Friday, February 22, 2008

"Our Friend Has Struck Again"

Hello there my lovelies,

Well, it has been a while since I have last been up here. I have been preoccupied with school and work. Monday was a holiday and I didn't have to go to school, although I did work and I am glad that at least I will get holiday pay for it. I enjoyed the extra day off from school. I think I just lounged around in bed all day.

So when Tuesday rolled around I went back to school and got back into the daily grind. As I am rushing to get to my classroom, I run into my teacher. He looks at me and says sarcastically "Our friend has struck again." I didn't really know what he meant, especially since I had a long weekend, so I smiled and went in the classroom to find a seat before he came back to teach.

While I was trying to sit down, a couple of female classmates come up to me and tell me that Mr. Free Creepy Love approached them. Like me, they used to sit in the front row where he does and now they are moving a few rows back. So now, in the front row, other than the two older guys that sit up front to hear better, it is empty around Mr. Hippy Love. It's funny because it's a crowded class and while most of the other rows are packed his is almost empty. I wonder how he doesn't realize this.

One of the girls told me that he pet her jacket while she was still wearing it and told her what a nice jacket she has. Then he looked to the other girl and told her that she has nice friends. They just wanted to assure me that I wasn't alone. I appreciated that. A week before that I saw him walk up to these two girls and start flirting with them. I thought it was hilarious because he is creepy as hell and these girls were young, beautiful and bleach-blonde. These girls were probably barely out of high school and out of his league. He was trying to make them giggle and it was painfully hilarious.

I still sit in the back because I just don't want to deal with him. A week ago he came up to me and told me that he noticed that I sit it the back now and "how odd" because he knows I love the front row. I looked at him sternly and said "Yeah, well, now I sit in the back". Luckily he got the hint and scurried back over to his desk.

I am not worried about him trying to bother me again. It's just that I continue to stay away from him so I don't have even deal with him. Plus, its less crowded in the back and I can spread my things out on the desk. I still continue to sit up front in my other class.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mr. Creepy Love is here to stay

Aloha my lovelies,

So today was a little better. I get to class and sit way in the back so Mr. Hippy Love doesn't see me. I saw him trying to look for me, but I ducked a couple of times. I pity the lucky unsuspecting lady he's talking to now. Well, okay, not really. As long as I am out of the picture.

My teacher talked to me today and told me that he wishes that I didn't have to resort to sitting in the back since he knows I like the front seat. It was very nice of him to be sympathetic to my feelings. I told him that I would sign up for his other class next quarter and hope that Mr. Mc Free Lovin' wouldn't sign up. But unfortunately he told me that he is and will be in the class next quarter. Mr. Hippy Love is here to stay.

On another note, my teacher is a still a practicing attorney. He doesn't usually many cases anymore, but out of the softness of his heart he is taking on a case for I think a student and wants to hire one of us in his classes to be his paralegal understudy. Keep in mind that there are about 40 people in the class, and almost all of us want the job. Oh, AND it's paid. This would be such a good opportunity. I will try to talk to him and see if he will consider me. If not, it's not the end of the world. I have already applied and will continue to apply to other opportunities. It's just that this one would really be a great opportunity.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

And how may I creep you out today ?

Hello there my lovelies,

I guess that I have a new stalker in my class. This man is grey haired, probably old enough to be my dad, lives in Santa Cruz and I am willing to bet he was probably around during the free love period. He sure has a creepy smile. Everytime I see that smile I feel the urge to take a scalding hot shower with bleach.

So I sit next to him the first time (crowded class and not aware of his creepiness) and we talk a little. He tells me instantly I have the most beautiful eyes. He talks about his investment business and his clients. I think he is a little wierd but ignore it. A couple of days later when my teacher was talking about how men who evade child support, I blurted out that I wasn't getting married. Mr. Free Creepy Love tells me "aw darn, I was just gonna ask you to marry me."

As the quarter continues he just gets wierder and wierder. We are in the front row in front of the teacher and he starts asking me questions while my teacher is talking. My teacher is a dictator in the class and I don't want to get thrown out.

A couple of days ago I wear a nice jacket my grandma gave me. He pets my jacket telling me how lovely it is. I flinch away, and luckily he didn't lay a finger on me again. But during class while the teacher was lecturing he looked directly at me and smiled. Keep in mind that I sat right next to him and his face was only a couple of feet away from mine. Then after class, the said to me with a creepy smile " I am not trying to hit on you. It's just that when I stare at you it's only because you are nice to look at." That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

I tried to put up with this as long as possible because I want to sit in the front to hear the teacher better. I am short, so in the front I can see better and hear better. Plus I like the teacher and he sometimes picks on me to amuse the class. Then this douche arrives a couple of weeks later and now I am forced to sit far away just so I don't have to deal with him. It's not fair ! I was there first !!

I wrote the teacher and told him that I didn't want to create a scene, so I was just gonna sit in the back for the rest of the quarter. He was sympathetic and told me he would keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't harass the other ladies.

I sure hope he isn't in my class next quarter. ::shudders::