Monday, February 21, 2011

Why Facebook Can Be So Annoying Sometimes....

What's Up My Little Buttercups ?

So, I've been MIA lately. Been busy being totally lazy. Over the weekend I just completely vegged out in front of the TV and ate. I gained a couple of pounds :(

Then today after work, I was gonna go to the gym, buy I decided to watch The Bachelor instead. Oh wells, there is always tomorrow........

I understand that I've been MIA with your bloggies and I appologize. I will make my rounds soon.

So............... if you didn't know, I've kinda turned into a Facebook whore. I used to swear against it, but I finally jumped on the FB bandwagon.

But still it can be annoying sometimes. And here are my ten reasons why. Please feel free to chime in with your thoughts !


1.) People who like their own comments. Seriously ? Of course you like it, you wrote it ! How much more into yourself do you need to be ?

2.) People with someone else in their main picture with them whether it is a friend or significant other. I know you have people that like you or someone that loves you, but save that for the other pictures that are NOT the main profile pic.

3.) People making out with their significant other in their profile picture. Enough said, now you are just trying too hard...........

4.) People who flood their statuses with long "inspirational" quotes that aren't theirs. Really ? Save that shit for the quotation space on the "Info" section. If I want to be profoundly moved by something the Dali Lama said, I will read his book.

5.) Status Chains that tell you to pass it along or else you will have bad luck for the next 8 years............. I will take my chances.

6.) People that post pictures of their dinner. Steak usually looks all the same in a small facebook update, so please spare me.

7.) Political or religious rants. Seriously, please just stop. I don't want to hear about OMG, Jesus is so great and how you are feeling the Lord! Or about how you feel about abortion or illegal immigration. I will admit that if someone posts a heated rant that I agree with, I don't mind. But most of my friends on Facebook have different viewpoints than I do and while I don't mind discussing views once in a while in person with someone, Facebook is not the place for heated political debates.

8.) Getting hit up for money, whether it is being invited to a Mary Kay party, or some "charity".  Do you know how often we all get hit up for money ? In addition to all the bills and taxes we pay, we are always getting mobbed by advertisements, people at traffic lights, people in front of the store, and the cashier asking you to donate to the store's charity, which I usually doubt they donate most of the money they collect to the cause.

So you can probably understand that the last place I want to be mobbed is by my friends

9.) People asking me to "like" whatever they are peddling, such as their business or favorite store. I usually do because it's no effort and they are my friends, but it still annoys the shit out of me. Please like my stuff, please tell me how fabulous I am so others will believe it ! I don't like to ask people to like something, I don't like to ask for compliments, and I hate that it's become okay do do so on Facebook.

10.) Invites to farmville.

So what about you, loves ?

Do share !

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Senorita's Siete

What's Up My Little Doves ?

1.) I almost got run over today by a tow truck while crossing the road. The light turned green for me to cross the road, and the douchelord behind the wheel saw me cross and stayed put to let me pass. Then as I was walking through, he started driving and as I was getting closer to the other side, so did he and he wasn't slowing down and nearly clipped me. Had I not jumped out of the way, he would've hit me. And everyone across the street got to witness the foolery. As he was driving me away, he looked at me like I was crazy. Unbelievable.

2.) Today I got together with the girls in my dance troupe and we worked on sewing costumes. I can't sew for shit, and my only task was to sew velvet over my bra. Total fail. I kept sticking myself with pins, and the bra looks like something a 5 year old would put together. However, after trying it on, I realized that it would be okay in the end because half of it will be under a vest. Not bad for first try.

3.) I fell of the workout bandwagon for the past week and I totally feel it. I attempted the gym for a half hour today and it was rougher than normal. Oh well, I will have to try again tomorrow.

4.) Last week I spent a lot of money on Estee Lauder products. I usually buy drugstore makeup, but I will splurge on foundation or brushes.

5.) I love collecting luxury handbags. I have scored a free Gucci bag from a friend, a cheap Coach bag from a second hand shop among a few others. I am always on the lookout.

6.) I can't wait to watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion tonight

7.) I desperately need a vacation.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Back for a Min..................

Aloha My Bitches !

Miss Me ?

So how are you loves ?????

As you know I moved last week. I am still not completely unpacked. But I am slowly getting used to the new place. I love it a lot more than my old one, that is for sure.

I live in the SF Bay Area and we had the most incredible weather ever over the weekend. On Saturday after bellydance, I just sat at an outside cafe, ate a crepe, drank a latte and the mosied on over to get a manicure and pedicure. I know, such a hard life, right ? It was very relaxing, and I just enjoyed the moment.

And by the way, my fingernails and toenails look hot ! Love the color.

What else.................. Well, a lot has been going on which is why I haven't stopped by to post lately, but I will try to post more. Now time to read your stuff and tell you how fabulous you are !

Besitos !