Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ten Things Depressed People Should Know

1) Do not get discouraged. This is a very long and arduous journey that you most likely will have for the rest of your life.

2) You are allowed to have bad days, and you will. When that happens, just call it a day and go watch a movie or relax if you can. Remember that there are only 24 hours in a day.

3) When you are feeling like shit, just remember that a good moment is around the corner. You typically won't continuously feel like shit without spurts of good moments and days.

4) Try not to take medication without therapy.

5) Slow progress is still progress. I used to get so discouraged, but realized later that I will take any progress I get. It adds up over time. And before you know it, you will realize that you have come a long way.

6) Feelings are not facts. When you feel like shit, or feel like you are worthless, know that is just your mind talking, and you are not your mind. There are no facts. Let the thoughts run in one side part of your brain and out of the other.

7) When you are feeling happy, and having a good day, be thankful and enjoy it. Do not question it.

8) Nutrition is extremely important. Adding supplements and more vegetables to my diet has been helpful. So has cutting down on my sugar and breads.

9) When people tell you that something cured their depression instantly, take it with a grain of salt. I think depression is like an addiction. It gets better and maybe becomes dormant, but it's always there and ready to wreak havoc in your life if you're not careful.

10) Be open to suggestions and explore different options to ease your depression, but remember that no one person or thing has all of the answers for you. Rely on yourself and your intuition in getting better. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Yep, We Were Weird

Hello My Little Followers,

Miss me ?

Been a while since I've blogged about my cult experience. Since today is Throwback Thursday, I decided I would go back in time, and talk about some of our strange beliefs we were forcefed. Here are ten of them in no particular order. And of course, I have way more, but I don't have all day, so here they are.......

1) Cats are bad energy. Dogs are good energy, so are lions and tigers, but the domesticated house cat was evil. If you liked cats, you had to keep that to yourself.

2) Whistling was bad energy, and so was blowing out candles on a birthday cake. Basically, the mouth was considered a source of evil  (Read the Bible talking about the evil tongue). So if you had a birthday cake with candles, you had to punch them out. I hated it. I hated that I had to work for my cake on my birthday.

3) We were not allowed to listen to the radio. The radio was bad energy too. We couldn't listen to music in the house, it was absolute silence. We also had to play The Grand Cuntress' tapes of chanting. So basically if we wanted music, we had to listen to her chanting. Over and over and over.

4) TV was strictly forbidden too.

5) When we came home, we had to take off our shoes, bow to her picture, and announce ourselves out loud.

6) We were not allowed furniture, and we had to share bedrooms. There were 5 people in a master bedroom, or two people in a small room. If you didn't like someone, that's who you got paired up with. We slept on the floor in sleeping bags.

7) I was not allowed to receive mail at the house. If I had to get mail, I was had to receive it at the martial arts school we trained at. We were also not allowed to ever give out our phone number to the house before cell phones were common.

8) We were not allowed to have butter, milk or coffee in the house.

9) You had to write a journal once a week, preferably every day detailing our most intimate secrets. Were we horny ? Did we have a crush on someone ? Did we want to talk about traumatic experiences from the past ? Did we have weird fantasies ? She wanted to know it all. Every sordid detail.

10) We had house meetings every couple of weeks, discussing new house rules, events, meetings, or any complaints. A lot of those meetings were used for bitching at each other.

That's all for now,

Hugs and shimmies !

Sunday, July 26, 2015

3-Ingredient Pancakes You Need To Try

Hello there My Little Sweet Treats,

I have had to make major changes to my eating habits since I passed thirty, but I am also a very lazy cook. I am simple minded, and I refuse to drop a ton of money on kitchen gadgets beyond a mixer and blender.

Not only that, but I really don't like all the prep and clean up involved in creating a dish. In other words, just be happy that you aren't married to me, okay ? Because I am cheap, fast and easy..... In the kitchen that is..........

So when I found the recipe below for these pancakes, I was totally tingly in my pants. I was a little skeptical, but I made them and was totally blown away. I loved them ! I did add a little bit of almond flour to thicken up the mix a little. But it was cheap, fast, easy and healthy ! I did add a lot of butter on it, and next time I will try it with honey.

Remind me next time to blog about poaching eggs in under two minutes with just a microwave and a ramiken (Is that how it's spelled ? Oh, who cares).......

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Qualities......................

"I have three great qualities.............. I am hot AND I am smart".--
                                                                                              - Kelso, That Seventies Show

Monday, July 20, 2015

Am I the Only One ?

Am I the Only One...................

1) That is not shocked that Bill Cosby had a squeaky clean image and got away with rapes and extramarital affairs for so long, even after people stepped forward ?

2) That wonders what fellow church goers were doing the night before they showed up for the morning service ? Were they at the club ? Snorting coke ? Cooking dinner with their families ?

3) That is not shocked that the people with the cleanest images hide some of the most interesting secrets ?

4) That is suspicious of charities and think that the majority of funds don't actually go to the real cause ?

5) That wonders how screwed up my therapist is ? Is my therapist more screwed up than me ? Does she even take her own advice ?

6) That thinks the majority of life coaches I see are full of shit ? Do they even have their lives together?

7) That thinks that the majority of people that flash their wealth are probably on the verge of bankruptcy ?

8) That wonders if I am a Negative Nancy, or am I a realist ?

9) That wonders how I ever thought I had the answers to life in my twenties, and if I will ever get my shit together ?

10) That reads heated debates about international events (ie Israel, Palestine, etc...) on Facebook or the news and wonder how the hell anyone can really know anything if they don't live there and live it first hand ?

Can any of you relate ? Or am I really just the only one ?