Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Where has all the time gone????

Hello All,

I can't friggin believe that 2003 will be gone in about 24 hours. It went by way too fast for me. Maybe that isn't such a bad thing because I have been busy and productive this year. I am also happy because I accomplished most of my goals this year. Over all, I have had a busy, but happy year. I am healthy and have my family. What more could I ask for. As long as I have these 2 things, I can't really complain.

I have also been doing a lot of worrying lately. I am trying to plan for my trip abroad and there are sooo many decisions to make. Sometimes I feel like I am progressing in my plans. But today, I feel back at square one. My school in Barcelona isn't getting back to me. I wrote them a couple of times over the week and they just don't respond. I hope it is because of the holidays. I am also trying to decide on a new laptop and that is confusing as hell.

My apartment also looks like a tornado swept through. I am trying to move my shit so my new roommate has room to put her stuff, but I have just been too damn lazy to actually finish cleaning.

These past 2 weeks off school have been so relaxing. I had the opportunity to sit on my ass, eat junkfood and sleep until I could sleep no more. I was lovin every minute of it. No tests to study for, and no classmates calling me up to find out the latest homework. But that will all change on Monday when Winter Session starts up.

Well my lovelies, thats all for now. Good Night :)


Monday, December 29, 2003

Hello everyone :)

What an uneventful day !! First of all the weather just sucked. It was way too rainy and the wind almost broke my umbrella. . I did go to work, but it was so SLOW. I actually got tired by waiting for more customers. Thankfully most of my customers tipped me right.

My new roomie also stopped by to move more of her stuff in. I think we are gonna get along just fine, especially since we both have a twisted sense of humor.

Right now I am eating spoonfuls of my favorite chocolate hazelnut creme. I used to eat it all the time with bread in Austria. It is soooo good. I am glad that I am running out because this stuff is making me gain weight. The stuff is called Nutella and I think they sell it in the US now. You can get it at the grocery store.

Anyways, I'm gonna go. Until next time,


My very first journal entry :)

Hello everyone :)

I have about another week until winter session starts and I am enjoying my free time since the fall semester ended. I have been packing in as many hours as humanly possible at Red Lobster to save money for my trip to Espana. I have also been dogsitting 2 dogs that are sweet and loving but act like complete divas. They don't listen!!  All they wanted to do was roll around on the living room couch. But I enjoyed their company. Those dogs can play like its nobody's business !!!

Speaking of doggies, my parents German shepherd gave birth to 8 puppies on Christmas. What a neat gift to receive on Christmas! There is gonna be so much doggie poo to clean up after.

What else? Red Lobsta has been so packed lately, THANK GOD. I need the money. Last night was packed and the dishwasher broke down. We ran out of glasses and spoons. I was so embarrassed for my tables. I almost had to serve them their drinks in plastic kiddie cups. HAHA. The dishroom looked so gross with all the dirty dishes piling up.

I think we have been getting busy because we just started the All you can eat shrimp promotion. That promotion brings a lot of people to the restaurant. It has been so slow for the past few months that I am just happy that we are packed again. People used to ask me to give up my shifts. Now they want me to take theirs.

What else? My 2nd favorite manager, Farhad is transferring out of our restaurant. I am gonna miss him sooo much. He treated most of us like his children and genuinely cared about us. But my #1 fave will always be James. I miss his weird sense of humor.

What else? Oh Yeah, my roommate of 3 years moved out about a week ago because she graduated and I am waiting for my new roomie to get settled in. I knew I was gonna miss her, but I didn't realize just how much I would miss her until she was actually gone. I never though that day would actually come. 3 years as roommates!! We met when we were freshman and we used to watch Springer together or go for late night snacks downtown. Graduation was always so far away in my mind, but now it is huge reality that I need to deal with. Now I must actually decide what I need to do with my life instead of relying on my school schedule like I have been doing since I was in kindergarten.

Anywho, I'm off to bed. As we say in German, Gute Nacht.