Friday, December 31, 2004

My Last Entry for 2004

Hello Everyone,

Well, this will be my last entry for the year, as of now there are only 5 hours of the year left. I will be sure to update next year in 2005. :)

I have thought about my resolutions for the new year. For starters, I will be coming home and starting to pay off my huge ass student loans. Lord knows I have been stressing out about that since graduation.

But aside from that, I will continue to improve my Spanish and hopefully German. My Spanish has been improving lately, which I am happy about. I just don´t want to forget it once I come home.

I will also start making plans to go to China sometime this year after I come home. Just something I have to do in this lifetime.

Anyways, those are just my plans. I won´t be making any plans to give up chocolate or to eat healthier because that would be just useless. I would be lying to myself. At least I don´t smoke. Can you imagine how hard that would be to give up smoking ?

Tonight I will be having dinner with my roommate´s family. We will be doing the countdown together and eating grapes. In Spain we eat one grape for each month and then we drink Champaigne, or as we say in Catalan, Cava.

Okay, hope y'all enjoy the new year. Felíz año nuevo.


Thursday, December 30, 2004

The end of the year is here.................

Hello Everyone,

I read the news about the Tsunamis and earthquakes that hit Asia, and I feel just awful for those people. Some guys from my job took a vacation in Thailand. I hope that we will see them on Monday when I go back to work.

I read somewhere that there is a chance that West Coast of the US could be hit by a tsunami. Don´t know how big or small that chance is, but it doesn´t make me all warm and fuzzy inside. CA is also due for a huge earthquake in the future. I shudder just thinking about it.

I really, really want to come back home. I had origionaly planned on staying here at least till June, if not longer. But if I don´t start feeling better I just may go in another month. I shouldn´t be feeling this way. I should be happy right now.

In the mean time, I am just waiting for the year to pass and for me to go back to work and teaching English. Maybe I will feel better then. I have spent my whole vacation in bed, and listening to my roommate telling me how to take care of myself.

Anyways, hope y'all make the best of the rest of 2004.


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Happy Anniversary to me :)

Hello Everyone,

First of all, I may not be online tommorow, so I wanted to say Happy Anniversary to me !!!!! Tommorow is my one year anniversary for writing this AOL Journal. I have written so much on this journal.

I don´t really have the flu anymore, but I do have a nasty cough that I am trying to get rid of before the New Year. I can´t friggin´ believe this. I spent most of my vacation in bed. It would have been so nice to see and explore Barcelona a little bit.

I have been thinking about my plans for the New Year, and I think that I will be going home sometime in May or June. It all depends if I get my working papers or not. Hell, even if I get my working papers I might go home anyways. This holiday season was really hard for me. I have never missed home so much. I just miss understanding everything and knowing how everything works. I feel helpless here. Anyways, we´ll see what happens as the months pass by and if things get better.

I hope that you all are all thinking about your New Years Resolutions. Hope 2005 is a wonderful year.


Sunday, December 26, 2004

My Christmas in Barcelona

Hello Everyone,

Happy Holidays ! I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas. I was looking forward to mine. I was planning on spending it with my roommate´s family and we were also planning on maybe going skiing.

That was all before I got the flu. I got the flu the day before Christmas Eve and was therefore confined to my bed until today ( although I am still recovering). I had it all. I was shivering, sweating, puking, coughing. I couldn´t even get out of bed to get myself a glass of water.

I also called my mom back home, but apparently I called at the wrong time because they were in the middle of something when I called and didn´t have a lot of time to talk. So much for Christmas. I usually hate Christmas anyways, but this year definitely made me hate it even more. I am so glad the holidays are almost over and that I am getting better.

I am thankful that my roommate and his mom took the time to take care of me and check up on me now and then. My roommate made me breakfast in the mornings and gave me medicine. Because let me tell you, the cold medicine that I brought from the states did jack shit for my flu. His mother also came over and cooked for me and talked to me a little. I considered myself really lucky in this respect, because normally when I am sick in the states I am left to fend for myself because I don´t live with my folks.

My roommate´s mom also decided to clean my room for me today. I mean, that was really nice of her. But I am a private person in my room and my room is a mess. That is just how I am. I am fully able to keep the commom areas of the house clean. But when it comes to my room, I am messy and that´s how it is. So I was a little embarrassed when she touched my dirty clothes and picked up after me.

I have been thinking about the next year which will arrive in about 5 days and I really don´t know what´s gonna happen. But I can tell you this. If I don´t get my working papers by May, I am going back home to where I am an actual citizen and can understand everyone.

Sorry if this entry is not so happy, but ya know I gotta keep it real.


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Things I realized here in Spain.

Hello Everyone,

Before I came here I wanted to be a Spanish citizen, or an Austrian citizen. It´s not that I don´t like being a US citizen, but I just thought that having a European passport would be exotic and cool.  I really wanted to be European and have the same rights as a European citizen. Why not ? After all, my mom was born and raised in Austria. I have a lot of family there too, and I like staying connected to my family heritage.

When I came to Europe, I got to see just how hated Bush and the US policies are. There was and still is so much Bush bashing going on. But the truth is, is that right now I am happy with being a US Citizen. Even though I think that our country has a lot of problems (What country doesn´t?) I would rather be a US citizen than any other country. I had to travel outside the US to realize that. I miss being in my own country. Sometimes there is no place like home. Barcelona is officially my favorite city, and I like staying here, but I would rather permanently live in California and be an American.

I realized that I have a lot more opportunities than a lot of other people in the world simply because I was born in the United States. A lot of people complain about the US. But ya know what ? I ain´t complaining. I talk to people from Argentina and the Dominican Republic and they wonder why the hell I am here when there are so much more opportunities in the US. Did you know that they are´t even allowed to set foot in the US without a visa ? And do you know how hard it is to get a visa ? People from poorer countries such as Argentina or the Dominican Republic aren´t even allowed to visit the US as a tourist. They have to apply for a visa first.

If I could give people any advice, it would be to travel and live away from home for a little while. It certainly broadens your mind and makes you more tolerant, not to mention smarter. Okay, moving along....................

I went to the US Consulate today. It felt good. It felt like I took a mini trip back to the states. But anyways, it was an interesting experience.

I have been to or walked by the consulate office of other countries. I´ve been to the Consulate office for Austria. It was a little attic in some office building. The consulate office for Thailand is an apartment space in the apartment complex where my student lives.

The US Consulate office is actually a big white house ( or 2 ) near Mt. Tibidabo (an expensive hill where all the rich people live). Just to GET IN you have to have a US passport, and they scan it. Then after they let you get in they make you walk through a metal detector and leave your camera and mobile behind. All the employees there talk to you through a glass window and there are cameras everywhere. I felt like a VIP member with my US passport and all.

I guess that with all the Anti-US feelings, they have to protect themselves.

I also got a chance to be a tourist all over again today and blew some of my paycheck. I also took lotsa pictures, but I will write more about that later.


Monday, December 20, 2004

No work for me today :)

Hello Everyone,

Nothing really special to write about today. I am so darn lazy. I slept in till noon today and I will go to teach my student in a few hours. I am just so thrilled that I don´t have to go to work for the next 2 weeks.

The end of the year is also coming up and I am thinking about what I am gonna do with myself next year. I think that I will probably be going back to the US sometime and plan for my next trip. Who knows ? It´s all up in the air.



Sunday, December 19, 2004

Sorry, Can´t think of a brilliant title for today.........

Hello Everyone,

I gotta admit that I am still very upset about getting stood up by my students yesterday. I left the party from my job a little early to get up the next morning to teach my students. ( The Dominican family). Then when I got to their apartment I found out that they weren´t there after knocking on the door a million times. I also made a lot of calls, but got no response. I thought that there was an emergency.

Anyways, after calling a couple of hours later,  one of the sons answers the phones and casually tells me that they aren´t there and that I shouldn´t come ( 2 hours after our normal class time), and he also told me that they would call me the next day (today). Well, of course they didn´t call. For Christ´s sake, I travel an hour each way to see them !!! The LEAST that they could have done was appologize.

I am so confused because the mom always used to call me when she couldn´t make it. When her son went to the hopspital, she even called me. I don´t know what happened. Maybe she and her kids took a trip at the last minute ?

But anyways, I am not going to teach them anymore. They also owe me money for the first 2 weekends this month, but I really don´t have the energy to hunt them down for 50 Euros.

In a way, I am kinda glad this happened. Even though they were nice, I really would rather spend my weekend mornings sleeping in. I get up early every morning for a job that I absolutely despise and I would like to be able to party on a Friday night without having to worry about getting up early the next day. Plus, they also paid me at the end of the month and sometimes they paid me 1-2 weeks later than that. I am tired of worrying about whether I am gonna get paid or not.

So.............. they can take the money that they owe me and shove it up their asses and find another teacher. I was referred to this family by an old roommate, who I really like. I hope that she doesn´t find out what happened. Hell, I never even expected this to happen, especially since I was introduced to them. Oh well, shit happens. And I learned a little lesson. And lucky for me, this lesson only costed me about 50 Euros.

I mean, maybe if I keep calling them a thousand times, I might get a response, and MAYBE I can get paid. But to be honest, I really don´t even wanna talk to them anymore. We had such good times when I taught them and they were so much fun and so nice, so I am gonna miss that. But I just cankeep bending over like this. I spend all week getting screwed over by my bosses at my day job. I am better off finding new students. But part of me is just gona keep wondering what the hell happened ? Moving along.......................

My roommate is starting to smoke again. When I first moved in, he told me that he doesn´t smoke, just on the weekends when he goes out. And I was living in a smoke-free apartment. Well, now he smokes in the living room. So, this means that after I have a nice shower and spend a while blowdrying my hair and I go to the living room to watch TV with him and he smokes, my hair smells all nasty again.

Everyone and their mother smokes here in Spain. It is just one of those things that you have to deal with. Before I came here, it never used to bother me when people smoked around me. And thats because it didn´t happen very often. Not a lot of people in CA smoke (compared to Europe). Hell, in CA you can´t even smoke in a BAR. Here soooooo many people smoke and now it bothers me. People smoke in department stores and banks and the list goes on. No wonder people here have such bad breath. And I am not joking. I get the joy of smelling nasty ass breath on the metro and elevators all the time.

Well, I must say that today wasn´t too shabby. My roommate and his dad invited me over for lunch. His mother made Paella again, and I ate a lot. I was so stuffed. She is such a good cook. Then we all watched "How to lose a guy in 10 days ". It was a good movie. And before I left the mom told me that I am always welcome to comeover anytime that I want and eat or have coffee with her. I really like her. She is such a nice lady. Kinda reminds me of my grandma on my dad´s side.

Well, tommorow is the beginning of my vacation. I think I am gonna sleep in again like I did today.

Anywho, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Happy holidays. Ciao.......

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Holiday Blues

Hello Everyone,

Well, I went to the party yesterday from my job.  I met my coworkers in the Metro station and we walked to the lounge. I liked the walk there. It was very scenic and we were walking by the beach.  I also got all dressed up for it and I don´t really get a chance to dress up so I was happy about it.

The food was delicious. We had so many appetizers in addition to dinner and dessert. I had sea bass. Yum.  The party itself was a little boring and a lot of people got drunk and started acting like fools.

I had a good time overall, but I will miss my coworkers that aren´t coming back. My roommate also made it out to hang out as well. I have pictures and post them later.

I just got done telling someone 2 days ago that I am happy now. And I have been happy lately. But now I am starting to get real depressed all over again. Getting out of bed this morning was really hard. I really, really don´t like this time of year. Maybe its a good thing because I lose my appetite when I feel like this and right now I guess I could stand to lose a few pounds.

Most people from work are going out of the country to see their families and I only wish that I could do that right now. I really feel alone here right now. I am not really alone because I can spend the holidays with my roommate and his family. However, I am don´t really want to be there right now. But I will explain that later.

While I was at the party I realized that I am sick of living my life the way I do. I am sick of struggling just to pay the bills. I got stood up this morning by my students. I left the party late last night to get up this morning to teach them. I  traveled an hour and they weren´t even there.

I am sick of taking all of the shit jobs. I actually have an education. How many more years do I have to do telemarketing or waitressing ? How many more years do I have to answer to a boss that doesn´t give a damn about me ? When do I get to take a job where I actually have to think?

I feel like I am close to making it, but I somehow keep getting pushed back down. I feel like someone is hanging a piece of meat in front of my face and when I go to grab it it gets pulled back up.

I am just fed up right now. And I could go back to the states if I really wanted but that wouldn´t solve anything. I probably would feel the same way I do now.

Okay, I have done enough bitching for today. I am hoping that I will calm down after the holidays are over.


Friday, December 17, 2004

Hello Everyone,

Today was the last day of work before our Christmas vacation, and our nice party will be tonite. Getting out of bed today to go to work was hard, but at least they didn´t make us work the whole shift. Our bosses also gave us telemarketer phone monkeys a 50€ bonus, so that was nice. I wasn´t expecting that.

I am a little homesick right now. I always hate this time of year. I always feel depressed around Christmas.

Anyways, I will write more later. Got some showering and makeup to do for the party tonite.


Thursday, December 16, 2004

Just Waiting for Vacation to Arrive....................

Hello Everyone,

Guess what !! I will be setting foot on American soil next week. I am gonna go pay a visit to the US Consulate here in Barcelona. I will be going with my coworker from Argentina who wants to go to the US to become a lawyer. And I will be going there to ask about immigration laws for Americans here in Spain and get some answers in English. When it comes to getting important info about getting papers, I don´t wanna miss out on any important details.

Today was such a hard day at work. None of us telemarketer phone monkeys wanted to be on the phones all day. We are all looking forward to our 2 week vacation as well as the phat office party tommorow. Our bosses said that they would only make us work a half day tommorow so that we could relax and get ready for the Christmas Party. That´s nice.

My bosses also bought us Ferrero Rocher chocolates today. I kinda hoarded some. Those are my favorites.

Anyways. I better go now. Ciao.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

What´s on my mind

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to point out that my one year anniversary for my AOL Journal is coming up. I am so excited. I have been faithfully writing in this journal for about a year. And what a year it has been. Graduation, going to Spain, getting my wisdom teeth pulled...........

Other than one person and my mother, I really don´t know if anyone reads my journals anymore. But it´s all good, I guess because I am not writing for readers. I am writing to express myself and vent my feelings. I guess that getting readers is a bonus.

Anyways, my phat office party is coming up on Friday and I did some shopping. I gots ta look good, ya know. I am excited. I have to teach my students the next day so I better make sure that I don´t drink too much and go to bed before the sun comes up.

I also talked to one of my close family friends that I haven´t spoken to since graduation. Known him since I was five and he´s like an uncle to me. It was nice to catch up a little. I really miss all my family and friends back home. Don´t know how long it will be until I see them again.

Anywho, I better get home and eat. I am starving.



Tuesday, December 14, 2004

What a funny day at work

Hello there my lovelies...........................

I gotta first say that AOL sux. I really have a bone to pick with them. I can´t even use the darn AIM. I really wanna talk to my buddies back home and it won´t let me. And to make matters worse, my blog entries sometimes get eaten after I spend hours writing them.

I really laughed a lot at work. I talked to a guy in Germany over the phone named Mr. Scheide. It means "pussy" in German. How could a man live his whole life with that name ? And why didn´t he change his name. I really don´t wanna see his therapy bill.

One of my coworkers also talked to a guy in Germany today named Steife. In German that means "hard on".  Why, Why , Why ??????? People that don´t change awful names like these are MORONS.

 I think that we should introduce Mr. Scheide to Mr. Steife. I am sure that they could find something interesting to talk about, or shall I say, do. Lol.

And if that weren´t enough another coworker talked to a guy named Mr. Pehrvert in Norway. I can´t wait to hear the broker guys in the office try to ask for him and pitch him.

While I was on the phones today, one of the window cleaners cleaned the windows. We sit in front of the windows so as he was hanging from the cables and cleaning the windows while I was on the phones. I decided to smile and wave at him and he kinda laughed.

Anywho, I better go now. Ciao.

Monday, December 13, 2004

A Sad Dog.

Hello Everyone,

No this is not an entry to vent or to be sad. This is an entry about a dog that I see almost everytime I go to the internet cafe. On the way there, there is a bar and the dog owner leaves the dog outside.

This dog is left to wander for a while. And no one seems to bother and stop to give it attention. I went to pet it and it has such a sad and lonely look in it´s face. It is an old dog, and it looks like it is attention-deprived. It looks so lonely that I wanted to cry. It had a brown face with white freckles and long, dopey ears. And it also had one of those cut-off tails like a rottweiler.

I remember the first time that I pet it, it came to me and lifted its paws and looked me in the face. The next time I saw it, I was in a hurry and didn´t have time to pet it so I kinda ignored it. And when I saw it today when I passed the bar, it ignored me. No matter how many attempts I made to let me pet it, it just walked away. It sniffed me and walked away as if I don´t even exist.

So today on the way here to the internet cafe, I kept trying to pet it again. And after walking away from me twice, it finally gave in and let me pet it. And while I was petting it, it looked me straight in the face and wagged it´s stubby tail- What was sad was that while I was talking to it, I told it that it breaks my heart to see it so sad. And after I said that, it whined. That broke my heart. And leaving it was so hard because it keep looking at me while I was walking away.

Well, I just had to share this. I will talk about my daily life another day.

Friday, December 10, 2004


Hello Everyone,

Last night I decided to have a glass of Baileys before going to bed. It sure made me sleepy.  And I could still feel the effects when I woke up. Sheesh. I only had one glass. I guess that I don´t hold my liquor very well.

I am so tired right now. Mainly because I am so fed up with my telemarketing job here. And my boss isn´t making it better. He won´t tell me for sure if he can give me a working contract or not, which is my only hope of obtaining residency right now. So therefore, I am being strung along. I wish he would just give me an answer. If he doesn´t wanna give me a contract in January, I can quit now and look for a teaching job because the schools hire in January. It will be harder to obtain residency but at least I won´t be wasting my time on the phones 8 hours a day with bosses that are crooks. So it looks like I am gonna be stuck in this shithole for while. But I am still keeping my fingers crossed that things will get better for me.

Hey, at least they are throwing us a nice party by the beach. That is next week and I can´t wait. And after dinner I can have all the drinks that I want on the house. It´s really too bad that I don´t drink much.

 I am also happy that after next week I will be able to enjoy 2 weeks of vacation. I am gonna sleep for sure. But I am sad that some of my coworkers are leaving for good. One of the girls is going back to Sweden. I am gonna miss her. She sat by me and we used to make fun of all the guys together.

Well, I hope y'all enjoy your weekend. Ciao.

Thursday, December 9, 2004

Little Things on my Mind

Hello there my lovelies.........

Okay, I have a question for all you men out there. Or women that have male roommates. Is is normal for guys to leave the bathroom door open while they are pissing ? Because my roommate seems to think so. 

I mean, to his credit he doesn´t do it very often, and when he does the door isn´t open very wide. But still. If I need to use the bathroom and the door is open, I tend to think it´s unoccupied. And absolutely feel embarrassed when I discover he´s in there pissing. Maybe he´s still getting used to the fact that he has a roommate. He told me he didn´t have a roommate for a few months before I arrived. I sure hope that´s the reason.

Anywho............ I went to the bank to try to change my American money that my grandparents sent me. That was interesting. I went 10 minutes before closing. People always go to stores and banks right before closing in the US. Well, that isn´t normal in Spain. After looking at me like I am from another planet, the cashier lady made up some lame ass excuse of why I couldn´t change my money. She even tried to tell me that I couldn´t change it in any bank and that I had to go to the airport. Hahahaha. I really must look stupid.

What else ? My student cancelled on me today because he was sick. I really was hoping to make some extra cash today. I was also irritated because I lugged my books around for nothing. Thanks a lot dude.

Speaking of students, my favorite student is gonna be traveling for about a month, so that means that I won´t be teaching him for a while. I am gonna miss him. He´s rooting for me to quit my "fucking job" and find something better. Whenever I try to teach him grammar rules he always tries to talk and we end up in a conversation. Either that, or he is trying to get me to teach him slang or cuss words. Haha. Kinda reminds me of myself. I would be doing the same thing to my teacher. I try to stay on track and make sure he´s getting a good grammar lesson, but oh well. As long as he´s having fun and I am getting paid I have no reason to complain.

I am also thrilled that I only have one more week left of telemarketing hell until my Christmas vacation. I am so damn sick of my job. I am gonna spend my vacation sleeping in and being a tourist all over again. There are still a lot of things that I haven´t seen because I was broke as a joke over the summer.

I still want to visit the Picasso Museum, the zoo, the IMAX theater in Port Vell, La Casa de Gaudi on Passeig de Gracia. I also have never made it to Sitges. It is a town near Barcelona and it has some very beautiful beaches and shopping centers. It is also the gay paradise of Europe.

Before I go back to the states I would also like to visit Madrid, Paris or Amsterdam. I really hope that I will make it to one of those places. Reading The Da Vinci Code stirred up the desire to go to Paris. That book is off the hook.

Anyways, I better go now. I am gonna go help myself to my roommate´s Paella leftovers. And for those of you that have never had Paella, you are missing out.


Monday, December 6, 2004

Shopping Hell in Barcelona

Hello Everyone,

I really thought that Christmas shopping in California was bad. I am sure y'all back in the states know that the malls are packed and finding parking is like pulling teeth. I had no idea that Barcelona was worse. I learned something new. Shopping hell for Americans is the day after Thanksgiving. For us here, it is today, December 6th and probably on Wed, Dec 8th.

Today was a holiday. Most people didn´t have to go to work, but the stores were open anyways. So you can imagine all the chaos. ALL the stores were packed. And the streets were packed too. Just walking TO the store was a nightmare. People were walking really slow in front of me and people from behind were pushing me. After a while, I stopped being polite and pushed past people without saying " excuse me".

I don´t know what possessed me to go shopping anyways, but I did. I found what I have been looking for............... An American cookbook for my roommate´s mother for Christmas. It is a huge book with lots of pictures, recipes and it also gives a little bit of history on the recipes. And it was cheap too !!!

I also found a nice, Spanish looking skirt, but I will go back and buy it later. I had no more cash left.

I also am in the process of getting my student loan mess sorted out. Good God. At least things are getting sorted out.

And yesterday I watched the first American Pie with my roommate who had never seen it before. Before we watched it he made homemade popcorn and some tapas. (Fried potatoes and calamari). I was hungry and trying to hoard it all. :)

 That movie reminds me of my first year in college, and it brings back memories. Thanks to that movie, I met my friend and old roommate of 3 years, Christina.

Anywho, he had never seen the movie before and was rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter. While we were watching the film he asked me if it was common for high school students to remain virgins until college. HAHAHA. 

Anyways, I guess that I better go and make something to eat. I am huuuuuungry.

Sunday, December 5, 2004

A Cold Ass Sunday in Barcelona

Hello Everyone,

How are ya all doing today ? Anyways, tommorow is a holiday but I will be working as usual to make sure that I have enough money to tide me over during the winter break. Speaking of winter, it will officially be winter in about 2 weeks. It is cold here. About the same temperatures as California, but still freezing. The summer that I spent here was extremely hot and humid so I am still adjusting to the changes.

The weather today is cloudy. It was raining yesterday and I think we will get more tommorow. I miss the sunshine. I also can´t wait until the weather is hot enough to go to the beach. I went to the beach a few times this summer. I absolutely love the beaches here and can´t wait to go back. Especially since I live about 10 minutes away by car.

There was a tennis match between Spain and the United States yesterday and today. The US won yesterday, and Spain won today. I don´t know much about tennis, but if I am correct I think that Spain won the title ( sorry folks, don´t watch sports.) I was really hoping that the US would win.  Oh well.

And today my lovely neighbors decided to blast their music at 8 friggin´ AM this morning. I heard them fighting last night. I hope to GAWD that I don´t have to listen to them having hot monkey sex.

Anyways, I better go and prepare for my next lesson I have to give today. I hope he shows up.


Saturday, December 4, 2004

Hello Everyone,

OMG. I am going through student loan hell right now. I don´t even know where to even begin to describe the maze that I am in. And what´s worse is that I am out of the country and it is harder to fix things. Damn.

I went shopping today for Christmas and I also bought some clothes for the winter so that I don´t freeze my ass off this winter.

Anyways, gotta go for now. Ciao

Friday, December 3, 2004

The weekend is here.........

Hello there my lovelies.........................

I didn´t make it to work yesterday because I was sick. I really needed the money but I just couldn´t do it. I slept till 4:30 until my roommate came home. And I felt so much better. Then I got up and taught my student for about an hour and a half. I refuse to cancel on my students unless it´s an emergency. And it was an easy way to make money.

I also bought more bootleg copies of the latest CDs. I sure got a deal. I gotta say that I love David Bisbal and David de María. They are both so sexy. I love listening to music in Spanish. 

Monday and Wednesday are holidays here in Spain and everything will be closed. Except for my job, that is. I will be on the phones as usual, listening to all the bitchy secretaries tell me that their bosses don´t want to talk to me. Gotta love that.

Most people that I call aren´t fluent in English. So when I pitch them, some tell me that they aren´t " interesting"  instead of telling me that they "aren´t interested". So sometimes depending on my mood I ask them , " Oh, so you aren´t interesting.?" And that my friends, is how I get my cheap laughs.

And yes................ The Chrismas season is here. I love the decorations in the streets. And there are little booths where the old ladies roast chestnuts. Too bad I don´t like chestnuts.

And too bad I don´t like Christmas. Yes, my friends. I don´t like Christmas. And no, I am not Scrooge. Thanksgiving is my fave holiday. I will be happy when Christmas passes.

Okay, gotta go now. Ciao.



Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Hello there everyone, :)

I gotta say that I am tired. I think that I am starting to get sick again. Today we had some nasty ass weather. It was cold and rainy. At least it was nice and sunny yesterday for my birthday. I hope that the sun shines tommorow.

I bought my first bootleg copies of CDs from some Morrocan guy in the metro. There are always people walking around and trying to sell bootleg copies of DVDs and the latest CDs in restaurants and the metro station. They are almost either Chinese or Morrocans.

 I bought the New Destiny´s Child CD and Jo Jo. I especially love the new Jo Jo CD. That girl is only 13 and she can sure sing. They play her songs here a lot. I paid 5€ for 2 CDs. I woulda bought more, but I didn´t have change and I am not gonna trust some stranger on the street to make change for a 50€ bill. Nu uh.

I also told my boss that I got shorted on my pay and they paid me the difference. They shorted me 80€. If I hadn´t said anything I would still be out of that money. I am sure glad that I spoke up.

Antonio, I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. Don´t know if you still read my journals or not, but Happy Birthday either way.

Well I guess that I better go make dinner and get some sleep. Tommorow is another long day on the phones.