Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Things that annoy me...............

Hello there my little marshmallows !

Happy Hump Day ! How are you, my little toasty treats ?

I have a lot to discuss as far as future bloggy posts. But for now, I need to talk about what annoys me..........

1.) Estate Sales. What ever happened to a good old garage sale ? Here everyone now calls a regular garage sale an "Estate Sale" which is total bullshit. It's like someone feeding you a turd and calling it filet mignon. Estate sales up until recently, were sales on nice properties, usually from a wealthy deceased person, where you could find fascinating antiques or books or vintage fashions. Now, everyone uses that term. Especially those in ghetto areas selling their ordinary crap like worn out shoes from Payless or a VCR from 1995. They think they are being crafty, but it is just really annoying.

2.) High profile sounding labels for low wage jobs. You make sandwiches ? You are a sandwich artist. Are you a receptionist that they won't hire fulltime as to pay you benefits ? You are a lobby ambassador ! Are you the weatherman on the local news station ? You are the chief meteorologist ! Are you a low level security guard with a flashlight and zero authority to to anything ? You are not just a guard, you are a Security Specialist ! Anyway, I think I better stop before my panties bunch up any further. I am in the legal field and perfectly happy with being called a legal secretary. Yes, a secretary, as to insinuate that I am being bossed around by the good ole' boys. So what, at least I was paid decently with benefits and learned a lot.

3.) Tampon machines at places of employment or in public. I think I have gone over this before in previous posts. They are awful. A man must have ordered them. I want to send that man to sensitivity training and shove one in him and make him wear the pad.

4.) Political correctness. I live in the Bay Area. Need I say more ? Everyone gets offended so easily. Especially those that take a few gender role classes or womens' studies classes or ethnic classes and think they are experts all of a sudden and voices for groups they think are being oppressed. People here throw money at a cause here and think they are philanthropists (when in reality their donations are probably being mismanaged). People love to shop at whole foods and do yoga and think that it makes them morally superior to everyone else.

5.) Traffic. People can't drive here. That is all.

Yes, that is all for now. Back to trying to be productive.

Besitos !