Monday, March 31, 2008

Last Day of March

Hello My Lovelies,

Okay, I have been bad at updating this journal. But nevertheless I am still here. The only reason I stay with AOL is because of this journal. Four years of memory that I just don't want to erase.

When I started out, I there were a lot of other fellow AOL bloggers. Now those people that used to read my blogs and comment as well as write in blogs of their own are gone. The majority left AOL, a few stopped updating altogether, and a few even died of cancer. It's depressing.

Anyway, I can't believe that March is already over. This year has gone by so quickly. I am so happy that the winter quarter is over. I have a week in between before the spring quarter begins. I like not having class. I wish I had another week or two.

The only problem is even though I have a break I can't afford to go anywhere or spend money. Maybe I can go out with a friend for appetizers tommorow but that is the extent of my splurging. For the past five or six months I haven't even been out with friends, nor have I gone out and paid for entertainment. The fact that I work at night helps. Also I stay at home a lot. I am doing everything in my power to become debt free. I made the commitment last December at the spur of the moment. It does take willpower, but I don't want to be tied down anymore. It's not worth it.

Next week when school starts up again I will be taking CA Law and Civil Litigation. I am still waiting on the grades from last quarter. I was hoping I would get As in both classes, but I know that one of them is a B (maybe worse). I will try to pull it together for this upcoming quarter.

I am also trying to find an internship. I am already volunteering for a legal aid organization, which I've been there for almost five months now. I've learned a lot about immigration law, especially relating to victims of abuse. But I also would like to have other experiences. The legal field is so broad and you can go in so many directions. I just want to know the different directions before I start specializing in one thing.

Anyway, April is tomorrow, so Happy April Fools !

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring is Here !

Hello All,

Wow, it's been such a long time since I last updated. I have a final exam tomorrow so I am just happy to get this quarter over with and enjoy the week break in between. I am half way through my studies so I am looking forward to wrapping this all up. I have also been positioning myself to get an internship.

Since spring has arrived, I have seen the peach and apple trees in my yard blossom. Beautiful pink blossoms. I also have an orange tree, but my roommate's dad cut half of it to extend the tool shed. I am kind of disappointed because it was such a strong, beautiful orange tree. Now it grows around a tool shed.

I have also seen the neighborhood rooster walking around in the backyard like he owns the damn place. He looks like the rooster that I saw on Looney Toons as a kid. I forgot the name, but its what it looks like.

On school campus, we have two ducks that like to waddle around behind the bushes and swim in the fountains. I heard that they have little ducklings now. I was told that the contractors built a little platform for the ducklings so that they could have easier access to the nest.

The ducks are quite friendly and they like to waddle around and quack at you while you sit on one of the benches. I have taken some pictures for my camera phone. I like to say "AFLAC" each time I take their pictures. I like to sit and just watch them. They like to look at me and quack. I think they expect food from me, but I usually don't carry any.

If you don't already know, I love ducks. I find them to be cute and highly amusing. When I lived in Europe with my grandmother, we had about 5 ducks roaming around in the backyard. They provided us with eggs for a long time. We called one of the ducks "Punk" because he had a bunch of feathers on his head that looked like a mohawk.

Anyway, I better finish studying for the final tomorrow.