Thursday, June 8, 2006

Hello there my lovelies,

It has been such a long time sine I last updated. I've been really busy. For starters I got moved to another branch. It just happens that this is the busiest branch in the region and 10% of all the business from the region comes from my branch. That means that I am busy from 7am till 7pm, even though we close at 6pm. I am on my feet all day long, and there is usually a line out the door. Yesterday there were no cars and people waited for over an hour to get into a car. Even though I work harder than I do at my last branch, its not so bad. I feel that the people I work with now care about me a lot more than my last branch. Plus, I don't have to do all the pickups and car washes anymore. While I still clean cars, a car prep does help me.

I am embarrassed to say that I still think about Brad. I did really like him and still do and I am hoping that those feelings will run out. He left me a message the other day to say that he still thinks about me and is looking forward to hanging out soon. And I left one back and yelled at him. I used to be so afraid of coming across as a bitch and a nag, especially since he's going through a very rough time right now which is why I can't see him for a while.

But then again, I realized that being nice never did a thing for me. I am not making excuses for him anymore. And if me stating my feelings pushes him away, then I am more than willing to take that risk. I am tired of him saying that he really likes me and wants to get serious with me, but then again he won't let me be there for him. How dare I offer emotional support.

I've gone out on a couple of other dates, and I like to go out when I have time. Clearly I am not waiting for Brad. But I wish that I could stop thinking about him completely. I hate it when I think about him from time to time and miss him.

Anyways, I have to get ready for work now.



winivere2002 said...

Sounds to me as if Brad isnt worth your time of day. Move on to someone who is, Sandra! You are terrific and if Brad cant see it, he must be a blind man! Sending lots of hugz, Win =.)

winivere2002 said...

PS... I cant see your butt anywhere on this blog, so I have to say that it doesnt make your butt look big at all. ha ha