Monday, June 28, 2004

Let the TEFL Courses Begin !!

Hello Everyone :

Today I started my TEFL course. This morning was a huge nightmare. We had a nice breakfast and I enjoyed the view from my balcony, but the trouble began when we tried to get to school. We were given the wrong address to begin with. Then we were instructed to go to another address and we found a nice taximan that even gave us directions. No one was there either, so we decided to call the school number that my roommate had on her. The woman decides to hang up on us numerous times. For a good hour I had thought that the whole thing was a scam and that I had dragged my butt all the way to Spain just to be shammed.

So we finally decide to go back to our apartment where I get my little address book. It turns out I had the right phone number and my roommate didn´t. So when I call, the lady tells me that they had been expecting us all morning and gives us the correct address. My roommate and I FINALLY arrive 2 hours later. It turns out that both addresses are VERY similar, which is how we got lost.

Maybe some of this could have been prevented if I had just brought my address book and added time on my phonecard. Since I didn´t have either with me at the time, we had to waste a lot of time calling on a payphone which is a huge pain. Oh well ! At least I eventually got to my class, and I really didn´t miss a whole lot.

 Most of us in my class are from the USA. Usually most of the students are British or Scottish, but I guess this time is different. My classmates seem pretty cool. We had lunch together and talked about how we have been enjoying our time in Spain so far. One of the guys got robbed while he was partying at a bar and getting wasted. He got his wallet stolen with his money and credit cards. Poor guy.

Our class was let out early today to give us time to allow us to buy our school supplies. I did exactly that. I also went to the store and finally bought some shampoo and conditioner, which I needed. There was also a little shop near my metro stop with cheap clothing and bags so I bought a nice flowy skirt and a backpack. It is VERY hot here in Barcelona so I am glad I bought the skirt. I am just glad that I got my shopping done period, because my classes won´t be getting out till at least after 10 pm.

Anyways, I gotta go now. Later :)


Sunday, June 27, 2004

Estoy Finalmente en Barcelona :)

Hello Everyone,

Well, what can I say ? I am finally here in Barcelona. For the next month I will be living in an apartment with 3 other women and going to school ALL day, every weekday to learn how to teach English. I was hoping to maybe take a dance course on the weekend, but I was told that I might not even have time for that.

After my course is up, I hope to go to the south of Spain and learn the Flamenco. But, that is just a plan. Who knows what will actually happen ? This is only my first day here.

After I got off the plane yesterday, I went to the wrong baggage claim. The airport is kinda big so I had to go around and go through security to get back to where I was actually supposed to go. I then took a taxi to my apartment.

My apartment is very interesting. It is about 100 years old, and my room is very small. At least there is hot water. But to flush the toilet, I have to pull a chain. There is also no hot water in the kitchen so we have to boil water to do the dishes. We have a washmachine, but we have to hang our chothes to dry. I might have to invest in an iron.

Our neighborhood is very noisy at night, probably because people in Barcelona are party animals. Luckily I brought a bunch of earplugs, which is a lifesaver. People have no problem shouting at 2am and banging windows and doors. Some people also love to set off fireworks. Interesting, but at least I got some sleep.

Today I went with my flatmate to buy my monthly pass for the metro and to try to go to the Picasso Museum. Unfortunately it was closed, but we got to do a lot of walking around the streets. There were a lot of tourists where we went. We also ate at a cafe next door to where I live.

I thought that people here would speak English, but not as much as I thought. I can read and maybe even write a little Spanish. But I am having a hard time understanding people with their heavy Spanish accents. I really hope that my Spanish will improve. I just spent 2 weeks speaking German so I am trying to switch my frame of mind.

Well, I better go now. I hope to update again soon :)

Friday, June 25, 2004

Last Day in Austria

Hello Everyone :)

Besides being lazy all day, I DID get some packing done, as well as some reading for my English course. I leave for Barcelona tommorow and I am kinda nervous about the trip. I can only take one piece of luggage as you already know, and I packed it good. It' s kinda bulging.

Now that my stay here in Austria is almost over, I have to say that I had a wonderful time. I got to stay with my aunt free of charge, eat a lot of food and practice my German. What more could I ask for?

Anyways, on to the summaries for my pictures.............. Today I just took pictures of little things that I thought were beautiful and caught my eye. I went for a walk around the church here in Thalheim. It was peaceful, and it is surrounded by beauty. No one was really around so I kinda had the place to myself.

#1-2: We had some serious rain and thunder today, and the pics were taken from the house.

#3: The garden in front of the church here in Thalheim

#4:A cross on the side of the church

#5: Flowers against the wall that surrounds the church.

#6: Someone that lives near the church loves to sit in the chair in the shade

#7: View of the village after the rain stopped pouring. Behind the white wall is a cemetary.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Oh Look ! More Photos :)

Hello Everyone,

I just got back from hanging out with my aunt in the city. We saw my cousin play in the orchestra.

After that walked around the city a little. My aunt took me to the Imbiss stand where we ordered a Turkish pizza. My aunt is learning Turkish, and the man that works there is a good friend of hers. He also treated us to a shot if some Turkish liquor which I can't remember for the life of me. But it was good compared to the stuff sold in the US. I was too chicken to drink the whole shotglass, but I had a few sips. It felt good going down. I also had some good coffee from the employee next door at the ice cream shop. Good stuff. I think I'll be awake for a while.

After talking to our Turkish friend and amongst ourselves we walked home. The walk home is absolutely quiet and beautiful. After we cross a beautifully lit bridge, we walk through the little town near a bunch of trees and a little stream. We also walk by a beautifully lit church. It is a big church with a light shining on it. I tried to take a picture, but my camera can't capture it.

While we were crossing the street, we saw a little hegehog pitter patter across the street and hide in the field. It was so cute, and it refused to budge until we left. But luckily I caught it on film.

And now, my brief photo summaries................

#1-2: The orchestra my cousin plays in. In photo #2, my cousin is the one with the beard playing the clarinet.

#3-4: The sunset was beautiful.

#5: Wels at night

#6: Traditional, yet modern Austrian dresses. Unfortunately they are at LEAST 500 Euro.

#7: The little hedgehog that pitter-pattered across the street.

Just Chillin' at the Moment

Hello Everyone,

Well, I should be on my way to Spain the day after tommorow. Here in Austria I have had internet access 24/7 and way too much time on my hands. I am not sure how much internet accesss I will have in Spain, but I will try to update this website as often as I can.

I spent a lot of time today playing solitaire and reading up on the latest scams in Spain. I also read my English course books and did a little packing for my trip. That's kinda hard because there is a lot of stuff I need such as school supplies and books, and I have to leave a lot behind. Its kinda frustrating, but I guess I just have to deal. Anyways, better go now :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

More Photos of My Austrian Stay

Hello Again My lovelies,

Today was another nice day in the city. My aunt and Uncle live in Thalheim, but nearest city is Wels, and I have been walking there a lot. I decided to take some pics of Wels, which of course you can see.

After I woke up I met my aunt at a little Austrian restaurant for lunch where I had fried chicken and potato salad. Of course there is a special German name for it, but I can't seem to remember it for the life of me. I was told that it was a typical modern Austrian dish. It was so filling. Yum. I am still full. Even though my stomach was about to pop at the seams, I still got ice cream afterwards. Hazelnutt ice cream to be exact. It was good :)

I also took a nice stroll to the local museum of Wels, which I haven't visited in over 12 years. It changed so much and they now charge for admission. Since it was all in German I couldn't understand a lot of it, but enough to enjoy it. Basically there were exhibits of what the city of Wels was like when the city was founded, and how people lived throughout various times such as before and after WWI and WWII.

There were pictures of the Nazi invasion and announcements of Herman Goering visiting the city to speak. I thought it was interesting that there was nothing about the Holocaust. In the US, people talk about it and there is a lot of education about it. Here in Austria the subject is kinda hidden. My aunt also told me that there are strict laws against praising Hitler in public. I think people can spend up to 20 years in jail for praising Hitler in public.

The most interesting thing that I saw was pictures of bombings. The very street that I used to live on with my aunt was bombed during the war. Another interesting exhibit was the typical Austrian house in the city and in the country. My grandma has a house in the country and it is very similar to that of the exhibit.

After the museum, I sat in a church and did some thinking. It was relaxing and pretty empty. I also read my book for my TEFL class. Overall it was a very lazy day, but what else is new.

Photos #1-3: Photos of Wels today                                                                         

Photos #4-5: Photos of Wels in the late 1800's (I think)                                          

Photos #6-7: Photos of the exhibit of a typical Austrian house back in the day          

Photo  #8    : Photo taken in a church.


Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Today is LAZY Day :)

Hello Everyone,

Usually when I am here im Austria I am always outside walking in the city or doing something cultural. But this trip is kinda different. I have been staying in the house more. I was supposed to get up early and take the train to Salzburg this morning. Normally I would have jumped at the idea, because Salzburg is so pretty. But this time I didn't really feel like it. I didn't want to go all by myself, and I have already been to Salzburg many times before. My grandma lives there, but she is not there right now. I guess I can still go tommorow if I want to.

There is a film festival here in Wels, Austria. I went with my cousin and his friend to see a film last night. It was nice because we watched it outside under the stars, surrounded by old buildings.

There was also many booths oustide with various foods from different countries such as Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Cuba, Russia, Mexico and Greece just to name a few. I tried some Sangria from the Spanish booth, but it was nasty. The Sangria I tasted once before didn't taste so bitter. The man at the Spanish booth was actually from Mexico, which is funny since Spain is closer to Austria than Mexico. I tried my Spanish on him which was fun. I hope it all comes back to me next week.

The film we saw was called Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself. It was funny in a dark way. Because the film title was in English I was kinda hoping I could take a break and just listen to something in English for once. Unfortunately I was wrong. It was in German, but I understood a lot of it.

Well, I should be cleaning up my room right now and studying for my TEFL course. Instead I am typing this and playing solitaire. Oh well, I guess I better enjoy my free time now. I know I will be stressing out in a few days. The weather was nice today. I hope it stays that way for tommorow.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Finally Some Pictures :)

Hello Everyone :)

Well, I finally bought a USB port for my digital camera and I can download my pictures to this journal. Now I just have to make sure that no one steals my camera in Barcelona.

This is an AOL journal, and therefore is not very high tech. There are not a lot of options for me to display my pictures in a better way. For example, I haven't found a way to post text directly under the photos. So, I'll have to describe the photos by using the numbers.

I am staying with my aunt, uncle and cousins in a little Austrian town called Thalheim. Here are the pics that I have taken so far.

#1-4: These are pictures of the church by the house I am staying at, called Pharrkirche Thalheim. It is big and beautiful. There are at least 4 churches in this small town.

#5.) A nice view from the balcony of the house. That is a little chapel, and there are tons of those in Austria.

#6.) A view of the fields that will be yielding corn soon. Behind the white gate is a cemetary.

#7.) A photo of my old babysitter that used to care for my cousins, and me when I lived with them for a few months. She now has a baby of her own.

#8.) A type of flower (Hollunder) that tastes like licorice. It can be used to make syrup for drinks, or it can be fried.

#9.) A man building a hut. This was an exhibit in the city to show people ways to enjoy nature Austria has to offer.

#10.) The band played traditional Austrian music with traditional Austrian instruments and the authentic Austrian accent of course :)

#11, 12.) My cousin invited me to a concert, where 4 bands played rock music.

#13.) Two of my four cousins

#14-17.) An old house that has been for sale for over two years. No one has even lived in it for over 20 years. The town is pretty modern, and right in the middle of it all is old house straight from the old days.


Sunday, June 20, 2004

A VERY lazy Sunday Afternoon

Hello Everyone,

Today is Sunday here in my corner of the world, which happens to be Austria at the moment. Everything is closed, not to mention that the weather is still depressing. So, I've basically stayed home all day, trying to get over this nasty little cold. I mean, I sound like I have a smoker's cough.

I have stayed in bed for the most part, reading my Young Miss magazine in German and watching TV in German. I am also studying a little for my TEFL course which is in a week from tommorow. There are so many grammatical terms that I have to remember. I mean, I know how to speak English, but I don't know how to explain the grammar to others. I have abosolutely NO idea what the course will be like in Barcelona.

My aunt made struedel for lunch today with vegetables and meat. It was almost like a pot pie, but better. Then, of course I had to have some chocolate after. Yum.

I am also slowly deciding what I will really need to take to Spain with me. I have to leave over half of my shit here. There is a lot of stuff that I wanna take. It's kinda depressing because I spent some money buying stuff for the trip. And now, I am not even gonna use most of it. The only thing I can do is just deal with it I guess.

Wanna know what else ? I also found a roundtrip plane ticket from San Jose, CA to Barcelona, Spain for $702. When I check months ago, the price was $1,200. I could have stayed at home longer and made more money. But looking back, I am glad I came to Europe early. I think I was ready to get out if the US for a while. My car broke down, and I would have had a very hard time getting to work. Not only that, but now that I have been here a little while, I am getting over jet lag. It has been hard to sleep this past week, but I am getting used to it.

Thankfully the shops are open again tommorow so I can go into the city and do a little shopping. Yay ! I have to buy a cable for my camera among other things.

Okay, thats enough for now. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Since our time is 9 hours ahead of the US, my weekend is almost gone.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

More Austrian Updates

Hello Everyone,

Well, I finally purchased my tickets to Barcelona. It costed me a buttload of money, but at least I got it out of the way. I am just happy that I am gonna finally go to Spain. I should me leaving on Saturday.

 I also learned that I am only allowed to bring one piece of luggage that weighs less than 20 kilos (40 lbs). I was shocked because I brought 2 heavy pieces of luggage with me. Now I have to leave a lot of stuff behind here in Austria. That's gonna be interesting.

Today the weather sucked for the most part. The sun did peak through the clouds once or twice for a few minutes. It was grey outside for the rest of the day. Despite the weather, I still had a nice day. I went with my aunt and cousin into the city and looked around. I got to see a lot of traditional Austrian customs and listen to traditional Austrian music. Did I mention that I ate some traditional food normally served on the Alps ? I had a fried flower. It tastes a little like licorice, and it can also be used for syrup to make drinks. My grandma makes awesome drinks with these flowers. I think it is called Holunder.  I also got to walk around the city a little, which I love. The buildings are beautiful. Almost everything is old and elegant.

My aunt also made a nice dinner for us. The food here has been wonderful. Too bad I am trying to watch my weight. We had bread, salad, eggs and various meats. Good stuff. I am offered food often here and it is so hard to resist. At home I had to buy my own food. Here it is free and offered to me on a regular basis. Gotta love that.

My cousin also invited me to go with him to see a concert in the city. It was a relatively small concert, but it was good. There were about four bands playing, but I only stuck around for 2 of them. They played some rock and roll, and I liked it. It's too bad that I am still not over my cold that I caught on my way over here. The cigarette smoke at the concert didn't help me either.

Now I am back home here on the internet. I spend a lot of time on the computer. But that should change when I am in Spain. I will have no time on my hands.

Well my lovelies, that is all for today. I hope to post pictures of this trip soon. I left the little cable that allows me to download pics onto my computer at home. I was in such a hurry to move out that I thought it was a printer cable. Oh well.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Just Sitting and Waiting

Hello there my lovelies...................

I was gonna write some more stuff yesterday, but oh well. I guess I got a little lazy. The weather was so beautiful yesterday. It was sunny and hot, and the sun was out till about 10pm. I got to watch my cousin play in an orchestra yesterday evening in a beautiful garden.

Today is another story, however. It is cold, rainy and very cloudy.

I also forgot to mention that two days ago I had a nice little encounter with a little birdie. My aunt and I were sitting at a cafe and just talking after we had enjoyed our pastries. (Might I add that those fruit cakes were simply delicious). Anyways a little bird flies onto my plate and starts picking at the crumbs and whipped cream. It was making little pecking sounds against the fork and the plate with its beak. It was so cute !!!! It flew away for a couple of seconds, but later returned for seconds. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home so I couldn't capture it. But it was the cutest thing I've seen in a while.

What else ?? I just really wanna get to Spain but purchasing the tickets is proving to be a real pain in the ASS.  When I went back to the travel agency yesterday it turns out that the prices for my ticket increased again. A round trip ticket from Linz, Austria to Barcelona, Spain is $389 Euro. It was about $240 Euro the day before, and tickets are rapidly selling out.

I was told to wait because my uncle might be able to help me find one for a cheaper price. Who knows, maybe he can actually get it for a cheaper price. Maybe he can't. But all I know is that if I don't purchase it today, I lose the reservation that I made yesterday, which is the cheapest price I know of.

I also spoke to the lady at my school in Spain to see how I could extend my stay in Spain for longer than 3 months. She gave me e-mail addresses of people that I could ask. I am still waiting for their responses. Basically, I am very anxious right now. I just don't know how things are going to turn out for me. I am just here patiently waiting at the moment.

I have traveled to Austria alone before and I can get by just fine here. That's because I have family here and have spoken the language here before. Spain is another story. I have never been there, and I have no family over there. I am a little nervous about going there all by myself.

Well that's all for now. I am currently enjoying my time being lazy right now. Things should be getting a lot busier when my course starts soon.


Thursday, June 17, 2004

Annoyances and Problems

Hello Everyone,

I am still getting over that nasty little cold that I magically seemed to catch on the plane over here. I am also in the process of buying my plane ticket to Barcelona.

I got a huge dose of reality yesterday when I called the US embassy. I learned that I cannnot stay longer than 3 months in Spain, and my stay in Spain began when I arrived in Austria because it is a part of the European Union. I am very nervous and frustrated right now. I really do not wanna go home so soon. I really thought that I would be able to stay longer. I have nothing back home. No car and no place to live. I wanna scream.

I also learned that there are baggage restrictions on the plane over there so it seems like I will be leaving a lot of my stuff here at my aunt's house. I don't know what the hell I am gonna do.

I guess I am just gonna have to see how things are gonna play out for me.


Tuesday, June 15, 2004

My First Day in Europe :)

Hello Everyone :)

Well, I made it to Europe safely. It was a very long journey but I am finally here in Austria. I will be going to the travel office soon to make arrangements for Spain.

I am very tired from the trip. I didn't sleep at all the night before, and I barely slept on the plane. I also somehow magically got sick overnight so I left the plane with a sore throat and headace.

At first I thought that my luggage got lost and I was scared. Luckily it came out at the last minute. I have 2 very large luggage bags and it was so hard to lug them around. I was so embarrased to be seen. Luckily people were very nice and helped me carry the bag. I don't know what I would've done if no one helped me.

I am at my aunt's house and I just got back from having some ice cream with my cousin. I will be taking pictures soon because the view here is beautiful. I also am practicing my German with my family here and it's nice to know that I didn't lose it all.

Well that is all for now. I hope to relax for the next couple of weeks. Bye:)

Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Time Has Come.....

Hello Everyone,

I finally quit Red Lobster yesterday and I am moving out of my apartment tonite. Tommorow I will be leaving for Europe. I have been very busy for the past 2 days just trying to clean my place and take care of last minute stuff. Its too bad that I procrastinated. I still have some cleaning in my apartment.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for this trip and I hope that everything goes smoothly. I will try to update this journal as much as I can.

Bye for now :)

Friday, June 11, 2004

So many errands, so little time

Hello Everyone,

The good news is that I got to rent a car for the next 2 days. The bad news is that I am paying $124 for 2 days. I really got screwed by the charges. But I will be driving this car around town as much as I can because as far as I know, I will not be driving for a VERY long time.

What else ? My printer won't print and I need it for my trip. My laptop is also acting very strange. My plans are not working out that smoothly. But oh well. As long as I make it to Austria and Spain in one piece with my luggage I'll be fine.

I was also supposed to go out with my friend last night, but he ended up working late so I ended up staying home alone with no one to hang out with. I was pissed because I could've gone out with my other friends. I was waiting for a call, but never got one. Whatever. It's not like I actually have any money to go out anyways.

Tommorow is also my last day at Red Lobster. I was hoping to go out and party with my coworkers, but it looks like that may not be happening either.

Well, I better go. I have tons of errands to do. I also have to move all my shit into storage and I am supposed to have sushi with my friend this afternoon. Yay !

Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Joys of Graduation Season

Hello Everyone :)

I worked the lunch shift at Red Lobsta today and it was very busy for a while. I made a table wait for a while because I just could not pick it up, and I was told that another server would take it. By the time the other server ended up taking the table, but the people were mad. They ended up just walking out without paying for the food. Assholes. After they did a walk-out they decided to call and complain about the bad service. I mean, I understand why they were pissed. After all they did wait an awful long time. AND I would have been more than happy to reduce their bill or even comp the whole bill. All they had to do was talk to our faces and work something out with us instead of doing a dine-and-dash.

I also had some lady that left me $2 on $60. Bitch. I gave her wonderful service. I think it was so busy today because the high schools are having graduations. I remember this time last year. Most of the people are shitty-ass tippers. We are super-busy doing a lot of work for half the pay.

It stinks not having a car, but I was lucky to have my neighbor take me to work and pick me up. I am just gonna end up renting a car tommorow for a couple of days. I need a car for the weekend. I have a ton of errands to do for my trip.

Last night I went to my favorite Spanish restaurant called Picasso. The food was sooooo delicious. I had shrimp sauteed in garlic and olive oil. I found that place last year on a date. This time I went alone and had the whole place to myself and also got to talk to the owner, whom speaks five languages. I am gonna try and go there again before I leave.

Anyways, the computer lab is closing up and I gotta get outta here.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

No More Car..............

Hello Everyone,

What can I say ? I oficially am carless. It sucks. I am just glad that it broke down less than a week away from my trip. Basically my cadalidic converter is broken and it would cost about $300 to fix. I was only gonna sell the car for $200. I just gave it to my car mechanic, whom is gonna have it towed to the junkyard. I also canceled my car insurance.

But this kinda stinks because I still have a lot of errands to do, and I know that the bus doesn't reach all locations. Plus renting a car is about $50 a day for me because I am not 25 yet. Haha, by the time I turn 25 I should have a better car and then I probably won't need to rent a car anymore.

I expected to get rid of my car, but not so sudden. I have had that car for over 4 years and has a lot of sentimental value, even though it is physically a piece of shit. To me, that car represented my college years, and now those days are over. I guess it's time for me to move on.

Okay, that's all for now. I better map out a way to the airport so I can rent a car. Bye Bye :)


Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Car Trouble

Hello everyone :)

Guess what ?? My car is on the verge of breaking down. I somehow managed to finish driving my car into the garage last night without having to call the tow truck. But I have so many errands to do, and I also have 3 shifts left at Red Lobster. I think that I might rent a car for a day or 2 to get my stuff done. I would absolutely hate to have to ask anyone for a ride. The sucky thing is that I am supposed to sell my car this weekend. It looks like I am not gonna get a red cent for my car after all. The good news is that at least its breaking down less than a week before I leave.

Last night I went out with my friend Stacey to Chevy's to catch up. We went to high school and college together and caught up and talked about our lives as well as high school memories. We stayed a while after closing and I think the waitress was kinda annoyed with us. She wanted to go home and then I ordered desert. I know how she feels. Hell, I usually stay at LEAST and hour after I take my last table's order most of the time. But oh well. That's waitressing.

I also went to my last belly dance class last night and got a good workout. I just hope that I can continue to bellydance in Spain or at least learn the Flamenco.

Anywho, I better go. My day got off to a late start because I was watching Sex and the City episodes all morning.

Tootles. :)


Monday, June 7, 2004

1 Week Left !!!!

Hello there my lovelies .........

Well, I only have one week left in the US. I am gonna quit my job on Saturday and sell my car and move out on Sunday. I still gotta clean my apartment and pack up the rest of my shiz.

As I was taking my contacts out, I think one fell down the drain in my bathroom sink. I am kinda miffed because I was looking so good without glasses and now I have to wear them until I get my supply of contacts. The eye doc told me that I should be getting them Thurs. I would be hugely bummed if I had to go to Europe without them.

I usually come here to the computer lab every morning and there is no one here. Well today there is this hot buffed man sitting behind me as I am typing this. Roar. Of course I am acting like he doesn't exist because I am too damn chicken to even talk to him. Oh well. He probably has a girlfriend anyways. Hell, he probably has kids, who knows ??? I mean, there are so many couples here at my apartment. Okay, enough of that.

Today is also the last day of my bellydance lessons. After that I get to go have dinner with my friend Stacey, whom I haven't talked to like forever. We're gonna catch up and get fed. I think we're going to Chevy's. Yumm.

What else??? Oh yeah,  Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony got married over the weekend. I really like J. Lo, but I just wish she would find ONE man and stick to him. I also like Marc Anthony. Very sexy voice. Grrrrrrr.

Anywho, I have lots to do and I better hop to it. Later.


Friday, June 4, 2004

What a fattening night :)

Hello Everyone :)

Last night I hung out with my friend Shira. We went to the Cheesecake Factory. I had never been there before. The food portions are friggin' huge !!! We both ordered salads and then we spit a heaping portion of mud pie. I am still full from last night.

During dinner I got to hear about Shira's new career and think it's wonderful what she's doing. I am a little jealous, but not too much. I would like a career, but I need to go learn some languages first. We woulda hung out more, but she had to be at work by 8am the next day.

Now that the Sex and the City show is over I discovered how much I love that show. I rented the first two seasons and stayed up way late last night. That show rocks :)

While I was in line renting that movie some Mexican guy just kept staring at me and it drove me nuts !!! When I was standing in front of the checkout lady waiting for her to get off the damn phone, he just stood a few feet away and stared. It felt like she was never gonna end the call and help me, and I also wanted to punch the man.  I am just glad he didn't follow me outside.

And what else??? Oh yeah, I get to work tonite. Sooooo don't wanna, but I need the cash and this is my last week anyways. I literally only have one week left of Red Lobsta. I think this is the best time to move on because a lot of my fave coworkers are quitting. Plus, that restaurant is not my destiny. I gotta move on sometime.

I know that I have more to talk about, but I just can't remember now. Besides, I need to go to storage. I have been putting that off all week. I also need to clean my damn apartment.

Have a good evening and I'll be sure to tell you about my ghetto customers next time.


Thursday, June 3, 2004

Nice People Can do Stupid Things :)

Hello Everyone :)

I consider myself to be a good, nice person. But last night I did something very stupid. I almost got into an accident. I thought I was making the right turn, but I almost hit someone. The woman in the van was flipping me off and bitching me out big time. I was driving off but she still took the time to stop her van and yell stuff at me. Lucky for me, I didn't hear a word she said. The stupid part? I was on my cellphone. Had I have been paying attention, this might not have happened. I was scared she was gonna come after me. But I felt more ashamed than scared. I became the type of driver that I hate sharing the road with. I won't be using my cellphone on the road anymore. I wanna make it alive to Europe.

I also worked last night. Surprisingly, I made good money for the 3 hours I was serving. But thats mainly because it was kinda busy. The hostesses kept friggin' triple seating me. That pissed me off. We closed at 9pm, and my boss Mr. Frenchman decided to seat me at 9:10. Lovely. I didn't leave the restaurant till almost 11pm.  After that, I went with three other coworkers to the local bar to shoot the breeze.

I also forgot to mention that my boss at my marketing internship took me yesterday out to the country club for lunch to celebrate my graduation. The food was sinfully delicious. We also had a nice view of the golfcourse. She also gave me some money and skincare products.

Tonite I am supposed to go out with my old highschool and college buddies. Yep, we went to highschool and college together, and we were all business majors in college. (I can't believe I am talking about college in the past-tense) They have jobs and one of them is married. I don't have a job yet, but I will be working on that.

What else?? Oh yeah, I got my eyebrows waxed today and I now have nicer, sexier arches and my eyes look fuller. But it did hurt like a mother. The skin around my eyes is very sensitive and I wanted to squeal.

Okay, the day is moving along very quickly so I better move along and get some stuff done. Tootles :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2004

I Think I Have Worms :(

Hello Everyone, :)

Yesterday I got contacts for the second time. I had them a couple of years ago, but gave up due to too much irritation. Now better contacts have come out. They took forever to put in, and taking them out was no easy task either. I practically had to grab each eyeball with my fingers. But now I don't have to wear glasses anymore. Now I can highlight my eyes and they won't be hidden by dorky glasses ! Yeah !!!

I have also been frustrated because there is something wrong with my computer. Almost EVERY time I try to open an application, Internet Explorer tries to shut it down, and I am usually not even connected to the Internet when this happens. I think I somehow contracted a virus or a worm. Whatever it is, it sucks. I don't know what to do because I've tried a heaping shitload of stuff but nothing worked.

I also spent last night packing stuff up. I am going through everything. There is stuff laying all over my apartment. I threw some stuff out. I am also saving my receipts because if my luggage gets stolen, I can be reimbursed up to $500. I am taking a lot of stuff and I don't know how I am gonna pack it all. I am getting very nervous. I only have a week and a half left.

I am also working tonight. I told y'all that I worked on Monday, but I failed to tell you that my boss made my clean gum from under a couple of tables. I had to get on all fours and crawl under the table. Luckily there weren't a lot of gum wads, but one was stuck between a screw in the table and that was NASTY.

I also had to lift up the booth seats and clean under that. Praise baby Jesus that they were clean. I have heard that others have had to clean dried up, caked barf. I woulda barfed myself

Tonight I work the closing shift. The good news is that I only have a 2-3 hour shift which is short and sweet. The bad news is that I will be making shit and I will be there long after the restaurant closes because my boss, Mr. Frenchman likes to seat the servers even 5-10 minutes after we close. Bastard.

Anywho, gotta go now :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Halfway through 2004

Hello Everyone,

What can I say ? This year is moving along very fast. I like this year because it is the year of the Monkey. And guess what my lovelies?? I was born in the year of the monkey. This means that 2004 is MY year.

 I worked last night for Memorial Day. Business was a little slow, but I made $45. That's not too bad, especially since I was only expecting to take home like $20.But luckily I had a good amount of tables.

 But, people need to learn how to muthafuckin' tip their goddamned servers !!!!!! A lot of tables gave me 10% or less, which sucked big, hairy, sweaty balls.                  I was very attentive ( did I spell that right?). People got their refills and food out on time. I made menu suggestions. I smiled. What more was I supposed to do? Dance on the table like a monkey????

My Europe plans are moving along. I still got lots to do, but at least I got a lot out of the way. Today I need to write down important phone numbers as well as photocopy important documents. I also gotta clean my apt again because I am moving out next weekend. It'll be here fast. I also gotta make another trip out to storage.

Anywho, I better go now.