Sunday, February 12, 2006


Hello there my lovelies,

I am so sore from working out and practicing dance all this week. Especially in my calves and inner thighs. If I keep this up I should have some real sexy legs by summer, lol.

Right now I am watching the Olympic speed skating. I watched the Nordic combined and some skiing earlier. The skiers are so friggin' hot. Nice rugged facial features. Must be all that cold weather.

I went food shopping today. I never buy alcohol. This time I bought Baileys. I absolutely love that stuff over ice. I am saving it for next weekend when I'm gonna watch Sex and the City and Law and Order DVDs. I used to drink that stuff in Barcelona. It's much cheaper over there than buying it here. They probably slapped a hefty tax on it.

While I was shopping I also bought iced tea. Not just any iced tea. Nestea. Drinking that brings back all the memories in Barcelona. Every time I went out to a restaurant I would have a Nestea in a glass bottle over ice. Ah, memories.

Anyways, Desperate Housewives should be on soon so I am gonna go now. Ciao.


happinessdreams said...

baileys is awesome! sex and the city rules my life. Its the perfect combination, a match made in heaven. LOL.

kdwsunshine said...

Its funny how small things like that can bring back the best memories.