Monday, May 31, 2004

Happy Memorial Day :)

Hello my lovelies :)

Well today is Memorial Day, which means there is no school and all federal and state institutions are closed. Not that I really care since I am not in school anymore :). But I tried to go to the computer lab and it was closed. So now I am here at my neighbors house.

On a more important note, it's important to remember the people that died while they were fighting for our freedoms. Not only should we remember these people, but we should also thank the soldiers and veterans that are alive today.

I don't really know anyone that's stationed overseas. I don't even think anyone in my family that is or was in the military except my great-uncles but I almost never see them. But I am very greatful for those that fight for this country and people in the military should be offered more benefits than they already get. It seems that things are getting worse in Iraq as well as other countries.

Today I get to work. I don't really wanna but its better than sitting at home by myself. Since my roommate moved out I have no phone, internet or television, which leaves me isolated. But since I don't have these things I have had to focus more on cleaning and packing all my things, which is moving along. At least I have my financial aid papers filed.

Okay, y'all enjoy the holiday and don't eat too much bbq food.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Back to Normal........Almost

Hello Everyone,

Well now that graduations are over and my family is done hugging me and telling me how proud they are of me, life is back to normal and my 15 minutes of fame are over. What an emotional weekend.

Tommorow is Memorial Day and I will be picking up a shift for someone. Although I got some money over the weekend, I'll  need more because I am spending it faster than you can say "yo mama".

I am also organizing my financial aid papers and getting ready to put stuff in storage. Sorting through all the financial aid papers after 5 years of school is a real bitch. But it needs to be done and I don't want to default on those loans.

What else? I'll be outta here in two weeks so I better hustle and get my stuff done fast. I wish the clock would just slow down a little. Speaking of which, I will be turning 24 in 6 months. Oh Lord. I am just happy being 23. I don't wanna get older.

Okay, enough for now. Bye :)

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Goodbye SJSU !!!

Hello Everyone,

Today I went to the general commencement ceremony. It was packed and the traffic was BAD. But luckily my aunt that came had a handicapped sign so we parked very close to the stadium. My dad and brother also came. When I got in the crowds I also saw my coworker and other friends. I invited a lot of people and most people cancelled out on me at the last minute but I wasn't sad about that. I am just happy that my family was there.

It felt like the ceremony went on forever, but overall I am glad that I went. I ran into a lot of people that I had classes with this semester and it was nice to see my classmates for the last time. I also talked to this one guy that I would see studying in the tutorial center all the time, but we just never talked. Isn't it sad how one can wait until the very last second to try to get to get to know someone?  After the ceremony my family and I went to eat lunch at Red Lobster. Now I am here just chillin'

While I am elated that school is over for me, I am sad at the same time. I graduated and in a couple of weeks I will quit my job and move out. Everything is changing. For the past five years I have had the same schedule of school and work. That was all I had to worry about. Now I am about to begin a life with no more schooling. Now is the time to put to use what I have been learning all these years as a student.

I am also sad that my graduation ceremonies are over. I have waited so long to be able to graduate. And now I am a graduate. It all went by too fast.

Okay, I better go now. I am tired


Friday, May 28, 2004

The Happiest Day of My Life :)

Hello Everyone,

I just went to my Marketing commencement ceremony today and it was lovely :) Tommorow is the general commencement ceremony and I will be there as well. Thats all I have to say for now. :) I am still sitting in my cap and gown as I am typing this.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I am NOW an SJSU Graduate !!!!

Hello Everyone :)

Well, it's all over now. I took my last final and went to my last class meeting. I also said my goodbyes to some classmates and teachers. One of my classmates in my Spanish class wrote me a beatiful goodbye note. My roommate also moved out tonight, so now its kinda empty. She gave me a book for my trip to Spain. All I have left is to do is go to the graduation ceremonies. But pretty soon that will all be behind me, faster than I can blink an eye. You can believe that I will be soaking these days in.

My dad will be coming down, and my mom will be at both ceremonies. My family says that they are real proud of me, and I am happy. The last time I got this much attention was for my high school graduation and 21st birthday. So I am gonna enjoy these days.

Well, thats all for now.

99.999999% Finished

Hello everyone,

Well, I am studying for my very last final in SPAN 101B, my advanced Spanish class. Then I am DONE. My studying is a little harder than I thought. I put it off too long, and I forgot a lot of the material. Oops.

I am sorta sad that this is all coming to an end. It's funny because all semester I was looking forward to this moment. And now it is finally here............. And in no time, I will be talking about my experinces in Europe. Then what?

In a few days my graduation will be behind me and I will be saying goodbye to my friends and coworkers. I will also be officially entering the real working world and competing with a lot of people just like me.

I am also realizing just how short life is, especially since it is moving sooooo fast. I feel like my life is just happening too fast. After I turned 21, things just sped up. I wanted to grow up so fast, and while I was a kid and teenager I never thought that I would become an adult. Now that I am an adult I am reminiscing back to when I was growing up because back then I had my whole life in front of me and had planty of time to plan my future. Now the future is here and passing me by. So now I am just trying to enjoy my twenties. I love being this age, and I don't want to get older. I also feel that I don't have a lot of time to put my goals off. If I want something I need to just go for it.

My roommate is also moving out. On one side I am happy because she was noisy in the mornings and would just annoy the shit out of me while I was trying to sleep in. On the other hand, her moving out is sad because I liked her, and this is emphasizing that my college days are over. I have to move out soon and that is gonna be hard for me when I have to look at the vacant living room and hand back the keys.

As I am pondering what will happen for me down the road, I know that I will face obstacles, but I feel lucky that I have lived a blessed life so far. And I hope that you all feel the same way. Okay, enough deep talk for now.

I do have to share that while I was walking to the library I ran into a hot Israeli guy that I met last year. He got even more buffed and we talked for like 2 minutes. He hugged me twice and each time I practically buried my face into his chest. He smelled good too. Roooar.

Just while I was walking to my car, I saw the parking monkey writing a ticket for my car. I was lucky because I managed to talk myself out of it. I remained calm and put on my pouty face. I also told him a bunch of white lies of how I almost never park in the garage and wasn't familiar with the rules. And to my surprise it worked !!!!!

Okay, back to studying for my last final as an undergrad at SJSU.


Saturday, May 22, 2004

A Lazy Weekend

Hello Everyone,

Well, I only have one more final to go, and that is my SPAN 101B final, for my advanced Spanish class. It's on Wednesday, so I am not doing any studying this weekend. The week was rough enough.

I also put in my two weeks notice yesterday at work, even though I still have three weeks. Three years of my life were spent at Red Lobster, and now it's coming to an end real soon.

Speaking of work, this weekend has been SO slow. I was taken off the foor early today. I really only worked like 3 hours today. I think its so slow because of graduation season. Thank God that I am not working during my graduation weekend.

Okay, I better go now.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Almost an Alumni !!!!

Hello everyone,

Damn, this week was rough. At least I got my BUS 139 project outta the way. We met with the teacher about our project on Monday and he told us everything was fine and gave us some pointers. That was good because I spent a lot of time on my Power Point slides. Then we went to him again on Tues with the improvements made. And what did he do???? He told us that our presentation wasn't good enough, so I  had to spend yet another sleepless night working on it. But at least its over with now, and at least I know we're getting a good grade. I feel sorry for the group presenting next week. I am SO lucky that I had a good group. We worked together well.

I also just got out of a RIDICULOUS exam in my SPAN 102B class. That teacher was just way too hard. I am getting a f****ing C+ in that class. I worked my tail off so hard. He expected all of us to write like we were highly educated native Spanish speakers. HELLO. NEWS FLASH !!!!! I am an UNDERGRAD and a GRINGA. Whatever. Its over anyways.

Besides, next weekend is my graduation ceremony. I am nervous and excited about that. I don't even know what to expect. I hope a lot of the people that I invited show up.

I also sold back my textbooks and I got more money than I expected. Yay !! But of course there were some books I just couldn't sell back. Oh well.

Well, I came here expecting to write a lot more, but I just can't. I also forgot to sell back the rest of my textbooks so I guess I gotta go back to school now.


Sunday, May 16, 2004

What a GAWDAWFUL night...................

Hello my lovelies...........

Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ !! I swear, why the hell do I bother at Red Lobster anymore??? People were nice to me, but DAMN, tips just sucked sooooo damn bad tonight. I REALLY need money for my trip, and I am BUSTING my ass for these tables. It's not like I am asking for charity here. I am working for the money. Take for example a table of 2 Mexican ladies. They ate a lot of food and had a lot of requests. They also hogged the table for a good 2 hours. The bill was $119.00. They left me 5 dollars. FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS. Was I rude to them after they handed me the 5 dollar tip and proceeded to hog my table ?? No, I sucked it up and acted like nothing happened. After all, they were nice and grateful that I gave great service. They were just ignorant to tipping ettiquette. Most Latino people I serve here just DO NOT know how to tip. I think it has to do with how they do things in their countries.

Another table sat down 2 minutes before closing and ordered a fucking steak and full lobster, which takes an eternity to cook. Thankfully they were nice, but they took FOREVER. I finally was finished by 11:40. We closed at 10pm. WTF???? Thankfully they tipped me well too, but I had to share the tip with the hostess that spoke Spanish and helped me translate. It was a table of 2 people. This white guy was taking out this Mexican girl that spoke ZERO English. Unfortunately the girl didn't have such a good time and said that to our hostess. Poor guy. He was basically trying to consult one of his El Cheapo electronic translators. Haha., he was also kinda drooling all over her. Sucker. My boss felt sorry for the guy, because he was polite and attractive, but just didn't win her over.

So here I am typing away. I was supposed to e-mail my business group my part of a presentation today, but I didn't, partly because I was lazy......... I guess I'll have to finish it tommorow.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Procrastination is BAD

Hello there my lovelies.............

I just would like to announce that procrastination is bad. I have done absolutely NOTHING school related over the weekend and minimal work this week. Yesterday I just came home after my Spanish class and watched TV all night long. I even skipped my last bellydance class.

And now I am paying for it. I am getting docked for turning in a late Spanish composition. ( I didn't realize that it was due yesterday) I also have an all-essay exam in my marketing class tommorow and I barely even opened my book !!! Thankfully it is open book, but I am gonna have such a problem finding the right answers. Not only that but I have a marketing paper that I barely started due next week. As if that weren't enough, I have a FAT ASS marketing presentation on the marketing project that I absolutely LOATHE. Remember how I said that we were running a shoe company ? We managed to end it on a bad note. My group members and I met with our professor for like an HOUR to ask for advice because we were "losing money". And what does my group do when it's time to play the game? They ignore his suggestions, so we did badly. Whatever. We have a group meeting on Friday. I usually use that day for my internship or for relaxing. Now I get to fill it up with a group meeting and Red Lobster. Thank GOD that this is our last week of school. I don't know what I would do if I had to take any more classes. I am so burnt out. I used to be interested in learning and doing well. I used to LOVE being a student. Now all I care about is getting out of here. I thought I was burnt out last semester. This one takes the cake. I know that I am graduating in TWO weeks, but with all this work graduation still seems far away.

Okay, I am now stepping off my soapbox. Remember children, Procrastination is BAD.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Tired and LAZY as ever

Hello everyone,

Well, what can I say? School is almost out and I have been working on my presentations and papers. This is pretty much my last week of school. I am SO happy about that, but I still have a lot to do.

Last night I went to my classmate's house to work on my Spanish presentation. We weren't really that productive because we were talking more about boys the whole time. Oh well. I went to bed around 4 am. When I woke up I was having trouble with my Power Point presentation. The file was too big to save on a disk. Luckily I got it burned on a CD. I almost thought I couldn't use the Powerpoint slides. Turns out we didn't even have to present today. All that fuss for nothing.

My roommate woke me up early like she does almost EVERY morning. She makes a bunch of noise by blowdrying her hair and letting the cupboards close hard. It annoys the living shit out of me. I like her, but this gets on my damn NERVES......... Oh well, only a couple more weeks before one of us moves out........

Oh yeah, I couldn't just leave you all without telling you that I worked at the Dead Lobster over Mothers Day Weekend. I made good money on Saturday, but Mothers Day was horrible. There was a huge ass wait, but I barely made any money because the turnover for my tables was soooooo slow. Everyone was taking their sweet time talkin' to their mammas. The fact the the food took forever to come out didn't help at all either. Thankfully MOST people were nice to me. I had one table tell me that I did a wonderful job. That was nice.

Well, there's nothing else that's too exciting right now. Still got more stuff to do before I head off to Europe. I am so glad I planned for this trup early and paid off as many bills as possible because there is STILL a lot to do.

Okay, gotta go now.

Sunday, May 9, 2004

There is a light at the end of the tunnel ........

Hello Everyone,

I have been so stressed lately. Since the semester is coming to an end real fast, I now have all of my projects and papers due very soon, like within a WEEK. And to top it off, I am feeling lazier than ever. I swear...... the last semester of college is one of the hardest. I almost just DO NOT CARE. I do have a lot of homework, but a lot of school stuff to take care of as well. Let's just say that I am glad that I didn't wait and fart around to get most of it done. Thankfully I filed for graduation on time and got my paperwork straightened out.

I have also been stressed out because I might have to delay my trip to Spain for a while. Though I did my research on what school to go to over there, I did NOT read up on Spain's labor laws. Basically if I wanna work, I would have to do it all under the table. Working over there legally as a non EU citized is just NOT gonna happen within a few months like I was hoping. It would even be hard for me to work under the table as an English teacher. a nutshell this means that I need to save up a lot more money because chances are I won't even be making any for a while like I thought I would. Let me tell you, I have a lot of bills to pay here in the US before I even go abroad. I just haven't even been able to save up a single penny.

But on Friday I got the mail and found out that my grandpa sent me a nice check of $500 as a graduation present. Boy was I relieved. It helped me out so much. It was so unexpected because I don't talk to him often. I spent ALL the money within a day. I bought a new cellphone for Europe as well as recommended books for my courses. I am broke again.

 I also took in my car to get the smog check done and my car failed the damn test. I have no idea what is causing this, but I am guessing that fixing the car will cost me at least $400. My car is a piece of shit that isn't even worth that much. I pay at least $800 in car insurance a year. I am not gonna pour anymore money into the car. I guess that I am just gonna have to sell it or junk it. But I am not complaining too much because it gets me from point A to point B and it is very cheap. Oh well. I don't really wanna sell it though because I don't have a few thousand dollars laying around to put towards a new car.

Oh, tommorow is Mothers Day, and I get to work at da Red Lobsta. I HATE working Mothers Day with a passion. It is an absolute madhouse and very busy.Every employee is scheduled to work that day. I mean, why the hell would people take their mothers to a crowded restaurant and make them wait like an hour or two to get served ? We don't take reservations so everyone waits to get a table.

What else? I was supposed to go see my old bellydance teacher dance at the Menara restaurant tonight, but I worked instead. I needed the money super badly. It was about exactly a year ago today that I met her at that restaurant dancing. She's retired now, and I am sad that I couldn't see her dance one last time. I really liked her a lot. I was very sad when she announced her retirement.

Right now my neck is stiff and it hurts soooooo much to turn my head to the side. I think my neck hurts so bad because I have a huge knot in my upper shoulders near my neck.

Okay, enough for now..............

Wednesday, May 5, 2004

I am SO annoyed right now

Well hello there my lovelies........................

Its been a couple days since I've updated this journal, so here I am !! Back in business.............

I got my haircut today and I feel so much sexier. I got a lot of the old blonde hair color and dryness out of my hair. I also had a nice stylist so it was great. We talked about my plans after graduation and boys. After I left, I got hit on by some black guy that was trying to get me to smoke weed with him and his homies. What a winner.

Before that I was kinda frustrated because I managed to get lost on my way to the stylist. And when I finally found parking I accidentally hit a parked car and set off the alarm. Lucky for me, there was not a single scratch because I hit the bumper. I was sooooo relieved.

I also met with my BUS 139 group to work on our project managing an athletic shoe manufacturing company. I friggin' HATE that damn project. I was absolutely bored out of my mind. It took forever to work on.

What else? I have this friend that I sorta liked more than a friend. I thought that he was a good guy and better than most out there. Well, I talked to him yesterday and found out that he is just like most men. What was I thinking? I feel stupid for even placing those high expectations on him. I still like him as a friend, but I lost some respect for him. Before yesterday, I was hoping that we'd keep in touch after college. Now, I don't really care anymore, which is good since I rarely see him anyways. I know I am not helping any by leaving out all the details, but I just had to get this off my chest somehow. I am not upset, but ANNOYED.

Oh yeah, Mother's Day is coming up. Most servers out there would agree with me that Mother's Day is the worst day to work. Worse than Valentine's Day. Thank God I am working the day shift. This is my fourth Mother's Day as a waitress.

As you can see, I am not in a perky, happy mood. I feel like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I should get over it soon though.

Sunday, May 2, 2004

A Change of Plans?

Hello Everyone,

     Does anyone even read this journal? I am just curious. I almost never get any feedback. Oh well, whatever. At least I will have a recording of my last year in college and the planning of my trip to Europe.

Speaking of which.............. Plans for that trip are not looking so hot. I NEVER thought I would say this, but I think that I might have to stay here in the US a month or two longer. I am gonna call the school in Barcelona on Monday and see what they can do. Maybe I can take the class in August instead of July.

I am struggling so bad financially right now. There is just no way in HELL that I am gonna have enough money abroad if I leave in June. I misplanned and misbudgeted. I also just did NOT realize that the job market is so sad, especially for foreigners like myself.Things are so expensive in Spain, and I can't even save money for my trip. There are so many bills to pay before I leave and my money is just instantly eaten up. This weekend I thought I was gonna have some extra money because my dad sent me his monthly support check. Well, that money got eaten up right away because one of my tires blew out and I needed to get the other 3 replaced as well.

What else? I worked today and yesterday and I really didn't make a lot of money. I lost money yesterday because I accidentally gave my table too much change. I realized the mistake too late. I felt like such an idiot. Today was worse. I did have a wonderful table though. The people were so nice to me and smiling. They were spanish-speakers and were just relaxing and asking me questions and getting me to speak Spanish.

HOWEVER, I had this table with a total wierdo. I waited on him and his girlfriend. His girlfriend was such a sweetheart, but her man was a total ASSWIPE. I swear to GOD that his ability to reason must've been erased due to a crack habit. What's sad is that I think he probably beats her. And he is one ugly-ass skinny motherfucker. She actually does what he says. Anyways, he wanted a coleslaw and his gf wanted a salad. When I brought them both out, he realized that the coleslaw was smaller than his gf's salad and almost flipped. He threatended to get angry if I didn't get him a salad. He made sure that his meal wasn't smaller than his girlfriend's meal.His meals just HAD to be better than hers. He also was pissed that she got ranch dressing and that he didn't. Then the assmunch wanted to know if I was making money. I told him "not really" and then he told me that he'd tip me BECAUSE I wasn't making that much. Otherwise, he was gonna stiff me if I was doing well. Well, turns out that he did stiff me anyways. In fact, he was gonna try and walk out on the bill altogether, but the bussboy told me that he stopped them from doing that. I was just happy that they finally left. Oh wow. I wonder what tommorow is gonna bring.

I just got back from Dave and Buster's with my coworkers where we celebrated a coworker's b-day. I used to hang out with them a lot so it was like old times. My manager even showed up.

Okay, thats all for now folks. :)