Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hello there my lovelies,

Well, this is the first Sunday in a long ass time that I didn't go and practice my dance moves. I feel like something is missing. I was just too tired. I'll go to the gym, but that isn't good enough, I guess I was giving myself a break because I was getting frustrated with the sword. I was doing so well, and then all of a sudden it kept falling off my head. I was practcing my moves this week so I guess I felt not dancing this weekend would be good. I guess I miss it a little. Oh well, I guess there is tommorow.

I was lazy this weekend and it felt good. Last night I took a hot bath, made some good dinner and watched Sex and the City. But not without a glass of Bailey's over ice. That hit the spot. Good stuff.

I am getting frustrated with my sword group. I am really the only one that shows up to class on a regular basis. The other girls decide when they wanna show up and the routines just keep getting changed and moves are getting cut out. I am getting to the point that I wanna take the sword routine out and concentrate on the other routines I have to get down for next month. I would just rather perform the sword dance alone when all eyes are only on me anyways.

Anywho, enough rambling for today. Ciao Ciao.

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kdwsunshine said...

Good dinner and Sex In the City...what a great combo!
I love that show.
I am sorry that your sword group isn't going like you would like.