Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Opinion on the News

Hello there my lovelies,

Today I spent my day sick and in bed. Although it sucks to be sick, I am feeling better because I am getting rest today. All I did was stay in bed and watch TV. And it felt good to be completely useless. Unfortunately it will be back to work tommorow.

Speaking of TV, I watched the news. A lot of talk about the weather. The storm we've been having is definitely not over. I am not looking forward to all the wind and rain. Yesterday on my home I saw a someone in a mercedes try to drive to fast and cut off a tow truck.It was raining so hard and the roads were so slippery. He ended up spinning around and ended up right in front of the tow truck facing the wrong way. Had I been a few seconds earlier, I mighta been smacked. Luckily there was no crash, and I don't think anyone was hurt. But the guy got what he deserved for being such an idiot. I hope he learned a lesson.

Appears that our good ole' prez G. Dubbya isn't so popular anymore. Especially after that slick move of putting an Arab company in charge of our ports. Way to go. And he came up with a lousy defense: " We put other foreign companies in charge of our ports. What would that say about us if we denied the UAE that opportunity?"  If that's what he thinks, then why do we do so much racial profiling against middle easterners ?  Moving along.

I also saw that Anna Nicole is going to court to get a piece of the money that her late husband supposedly left her after he died. All I say is that I hope that she loses. She is such a gold digger. Way to go for her son for trying to stop her. She should learn to work hard for a living like the rest of us.

It was nice to see people in New Orleans celebrating Mardi Gras. Especially after all they went through when the hurricane hit. People were living it up on the streets and it was nice to see.

Anyways, that's all for today. Later.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Unproductive Sunday

Hello there my lovelies,

Today wasn't that productive at all. I did work on my dance stuff and work out a little.

I am frustrated with dance. There are some areas that I need a lot of work on. I've been working on the moves for the routine that I haven't been practicing my other stuff. I used to be good with the veils and now I am not so good anymore. But I am improving with the sword. I love the sword because it's so mysterious and it can be very sexy.

At the gym I did the bike and treadmill for 30 minutes together. Then I stretched for another 30 minutes. I am working on my front splits. I've never been able to do the front splits, but I don't care. It's worth a shot.

I also need to say that I have a huge weakness with chocolates and ice cream. I just gobbled a chocolate covered marshmallow egg. Then I topped that off with Ben and Jerry's Mint Chocolate Chip. I am soooooo bad ;)

I was hoping to watch Desperate Housewives tonite but instead there is Dancing with the Stars finale. But not all is lost. Some of those male dancers are HOOOTTTT. Especially the Latin ones. Wow.

Anyways, that is all for now. Goodnite.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another Lazy Weekend

Hello there my lovelies,

Today I was very lazy. I did get up early to get my taxes done and then go work on dance routine. Then I went home and just watched crappy TV for the rest of the day. I shoulda went to the gym. But, whatever, I guess that I will do it tommorow.

I have been feeling a little down lately and a little heavy in the heart. I hope I get over it soon. But that is for another entry.

G'nite for now.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hello there my lovelies,

Well, this is the first Sunday in a long ass time that I didn't go and practice my dance moves. I feel like something is missing. I was just too tired. I'll go to the gym, but that isn't good enough, I guess I was giving myself a break because I was getting frustrated with the sword. I was doing so well, and then all of a sudden it kept falling off my head. I was practcing my moves this week so I guess I felt not dancing this weekend would be good. I guess I miss it a little. Oh well, I guess there is tommorow.

I was lazy this weekend and it felt good. Last night I took a hot bath, made some good dinner and watched Sex and the City. But not without a glass of Bailey's over ice. That hit the spot. Good stuff.

I am getting frustrated with my sword group. I am really the only one that shows up to class on a regular basis. The other girls decide when they wanna show up and the routines just keep getting changed and moves are getting cut out. I am getting to the point that I wanna take the sword routine out and concentrate on the other routines I have to get down for next month. I would just rather perform the sword dance alone when all eyes are only on me anyways.

Anywho, enough rambling for today. Ciao Ciao.

This is scary.

Hello All,

I found this article in todays news: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20060219/sc_afp/usclimatefloods_060219062543

My friends think I am paranoid for thinking that we're prob gonna have a major earthquake soon and that there will be major flooding like Katrina. People think that I am nuts, but I don't think so. This stuff keeps surfacing in the news and it freaks me out everytime I see something like this. There is always that chance that this won't happen, but c'mon now. The chance that this will happen is greater.

I live here in Cali and I love this state, despite how much our debt is and how screwed up our politicians are. There is so much to do here. CA is so multicultural.

Anyways, enough talk about that.

Today is Sunday and I still haven't gotten outta bed. I think that I may be getting sick again so I am resting today. Although, I will get up and workout a little. Wanna make sure I look good in those mini skirts for the summer.

Okay, thats enough for now. Ciao :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Valentines Day

Hello there my lovelies,

Well, today was Valentines Day, and I had no date. I didn't do anything remotely romantic. But, I did have a wonderful day.

My day was busy at work, but my customers were really nice to me and I got a complement about my wonderful service. I also got to practice my Spanish and the guy was happy that I was trying. My area manager also took me out to lunch. We ate at Red Lobster, and it was perfect timing because I am kinda broke anyways.

I have been watching the Olympics lately and I am sad about Michelle Kwan. I would have liked to have seen her win a gold, especially since she's such a wonderful skater. She's worked so hard.

Anyways, I'm babbling and it's getting late. I'm off to bed. Ciao.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Hello there my lovelies,

I am so sore from working out and practicing dance all this week. Especially in my calves and inner thighs. If I keep this up I should have some real sexy legs by summer, lol.

Right now I am watching the Olympic speed skating. I watched the Nordic combined and some skiing earlier. The skiers are so friggin' hot. Nice rugged facial features. Must be all that cold weather.

I went food shopping today. I never buy alcohol. This time I bought Baileys. I absolutely love that stuff over ice. I am saving it for next weekend when I'm gonna watch Sex and the City and Law and Order DVDs. I used to drink that stuff in Barcelona. It's much cheaper over there than buying it here. They probably slapped a hefty tax on it.

While I was shopping I also bought iced tea. Not just any iced tea. Nestea. Drinking that brings back all the memories in Barcelona. Every time I went out to a restaurant I would have a Nestea in a glass bottle over ice. Ah, memories.

Anyways, Desperate Housewives should be on soon so I am gonna go now. Ciao.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Hello there my lovelies,

Well, I have a lot of stuff to talk about, but I will just limit it to a few stuff tonite. I am watching the opening ceremony for the olympics right now. Very beautiful and creative. I can't wait to watch the ice skating. It's nice to see the athletes walk out in order by country. Austria is such a small country, but they have a lot of Althletes competing this time around.

Last week I had a customer that has very nice (and cute). He called me later at work and asked for my phone number and said that he really wanted to take me out. Well, he never called. I don't know why I let this piss me off so much. Probably because I liked him and he went out of his way to call me AT work and ask me out. A week has passed so I now know for sure that he won't call. I just hate it when this happens. Oh, and not to mention that Valentine's Day is next week. Just my luck.

Anyways, I am off to finish watching the opening ceremony. Ciao.

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Bellydance Superstars

Hello there my lovelies,

Well, yesterday I went to see Bellydance Superstars. They are the only dance troupe that has a manager and tour bus and tours worldwide. I saw them before in Barcelona, and I was mesmerized. I never thought that they would be touring here in the Bay Area, so I was thrilled when I found out that they would be performing here.

The women were so gorgeous, their costumes were elaborate, their moves were precise and the lighting was perfect. They were inspiring.

I bought their DVDs and music. I also bought a T-shirt that I really liked, paid for it, and ended up accidentally leaving it beind. I was really pissed because I really was looking forward to wearing the shirt. Now I'm gonna have to buy it again. Oh well.

Today I was practicing my moves for a few hours. Everytime I practice I always end up sore and with bruises. Today I danced without my dance shoes to toughen my feet up a little and work on my spins. But at the same time, the hours I am putting in are paying off.

On another note I am here watching Beauty and the Geek. So stereptypical. They make the guys out to be such geeks and the girls to be so dumb. The didn't know anything. All they could talk about was music.  And the geeky guys are falling head over heels over these girls that are so dumb. I thought that men like women that are intelligent and are turned off by girls that are dumb, no matter how attractive they are. I guess I was wrong.

Anyways, I am off to get ready for bed. Nite nite.


Thursday, February 2, 2006

My Costume

Hello There my lovelies,

I forgot to post my latest pic of me in my new bellydance outfit. I it like it. I am supposed to go to practice in a few minutes but I feel so lazy. But I also need to practice, because the moves aren't gonna learn themselves. I gotta learn them.

My room is still a tornado wreck. I've been so busy with work and moving out lately that I just don't have a lot of energy to organize when I come home. This week has been very busy at work. I also have to work on getting promoted to Assistant Manager, which is time consuming. I have a lot of studying to do.

Anyways, enough for now. Later.