Saturday, February 28, 2004

Uuhhhhh !

Hello everyone.........................

Tonite was great in many ways. Almost all of my customers were nice and tipped me fat. I even had some friends pay me a visit. I made over a hundred dollars tonite, and I didn't really even break a sweat. I can't complain about that.

So why am I so pissed? My boss is anal.

Today before I started my shift, he decided to tell me that someone from the corporate office complained about me because they had a poor dining experience. Basically, they didn't have enough cheese sauce for the fondue and at the time I was told I had to charge them 5 bucks extra for it, and they didn't wanna pay the $5 charge. Plus when I was trying to ring it up, I couldn't find the button to ring it up. While this was going on, I remember asking this manager to help me and he told me to ask someone else because he was busy, and no one else could help me. I was doing everything in my power at the time to help the customers.

I explained this to him, but he still insisted that I need to "take ownership" of this issue, which was his way of telling me that I need to admit that this was ALL my fault. He's the one that was too busy to help me at the time. He coulda just helped me and this woulda never happened.I can't believe that he was actually  gonna write me up over this. ALL over fondue sauce. C'mon now..... its not like I cussed at the customers. Everything else was fine. Their food came out on time and I was very nice to them. I came SOOOO close to taking off my apron and walking out the door. I am amazed that I was able to make so much money tonite, because I started my shift in a bad mood.

Okay, I feel better now. Sigh........

Friday, February 27, 2004

My little love update

Hello Everyone,

I am so glad I have this journal. I kinda feel like shit right now and the weather is SOOOO not helping either. Remember that entry about my little love dilemma on Feb 18th? Well I am here to update.

I told Alex( the guy I was seeing) that it would be better if we didn't see each other anymore. I've been out with him four times, and I just ultimately don't feel that strong spark. Plus, I am moving to Europe in a few months and don't have the time to start getting involved with anyone. I am sad because I like him. I wonder if I did the right thing.

And the guy who I have liked for a while and wish I could hang out with again? I decided to lose his number and just get over it. I mean, he used to call me but that was a while ago. He has no idea what I think about him, and I am gonna keep it that way.

Today the weather was horrible and I had to deal with AO HELL. (AOL) Basically, when I bought my Dell laptop I was given 6 months of free AOL service. But I am still getting charged because I am not a new customer. They make me soooo mad !!!! I have been with them for over 4 years and can't wait to disconnect them !!!

Okay, I've vented enough. Hopefully I'll be more chipper tommorow.


Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I just wanna get this over with !!!

Hello everyone,

Well, I am relaxed right now cuz I slept in till noon, and then proceeded to watch my fave tv shows. I only had one class at 6pm so I had the whole day to be lazy :)

The weather sucked, but I knew it was gonna be rainy and cold. Nasty weather kinda makes me feel down. I really miss the sunshine and warmth. I am tired of having to wear my big coat all the time. AAAARRRGG !!!

I have a lot of homework to do tonite since I put it off all day. I am just frustrated with the fact that I still have to go to school. That is how tired and worn out I am. What's sad is that someday I'll be wishing I was a college student again. As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. While I was in the business tutoring center, the advisor gave me an invitation to the Fairmont Hotel for a dinner for all business students. At that dinner, we bring our resumes and talk to representatives from various corporations that are hiring. That seems like a good opportunity, ESPECIALLY since I need a job. I plan on traveling in the summer, so I hope that they consider hiring me in the fall or next year.

Speaking of graduating, I can't wait to have a place to myself. Don't get me wrong, I like my roommate. She's nice, condsiderate and she's someone I'd hang out and be friends with. BUT,  I'd rather live alone so I don't have to worry about being so polite and considerate. I can't wait to have my own queen sized bed AND my own bathroom.

What else? Some guy in the business center started talking to me and while we were having a conversation some girl he was talking to earlier looked me up and down. Okay, WTF?? All I was doing was having a conversation. OMG. Nothing wrong with talking, last time I checked.

Okay, that pretty much is all I have to say for today. Remember: People may forget what you say or do, but people always remember how you made them feel.(Eleanor Roosevelt)

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Pretty Nice Day

Hello my lovelies.............

The weather man predicted rain for today, and thankfully it didn't !!!! I practiced for my bellydance routine and I hope that it goes well on Tuesday.

I also went to the library and got a little extra studying done, cuz I forgot that my first marketing midterm is NEXT THURSDAY !! On my way there, I ran into one of the guys that works at the Telecommunications office and helped us with our phone problems when I lived in the dorms. His wife is a graduating senior in Marketing like me and they come and visit me at Red Lobster all the time. It was nice catching up.

At the library I sat outside and ate some hot soup. It was nice because it wasn't too cold and I got some time to think. I've had a lot on my mind lately and it was nice to just have some thinking time.

On my way to my bellydance class I went to the cafe and got a browniepie. I just couldn't resist that urge for chocolate. I've been eating a lot of chocolate lately.

Well, thats it for now. I know it wasn't anything drastic, but it was these little things put together that made my day turn out nice. Hope y'all had a nice day :)

Monday, February 23, 2004

Not As Bad as I thought

Hello everyone :)

Remember how I told you that I hate working Sundays? Well, I worked last night and though I had a couple of ghetto tables, people were really nice for the most part and tipped well. I was shocked!! In addition to that, I got taken off the floor early. Plus, 2 different tables that had a birthday party left some birthday cake for us. I was in the kitchen stuffing my face. Hey, I don't get free cake everyday you know.

I went to the library today and did some studying, and I ran into Alex so we talked for a while.

I also have a rehearsal tommorow for my performance for Foreign Language Week. A bunch of us will be doing different cultural performances and I will be doing Egyptian Bellydance again. This time I will do the doubleveil.

Anywho, I better type up my Spanish paper. Bye Bye for now :)


Sunday, February 22, 2004

Madness to be Continued.................

Hello my lovelies..............

I usually work the lunch shift at da Red Lobsta on Sunday, but today I get to work the night shift. Sundays in general are bad because we get to serve the churchfolk as well as other asshats that can't tip. But Sunday nights are especially bad. Its just that I am sooooo desperate for money that I can't afford not to make any money today. You can be sure that I'll have something to write about next time.

What else? I watched Frida last night with Salma Hayek. It was a beautiful movie, even though she led a really hard life. I also watched Intolerable Cruelty. Catherine Zeta Jones is soooooo beautiful !

I am also happy that I got off my lazy ass today to work on my Spanish paper. I wrote it in English. Now I just need to translate it into Spanish. I still have a lot of homework to do. Ayyy !

Well, thats all for now.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Finally I get some respect !!!

Hello my lovelies,

Last weekend was a horrible weekend to work at da Red Lobsta. So far, this weekend has been a lot better. People were nice to me and tipped me better. Today this couple left me $20 on a bill of about $60. That was so nice. People like that make my job more worthwhile.

Today my apt complex invited all the residents to come to the main lounge and eat and relax. There was catering. Unfortunately, I had to go to work, but I did end up getting some food. It was pretty good, but I didn't stay long enough to meet any neighbors.

What else........ I am so nervous about my Hispanic American culture class. It is taught in Spanish, and although I can read and write enough Spanish, I can NOT speak it well. The class is difficult for me because there are so many details to remember. I feel like my teacher thinks I am stupid. Almost everyone in the class is native speakers. While we were watching a movie in class, I saw the teacher stare at me ....TWICE. I hope that it was my imagination, or he was looking at something else. I really need this class in order to graduate.

Right now I am just not in the mood to do any homework. It takes every ounce of energy for me to get off my ass and study. Not only that, but I have so many other things to such as getting ready for my trip abroad and planning my graduation.

Well thats it for now.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The Final Touches and TROUBLE

Hello my lovelies..............

I FINALLY bought my plane ticket to Europe and reserved a bed in the hostel in Barcelona. I will be staying with my aunt in Austria before I go to Espana. I have been dreaming about this trip for over a year !!!

I have something that I just have to get off my chest. I am kinda talking to this guy. I've been out with him twice and he seems wonderful. PLUS we both have the same cultural background which is rare around here. I am sorta attracted to him, but not all the way. Basically, I don't really feel that spark. I don't feel like reciprocating any feeling. When he hugs me I don't really hug back. He's invited me out on a day trip to take me out, but I told him I was busy. I feel really guilty because he's a good guy, but I don't want to lead him on. Now I don't know if I am simply scared, shallow or he's just not for me. After all, I am leaving in four months and don't wanna just start something and then break it up. Do you know how many jerks I've talked to before before this guy? I think I am going to hell for how I feel.

Here's another interesting tidbit. I've known this other guy for about a year, and he shall forever remain nameless. We hung out a couple of times, but I really haven't seen him in a while. I don't have this mad crush on him, but I do love his company. When we hung out he laughed at my jokes a lot, and he is not a sleazeball. He'd tell me once in a while that I am pretty. I wish that we could go out again, but I know that he doesn't have time for going out. I also think that if I made any move he would turn me down, especially since he's kinda traditional and the guys are supposed to make the move. HE is the guy I would rather go out with. I think I am more attracted to him because is so unavailable (or maybe just plain uninterested. I dunno.)

I am almost tempted to make a move on him if we hang out because I will be leaving in a few months anyways. Heck, if he felt awkward, he'd never have to see me again, and I would be moving on to other things (Spanish hombres). Oh well. I wish I had the guts to do something, but I know myself. We'll talk a couple of more times. Hell, we might even hang out once more. But he'll never know how I've felt.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I am so Greatful for a lot of things right now.

Hello Everyone,

Today I found out that my busdriver's husband recently died, and she is fighting with his surviving family because he left no will. I felt really bad for her. On top of that some stupid bitch that cussed her out because she left a little too early. I mean the stupid girl asked her to wait, and the busdriver did, but the girl didn't show up. She's probably one of them ghetto types I serve at da Red Lobsta.

I am truly blessed. I may be struggling financially and just trying to make it which is hard, but believe me things could be a LOT worse. At least I am healthy and have my family. Unfotunately, that won't be the case forever, so I feel really greatful at this moment. I know I tend to complain a lot and vent on this journal, but when it comes down to it, I really do feel greatful. Remember, there is ALWAYS someone out there that has it worse than you. Okay, I am done getting deep :)

Today I woke up a cranky mess, and got to deal with my insurance company and the damn phone company, which I both hate. I also got started on my research for my research paper in my Hispanic American class. I have to research influential contemporary Hispanic artists such as Frida and Diego Rivera. It is an interesting topic and they are both very complex people. Fida especially fascinates me.

I also got to practice dancing again. Like I said, I love bellydance. I am so glad that found something that just suits me. Not only is it relaxing, but I LOVE the complex makeup and costumes that go with it.

Anywho, that is all for now. Remember: Never go to bed with an argument left unsettled.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Just another lazy monday :)

Hello everyone,

Wow ! I reread yesterday's journal entry and I can be an angry woman. But today was different.

I don't have school on Monday, so I did some errands. I FINALLY got my taxes done AND I got my oil changed. I also went to my internship and helped out a little. My boss there made me some chicken parmigana and she ( I think I spelled it wrong)  gave me some See's chocolates for Valentines Day. That was so nice of her. While I was working I was playing with her dog, Marty. He is so adorable.

Another nice surprise was that when I went to get my mail today, my aunt sent me a Valentines Day card. Last week my grandma sent me money for Valentines Day. I love getting surprises, and it always makes my day. I just have to say I love my family. But GRANDMAS are the best. I love my grandmas on both sides SO MUCH. Not only do they spoil me like a brat, but they can relate to me so much better than most people. I will be eternally grateful to them.

What else? I haven't done anything homework over the weekend. I have a lot of research to do. I feel bad, but I just have not been able to get off my lazy ass. Oh well !

Well thats all for now folks, so have a nice day :)

Sunday, February 15, 2004

I Don't like my job

Hello Everyone,

Please pardon my French. Today was just a bad day, and I thought yesterday was bad. Yes, I hate my job, so I am gonna take the time to vent right now because I have to go back there again next weekend. If you don't wanna hear it, don't read today's entry.

Here are some things that happened:

1.) A couple paid for their meal with a gift card and some cash. Unfortunately the gift card had NO MONEY left on it, so I didn't have enough money to pay the rest of the bill. I think it was an honest mistake, but I was still pissed.

2.) A couple stiffed me, and a table that actually took up 2 tables left me $7 on the total bill of $117. My service wasn't bad. No to mention that a few more tables in addition to that were shady.

3.) The kitchen took an unbelievably LONG time of getting our food out.  As a result a lot of tables decided to make my tips suffer. I understand them not wanting to tip me, especially after they had to wait for a long time, but there was NOTHING I could do, and I had no control over the situation. I tried to offer people free soup or an appetizer. There was no point in trying to talk to the cook. Yesterday he kept telling the other cooks that I am ugly and he called me a bitch under his breath. I have NO IDEA what his problem is. WTF? The managers got tired of me dragging them to my tables to deal with my disgruntled customers.

My last table was upset that they had to wait a while, but luckily I smoothed things over. I kept stopping by to take care of whatever they needed. At the end they thanked me for giving them excellent service and left me a fat tip. That made me feel a hell of a lot better.

Yesterday one of my coworkers was supposed to come in for Valentines Day, but he came in early....... to tell management he wasn't working there anymore. Lucky Bastard. I will be in his position in about four more months.

Anyways, yesterday I rented Under The Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane, and I watched it on my computer. I totally LOVED that movie, especially the Italian scenery. It was a feel-good movie and I can't wait to go to Europe.

Well, y'all have a wonderful week. I just remembered that I have soooo much homework.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Unexpected Surprises

Happy Valentines Day my lovelies........................

Today was good and bad. When I walked outside my apartment this morning, I saw the cutest little puppy and 3 neighbors that I've never met. They were very nice and let me pet and even hold the little baby English Bulldog. It was only 9 weeks old. They told me I could see her whenever I wanted.

At work one of the girls took the time to make us all Valentines Day goodie bags. It was filled with chocolate hearts and candy hearts. That was so thoughtful of her and it totally made my day easier. One of our guy coworkers bought all of the girls a single red rose. That also made my day. He was feeling depressed cuz he's single so he decided to reach out to all of us girls. He was my favorite coworker and hes moving away next week. We've made so fun of each other on the job. He's one of the nicest guys I've ever met so I am gonna really miss him.

Alex also called me to wish me a Happy Valentines Day. I was supposed to go to a party with him in San Francisco but I don't feel like going out tonite.

The part about today that sucked was that it was a looooooong day and most of my tables were total cheap asses. I always smiled and was polite. But I dreaded going to every table, and I hope that it wasn't apparent.  Most of my tables tipped me about 10% or less. I took home $60 and my sales was $800. I always brought my tables refills and went by their tables often. I knew that I wasn't gonna make much today because most of our guests are inexperienced diners. I mean, what experienced diner would go to our restaurant on Valentines Day and wait for a couple of hours? We don't take reservations.

I left da Red Lobsta at around 6:30pm. By that time, the lobby was jam packed. The wait was up to 2 hours long, and I bet that it climbed up to 3 hours soon after that. And that is just TO GET A TABLE.  I was sooo glad that I could finally go home.

I am now just chilling at home alone and loving every minute of it.  And thats all there is to it for now. Bye :)

Glad the day is over..............

Hello everyone :)

Today I went to the optometrist to get my annual eye exam. The doc dialated my pupils to get a better look, and gave me sunglasses after. I swear, driving home was a painful experience. I was so sensitive to the light. On Monday I have to go to the orthodontist. SO NOT looking forward to that.

I worked tonite and though I had a good section and turned tables over fast, people were just cheap and bad at tipping in general. I don't even wanna know what tommorow will be like for Valentines day.

Anyways, thats all for now folks. Just keepin' it short and simple tonite :)


Friday, February 13, 2004

Feelin' Light-headed at the Giza Lounge

Hola my lovelies...

I went out with Alex again to the Giza Lounge and Hookah Nites and smoked my first hookah. Its not as bad as I thought, and I was so giggly after the first 5 minutes. I felt a little light-headed. But I think I smoked too much. I smoked two hookahs. I smoked an orange flavor first and then a fruity flavor. I think its a fun thing to do while talking. I also love to blow the smoke and try to blow it into shapes. I think I will only limit myself to one next time.

I found out that I have an 8 page research paper to do in my Spanish class as well as 2 other group projects in my marketing classes. I am starting to get stressed out. I don't know how the hell I am gonna come up with 8 pages to stuff written in Spanish. I just hope that everything works out. I hope that I get along with all my group members.

Valentines Day is this Saturday. Thank goodness that I only have to work during the day so I can have the evening off. This is will be my fourth Valentines Day at Red Lobster, and hopefully the LAST. Next year around this time I hope to be employed and paying back my student loans.

I am also excited that I will be performing my bellydance routine again this year for Foreign Language Week. I made some great friends last time. I love to perform my dance routines.

Well, that is it for now. Y'all behave this weekend and don't create too many babies this Valentines Day. Hehe.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I am such a Ditz


Yesterday, I woke up a little too late and missed my shuttle, so I ended up walking to school. I wore the wrong shoes so I ended up getting blisters. And today, I thought my marketing class started at 6:30 when it really started at 6 !! I was a 1/2 hour late to class. My teacher just had to poke a little fun at me.

And on top of that, the shuttle was late after my night class. We have a wierd breed of shuttle drivers around here. One of the female bus drivers is fooling around with this fat older busdriver while she is married to a 70 year old. And she is MY age. (23) Sometimes she and the other guy go and sneak off behind the bus to make out, causing us to be a little late.

Oh ! And this other Mexican bus driver loves to stare at women. He used to stare at my old roommate through the rear-view mirror. And I saw him trying to flirt with this one blonde girl that was sooooo out of his league. The guy can barely follow the damn schedule, and he still has his job. The other drivers call him Wonder Boy because its a wonder that he still has his job.

Well thats enough for now. There are a lot of wierd people in this world. Just remember:   We are the people our parents warned us about.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I'm Finished Venting ..... For now ;)

Hello my lovelies.......

Well, lets see..... I was so busy venting about da Red Lobsta yesterday that I left out other info. 2 of our little puppies got sold over the weekend. I am sad, but at least they went to good homes. One of the buyers e-mailed my mom with a thank you note and a picture of the puppy with its new family. They named her Lacy. I feel sorry for my brother though. For the past month he has been taking care of the puppies and cleaning up after them. He grew attached to them and couldn't take seeing them sold.

When I am done traveling, I think that I am going to buy a puppy and spoil it to death. I would like a beagle because they love attention and are very active dogs.

What else? I am still not cured of my bout with Senioritis, but I am still taking my medication ( doing my homework). I also thought that I was gonna have a fat tax return for last year. Last time I filed my taxes I got over $700 back. This year I am not so lucky. I only get $300 back, because I received scholarships and grants and got taxed on that. Oh well ! I would rather get a lot of money for school instead of a big tax return.

Well, that is all for now. Y'all take care :)

Monday, February 9, 2004

Red Lobsta is Slippin Through da Drains !!!

Hello Everyone :)

I worked yesterday, and I got the pleasure of serving this ghetto family of four. You know, the kind where the guy decided to display his bling-bling by wearing these big gold rings on all of his fingers. A while after eating his salad, the man decided to call me over and tell me that he has something "wierd" in his salad. He didn't want anything else, because the "wierd thing" ruined it for him, but maybe I could give him some sort of "compensation". (cough-cough, bullshit !) The "wierd thing" was the skin of the ring of an onion covered in dressing, which was obviously not a foreign object. But off course because our managers have no backbone, he got a free appetizer from us. Though annoying, I can handle the man's attempts at free food. HOWEVER, it was NOT cool that he ran my ass around for an hour and left me four bucks on a $67 bill, AFTER it was reduced. I mean, I am not totally mad because at least Mr. Bling-Bling thanked me after treating me like his table slave.

Ya know, I have been noticing for a while that da Red Lobsta is slowly going down the sewer. We are slowly getting our priveleges revoked. For starters, we don't have any holiday parties or employee get-togethers any more. We also used to have a cleaning service to vaccum the floors after work. Now, management decided to have us do it. Not to mention that they also decided to give us extra cleaning to do once a week on top of our daily sidework.Oh ! And our cheap-ass general manager decided that us employees are no longer entitled to a friggin' free salad as a snack.

Another annoying thing: Management is changing things that never needed to be changed in the first place such as our salads. He changed our once-green lettuce to pre-packaged rabbit feed. He also decided to used thicker, smellier dressings and now the customers are complaining. Even the croutons are nastier. Moral of story: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. C'mon Now !!! Why can't my general manager work on his B.O problem? Or his people skills with his employees?

Unfortunately, I need this job. I can't wait for the day that I DON'T dread going to work. I mean, I love the people I work with, but I am sick of things changing for worse. I can't remember the last time something changed for the better. I am looking forward to the day I can write my 2 weeks notice. And my fantasy is to tell off my general manager in the middle of a busy shift.

Saturday, February 7, 2004

The Cute and the Ugly

Hello Everyone,

Today I got to go home and actually hold the new puppies. They were so cute. They were like fluffy stuffed animals. They whined and licked my face. I was in heaven. I also took a lot of new pictures. You just had to be there because it was a polariod moment and they were so precious, and they wanted to be held. I held each of the six little pups. Unfortunately they are gonna be sold within a week. I am sad about that, because they were such a nice addition to the family.

I also worked last night and it was a nice night overall. My section was filled and busy, and my last two tables tipped me fat. I usually NEVER have tables with straight men my age, but last night was different. I had a table where the cute guy was hitting one me, and I was left a handsome tip ;)

Today was a different story. I had a table of 6 women that were nice, but then complained to my manager at the end. They had to wait 20 min for the bill. Of course, he thought it was all my fault. I tried to explain that the kitchen messed up the meal and that they wanted to split the bill at the end which is why I took a while of getting the bill to them, but he wouldn't hear any of it. Like an asshole, he just wanted me to believe that it was all my fault. I wasn't even yelling at him. I was being totally civil. Then he had the balls to tell me that he is upset that I can only handle 2 tables, which is SO NOT TRUE. I can handle 5 tables, AND I have been getting more compliments about my service lately, despite what happend today. I told him that, but he wouldn't listen. He then threatened to send me home if I told anyone about our conversation. I am fed up with his closed-minded attitude. He needs to understand that I always make an effort to do my job well. He also needs to actually shower, because the cheap cologne he wears to mask his B.O. is NOT working for him.

Today a woman also lost her false teeth and my manager had to spend an hour looking through the trash for it. I thought that was hilarious. It made up for the previous incident I had.

Friday, February 6, 2004

What a Nice Evening

Hola Everyone :)

Today started out to be a real drag. I had a lot of extra Spanish homework to finish up. I also had to write an essay in Spanish in class. Of course, I was the last one there. It was kinda hard.

I also had a night class in International Marketing which was real boring. I just can't keep listening to what the teacher is saying, not to mention that the class is about 2 and a half hours long.

But the evening ended nicely because I went out with Alex, the guy that I met in the library at school. We went to the Giza Lounge first. I didn't smoke a hookah, but it is an extremely relaxing environment, and I loved the Egyptian decorations and the music. We sat and talked there for while and then went to the Falafel House. The food there was so delicious. Well folks, thats all for now. Enjoy. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Pretty *Hot* for a February Night

Hello Everyone,

Today was my mother's birthday so I bought her a nice foot massager. I know she'll love it because she sits at a desk all day. I also spent like 4 hours last night working on a map of Latin American countries. No joke, I had to label about 100 different things. I still have a lot of reading to do and an essay to prepare.

I also added my BUS 139 class, which is Marketing Management. Guess who is also in that class ? Mr. Hottie, Jimmy of course. He is also in my other marketing class. What a nice surprise. We exchanged phone numbers so he can call me if he needs to ummm....  " find out what he missed in class."

I also ran into a girl from my BUS 189 winter class. She is going to actually be on Fear Factor, and filming starts in March. I wonder what they are going to make her eat.

Well folks, thats all for now.

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Spanish Mayhem


There is so much reading to do in my Hispanic culture class which is all taught in Spanish. I can barely get through the readings. We have to start on our essay in class on Thurs. I have a lot or review and I just don't know how I am gonna make it.  I need to pass this class in order to graduate. Half of the people in the class are native Spanish speakers, so I am left feeling like a complete idiot. The teacher seems rigid and strict. We'll just have to see what happens as the semester goes by.

The weather was awful today. It was just pouring today, but at least it wasn't windy at the same time. The bottoms of my jeans were wet. I am so glad I had my umbrella. I am glad that the weather should be better tommorow.

I also went to the library to get some readings done. I usually only go to the library during finals week. I was productive today and got some readings done. While I was minding my own business and reading some guy came by and started talking to me. It was kinda nice since he was interesting and  I was bored out of my mind with the homeworks.

Well, I better get back to my homeworks.


Monday, February 2, 2004

What a Nice Monday Evening

Hello everyone,

I just got back from a wonderful birthday party for Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, my teacher in Tae Kwon Do. I haven't seen her in a long time and it was nice to see her again. I also got to see my family and eat some good food.

I also got do do my bellydancing routine with the double veils and she loved it. I got a standing ovation. While I was performing, my dress got tangled in some of the balloon strings and I almost tripped. Luckily someone pulled the balloons away from me, and I finished the performance like nothing happened. Overall, it was a nice night.

I didn't have any school today, but I still had to study. I lost a sheet for my Spanish homework so I have to get another copy. I'm pissed about that.

Unfortunately, I have a bad case of Senioritis. I almost don't care what grades I get as long as I pass and graduate. I am just not into the school spirit like I used to be. In my freshman year, I was so excited to be a college student. I would immediately go to the library after class to study.

Don't get me wrong. I am not going to let myself get bad grades if I can help it. I will put in effort and go to class every day. I just don't really have the drive anymore.

Well, I better do some last-minute homework. (haha, NOT)


Sunday, February 1, 2004

Not a Typical Sunday


Well, today was nice because I didn't have to work at da Red Lobsta. Instead, I did some homework and went to spend time with my family which I almost never do anymore. I also got to see our new puppies. Our German Shepherds had puppies around Christmas, so they are about a month old now. They were the cutest little doggies. They look so rolly-polly because they are still small, but have a lot of fur.They were whining and climbing on top of each other. There are six little female puppies, and I took some pics of them with my new digital camera. My mom gets up around 6am every morning to clean up after them. Now thats a big pile of shit ! Its too bad we have to sell them, and its too bad I couldn't hold them. The mom was around and she is too protective.

 I am also happy because I get to go to a very special birthday party tommorow and perform my routine with the double veils. I am very nervous though, since I haven't been practicing as much as I should. But that should change soon. I called my friend and we are gonna start practicing together once a week.

Tommrow is Monday and though I don't have class, I still have a buttload of homework to do. I have so much Spanish readings. It takes way too long to read anything because I have to keep consulting the dictionary. I will also turn on the Spanish channel more so I can practice.

Well, I better get back to my homework. Enjoy the upcoming week :)