Friday, July 1, 2011

Freaking Tell Me Friday !

What's Up Loves ?

I've been gone for a while, and it's because I just haven't felt like writing lately. Oh, wells....... But I am back for now and here to do another survey because I am a total survey whore. I forgot where I yanked this from, but if you like it, please feel free to take if for yourself !

1. Everyone seems to have a quirky family situation-- what is something unique about your family dynamic?

Oh wow, where would I begin ? I have a very unique family. But for starters, we have so many cultures and religions in our family. In are family, we have Catholics, Jews, Hindus, a Wiccan......... I also have family in various parts of the world.

2. What is the most stressful aspect to blogging (aside from the network going down)?

When bloggers I love reading stop posting and just disappear. It's even more sad when bloggers pass away.

3. We all end up on a blog at some point in our day, but name your top 3 favorite websites you flock to daily (non blog)

1.) Facebook
2.) Damn You Auto Correct
3.) AOL ( to check my e-mail, don't judge !)

4. What’s your sign? Believe in it or not, does any part ring true to you?

I am a sassy Sagittarius, and I am true to my sign ! I love to travel, I am in the legal field, I am blunt and stick my foot in my mouth, and I am afraid to settle down.

5. Ice Cream!! ICE CREAM!! We all scream for icecream! Name your favorite flavor/brand!

Mint chocolate chip !


Riot Kitty said...

Wow, I thought *my* family was diverse. Cookies and cream!

LL Cool Joe said...

You yanked it from me! See I'm so forgettable! ;)

Interesting answers. :)

smedette said...

Oh man, AOL?!? You crack me up.

Yes, families are...particular, aren't they?

Zsuzsi said...

I'm stealing this!

Red Shoes said...

THERE she is!!!

Happy Fourth of July!!!


Big Mark 243 said...

Your #2 is something that I share with you... especially when I feel like there is something between the blogger and myself, a stronger sense of being a friend... I know that is how it goes but it still gets to me a bit...

Minxy said...

Mint Choco Chip is so good that I'll eat it despite being lactose intolerant. Just don't be around me 2 hours later. :o)

H said...

I would never stop reading your posts, I love your blog.

Email me from your AOL address, besides me wanting to hear from you, it will be the only AOL address which will soon be a collectors edition

mac said...

1. My parents wonder why I can't get along with my brother. It's because he is a bully and a gangster. I won't tolerate either.

2. I've been so neglectful of my blog. I suppose posting would be most stressful.

3. I still do the AOL email thing too.
Do the 3 dozen porn sites I visit daily count? ;-)

4. Taurus.
Nope, I am too stubborn to believe any of that astrological stuff :-P

5. I like vanilla. Sometimes, I mix a couple spoonfulls of peanut butter in a bowl of vanilla. That is so good :-)