda in a good way. I am finally freaking dropping some pounds ! The boys are staring at my ass again, lol ! A couple of days ago I was able to fit in my college jeans :) I hope to look damn foxy again by the end of the summer. RAWR ! I plan to take up dance again soon too.

Anyway, I better get back to my homework. My teacher gave me an assignment that I absolutely loathe. I get to compare Proposition 98 and 99 on the upcoming ballot for the California Primary. I really don't feel like cranking out a paper on it. I am pretty much pulling this one out of my ass and hoping for a good grade. I've been there and done that before and was pleasantly surprised.

Anywho, Ciao Ciao.......

Monday, May 5, 2008


Hello There My Lovelies............

I am not feeling well. It is the beginning of May, and I am sick ! Unbelievable !

I had to pry myself out of bed to take a midterm in my CA Law class. Luckily my teacher was easier on that test than his previous ones. I also had another class where I had to try and understand facts of a case. I could not wrap my brain around the details.

I am still trying to secure a good internship. It's a long process. The Superior court here sent me a rejection letter. Whatever, I still have a few other options. Better ones anyway, so I will talk about that more once I get answers.

I am still volunteering at the legal organization. It will be six months by the end of this month. I have learned a lot. They could use more funding and we work in a very crowded space, but I still like the work I do. I get to work with students from Stanford Law, which is nice. One of the women I assist is a Harvard grad. The people there are very intelligent and I get to learn a lot. I am glad my work schedule allows me to volunteer. I never really got a chance to volunteer in the past, and am finally glad that I have the chance. You can really make a difference in someone's life when it comes to the law. I like volunteering, especially when it relates to law and people who can't afford proper representation.

What else ? One of my coworkers a couple of days ago was asking about my trip abroad to Spain and I told him stories about my adventures abroad. He mentioned that he would love to see pictures. Of course I didn't bring my digital camera, but I did have this blog. So I pulled up the entries with the pictures and showed him. He thought it was so cool !

I took a trip down memory lane and felt myself longing to have another travel adventure. Right now is SO not the right time to travel....... The dollar sucks, I am in school, and still trying to pay of my debts........... Maybe some day :)

In the mean time, I have this blog. I am so glad that I wrote for the past few years. I get to look back and see what was in my head. It's nice to have adventures, but it's so much better when you have pictures and writings to look back on.