Saturday, May 28, 2011

Little Senorita Updates

Hello There My Little Peacocks and Peahens,

What's up ?

I've been really lazy lately with my blog, and so I figure I owe you a couple of updates. I have noticed a couple of new readers in addition to my longtime loyal readers, and thank you all ! Besitos !! I will make my rounds, and I am always greatful to my readers. Even if I am not commenting, I am still reading your blogs.

I have been working extra lately, regular hours at the firm, and part-time doing security. I need the extra cash since I've been going to the doctors more. As you know I have TMD (tempuromandibular disorder) which is a disorder with the joint in my jaw, and for a condition that is not life threatening, it is still a huge pain in the ass, timeconsuming to treat and is very painful if left untreated. I just spent a lot of money for a new splint (insurance does not cover it) as well as physical therapy. I just bought a TENS, which is electrode therapy, which helps some. I did manage to shock myself by accidentally putting my thumb on the electrode. That was interesting.

I am also still battling my depression. It's manageable and under control, but it's still there. I can leave the house, go to work and maybe hang out with my friends and fake it, but it's still there to haunt me when I am done. You can always run away from others, you can't run away from your feelings. I am taking medication, but that is only a fraction of the solution. I also need exercise and dance. I miss dance, and since I've been consumed with work, I've spent less time dancing and I really miss it. I also miss performing. I am scared to get back out there and perform because the girls in my class are really good and you get scared that they judge, but at some point I just need to bite the bullet and do it.

Other than that, I am planning on a vacation this summer if my job permits it. In life, I work to live, and I really start living when I am traveling, and I could really use some time off.

Until next time, lovelies !!!

Besitos !!


LL Cool Joe said...

Sorry to hear about the depression. I hear you, because I suffer too. I keep busy, do what needs doing, but as you say you can never escape your feelings.

The jaw sounds painful and expensive!

Zsuzsi said...

Depression is a horrible thing (and the bit about the jaw didn't sound much better), I hope you'll find efficient ways to combat it and enjoy summer!

the late phoenix said...

my entire being and identity has been about depression now for what seems like forever, i definitely feel ya on that count

peace and best wishes :*

Anonymous said...

I am about to start some meds for social anxiety. It's not bad but it can hinder things..and has. Hope you get to feeling better xo

Anonymous said...

I had to have surgery to correct some TMJ/D-related issues. I feel your pain, sister.

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Riot Kitty said...

Hang in there! That pic of you is really nice btw.

Have you gone to acupuncture for the TMJ?

Also, as you know, I've totally been there w/the depression - if you ever need to bend an ear, you have my e-mail address.

Big Mark 243 said...

The new pic of you is really very nice, Sondra. I wonder how tall you are now!

I don't know a lot about the TMD but I am glad you are getting help with the depression. You are a very sweet natured person and it would be terrible for you not to be getting help so you can help yourself.

Take care and just remember you have my vote for the sexiest belly-dance in the Bay Area!

mac said...

I know it may be difficult, but look to the bright side. You are smart, funny, and sexier than socks on a rooster. That's not nothing :-)

I hope you feel better soon.

*Juliette* said...

Find a way to travel this summer, even if it's only a few long weekends. You are a strong smart woman who deserves to be happy. Go dance and enjoy life as much as you can!

CC said...

I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through. I really hope you get some free time because you have got to do what you love to do to have a fulfilling life, like dance. That can help with depression. I've had ups and downs with it before and have been doing well this past year. A lot of that has to do with me making a decision to do things differently than I used to do them. And I really hope you get to travel, that's my thing!

HMCinCali said...

Hello Dear Friend,

You know you are not alone in that you have friends you can talk to and dogs you can hug, but I understand that depression is a fight that your friends cannot do, only you. I think you are doing well. Be like a knight and slash your dragon!!!

Memphis Steve said...

I feel you on the depression. I wish I could offer solutions, but clearly I haven't found any. I can sympathize, and I hope that you are able to beat it, though. Sorry to hear that you suffer from TMD. I was engaged to a girl who had that. I always wished that I could take her TMD away and give it to someone mean who deserved it.