Friday, July 22, 2011


Hello There Kittens !

I am sorry that I have been a bad bloggy friend. I am currently on vacation right now. I was in NYC, now I am leaving later today for Amsterdam for a couple of days and then Austria to visit my family.

There has been a massive heatwave here in NYC, and for the first couple of days I had no AC. Long, cold showers were my friend.

I will have to post more when I get back, but here are some things that I did........

-- Experienced the NYC bus, metro and train system....... I went to Grand Central where Sprint has the commercial of the guy doing the Flash Mob dance at the wrong time. That was all I could think about while I was there.

--Stayed in Little Italy in the Bronx, great food by the way....... Had a wonderful Italian dinner, as well as Chinese food.....

-- Went to Central Park as well as Times Square. Took lots of pictures, and I also had a NY pretzel.

-- Went to the M&Ms store in Times Square, I also had a drink at an Irish pub there. I accidentally spilled my drink on my friend, but the bartender (who was hot btw) poured me another one gratis !!!

I have to say thank you to my friend, Henry who went out of his way to make sure I had fun in NYC, and looked out for my well-being.

Anywhooters, time to get my laundry out of the dryer and think about packing for my next leg of the journey.

Besitos !!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

TMI Thursday Quizzy quiz....................

What's up my little kittens ?

Miss me ? I snaked this from H's blog............ If you likey, please feel free to swipe it from me.

Besitos !!

1. Which would you rather do and why?

a. yard work or house work

Yard work, I would much rather rake up leaves or mow the lawn than to clean the bathroom or do dishes. Plus I'd burn more calories in the yard, and have a greater chance of socializing.

b. hike or run

Hike, it's more peaceful, and you get to take in all the scenery. Running burns calories, but it bores me.......

c. outdoor sports or indoor sports

More outdoor, but I hate participating in team sports, so as long as the activity doesn't require a team.

d. fast food burger from the drive-thru or sit-down salad

Burger, I am not a salad type of girl.......

e. yoga or aerobics

Yoga, it is more relaxing, and helps me with my dance routines.

f. ice-cream or cake; what kind?

That's easy..... Ice cream cake ! I want to have my ice-cream cake and eat it too !

g. ice cubes or hot wax; where? why?

Hahaha, and to what are we referring ? I would have to say ........ ice cubes, because hot wax hurts like a bitch !!

h. beneath the sheets or on top?

I like to sleep under the blankets....... Oh wait, is this a sexual question ? I am a lady and I will not tell........

2. What was your favorite subject in high school/secondary school/upper school?

Let's just go straight to college, and I will tell you that I really enjoyed my Latin American Studies class, even though my teacher spoke in Spanish before I could even speak the language. How I ended up passing is still a mystery, but I did end up learning a lot.
I also enjoyed my legal classes.

3. Do you get a full 8 hours of sleep a night? Why or why not?

No, because I have poor sleeping habits........

4. What is your favorite comfort food?

Oh wow, I love mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. If you really piss me off, I will want to eat frosting from the tub........
5. Do you match up your socks after washing and drying them, and before putting them away?

I try to.....
6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

Yellow, because I feel it brightens up the box. It isn't a rainbow if there isn't yellow......

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Scathing Dating Post I Wrote Weeks Ago and Forgot to Publish.................


What's Up My Litte Hummingbirds...................


So guess what? I am feeling a little feisty today, so I am gonna bitch about some things that bother me specifically and in general............

First of all, let's talk about dating. You know what bothers me ? Before I tell you, I have to add a disclaimer here that I am not a manbasher and that I am only talking about the male species because I don't date females. So all you male readers, I am not trying to alienate you, it's just that I am feeling feisty today AND...... who really wants to hear about all the nice things men have done for me ? While I like to relive those memories, it is a total snooziefest on a blog!

So here we go !
1.) A guy telling me he has a list or mentions passing a test (certain requirements women have to meet to date him), especially on our first date......... Girls have tests, lists, whatever, and that is annoying on its own. Can you imagine that for a guy? I went out on a date a while back and the guy said that I passed one of his tests, which was that I pet his dog (he had a pitbull), and that his dog liked me. Throughout the night if I said something he liked he then told me I also passed another test. Though he meant it as a compliment (and I smiled and thanked him) it was still annoying. God forbid I said the wrong thing, he was probably docking points in his head.

2.) A guy complimenting me on something that isn't seen as a compliment. Especially when it's embarrassing. For example, sometimes I have a nervous tick. You won't be able to tell if we're sitting across from each other but if I am next to you it becomes more obvious, especially on a bad day when I am really battling anxiety and trust me I am embarrassed. Anyway a guy on our first date told me "I find your twitching attractive". Seriously ? It's like saying " I love that pimple on your forehead, it adds to your appeal." Stop, asshole, you aren't fooling anyone.

It's may possibly be nice when a guy does that down the road as we get to know eachother. But for the first date ? Annoying, and does not seem genuine. 

3.) A guy asking me a bunch of questions and then telling me he likes to study psychology and observe people.  Basically, asking me questions about myself, and then taking the answers I give him and using that to "educate" me about myself. Annoying. I don't mind people watching with someone, but I don't like being on display, sitting in front of some guy while he is assessing me and then educating me about myself. Annoying !

4.) Men that are joking and text something that would normally be considered offensive, vulgar or just in poor taste and end that sentence with a ;) or a :) thinking that it makes them funny, witty or innovative.

Example: "I don't want children, but I don't mind practicing ;)"  Or.......... "I am a lesbian in a man's body :)" Oh yeah, like no one has heard that before !

5.) Men that get philosphical on their profiles or on the first date to make it appear that they are deep, when they are really trying to get deep into your pants. I do want to know what religion a man is, and maybe a few things that are most important to him. But that's really it for the first few dates. What really makes my teeth itch is when I am eating dinner and he is talking about how incredible his beliefs are and how much it changed his life, or he is almost trying to convert me. On a date with one guy, he just wanted to keep on talking about the book "The Power of Now" by Ekhart Tolle. Basically how much it changed his life, and when I wanted to talk about something else, he told me to wait until he got done reading a passage in the book. So corny.

Another guy tried to force his Scientology beliefs on me, even taking me to a recruiting party on New Years Eve, when he told me it would be a party with his friends.


Ohh.......................... So enough bitching about little things that annoy me. Let's go onto bigger things.

So I booked a vacay abroad. Spain was one of my destinations (not anymore). One of my friends lives in Malaga and owns a mango farm with his family. Anyway, I met this guy a few years ago in a talent show for our Foreign Language Department. He did Flamenco, and I did Egyptian bellydance. We did go out once, but that ended fast because I left for Barcelona a month later.

I recently reconnected with him on Facebook and he invited me to come out and see him in Spain. He said that I could see my first real Flamenco dance. I was really excited. So I seriously considered making the trip out there. All the way to the south of Spain which is within sailing distance to Morocco.

Anyway, last week he asked if I am coming out. I asked if he would be hospitable and show me around. He said that he wouldn't go with me and see the sights because he doesn't need to, as he already lives there. He told me I could do that on my own. So I asked him what we would do together. He told me that I could help him on his mango farm, and that I would have a place to stay.

Ohhh...... rrrrrly ? So this guy wants me to travel allllll the way to the south of Spain, he won't even pick me up. He wants me to travel all the way to his mango farm so I can supply him with free labor and a license to grope me when he feels like it, and he refuses to even be hospitable and show me around ? No spank you cabron ! I would rather stay home.......

So that is all for now, I am going to go and do something useful like clean the house and walk the dog.

Besitos !

Friday, July 1, 2011

Freaking Tell Me Friday !

What's Up Loves ?

I've been gone for a while, and it's because I just haven't felt like writing lately. Oh, wells....... But I am back for now and here to do another survey because I am a total survey whore. I forgot where I yanked this from, but if you like it, please feel free to take if for yourself !

1. Everyone seems to have a quirky family situation-- what is something unique about your family dynamic?

Oh wow, where would I begin ? I have a very unique family. But for starters, we have so many cultures and religions in our family. In are family, we have Catholics, Jews, Hindus, a Wiccan......... I also have family in various parts of the world.

2. What is the most stressful aspect to blogging (aside from the network going down)?

When bloggers I love reading stop posting and just disappear. It's even more sad when bloggers pass away.

3. We all end up on a blog at some point in our day, but name your top 3 favorite websites you flock to daily (non blog)

1.) Facebook
2.) Damn You Auto Correct
3.) AOL ( to check my e-mail, don't judge !)

4. What’s your sign? Believe in it or not, does any part ring true to you?

I am a sassy Sagittarius, and I am true to my sign ! I love to travel, I am in the legal field, I am blunt and stick my foot in my mouth, and I am afraid to settle down.

5. Ice Cream!! ICE CREAM!! We all scream for icecream! Name your favorite flavor/brand!

Mint chocolate chip !