Friday, March 18, 2011

TMI Tuesday on a Friday !

What's Up My Little Chocolate Chips ?

So I have a survey that I snaked from a fellow reader. It's a little TMI, but whateves.........

Feel free to snatch it from me, after all, it wasn't mine to begin with !

TMI Tuesday questions

1. How old are you?


2. What’s your favorite color? I like blue, but no rainbow is complete without yellow

3. First car you ever had sex in? Sorry, I refuse to answer this question because my father reads this blog.

4. Favorite rated R movie? Jackass, all of them

5. Favorite flavor of Popsicle? Lime or orange

6. Banana or apple? Apple

7. Favorite Jersey shore character? Snookie or Pauly D

8. Are your nails painted and if so what color? They are painted a shiny teal.

9. Favorite animal? Currently my friend's dog, who I've been spoiling lately

10. If you could bang a Disney character who would it be? Probably Prince Eric in the Little Mermaid.

11. What time is bed time? Usually too late for my own good.

12. Do you have kids? No, I can barely remember to water my roommate's plants.

13. Last time you bought a toilet brush? Last week

15. Bubble bath or long hot shower? Long hot shower.

16. Can you speak a foreign language? Spanish and German

17. Describe yourself in 2 words? Bullshit Detector

18. How many tattoos do you have if any? None, I could never imagine myself with a butterfly trampstamp that turned into a teradactyl with old age.

19. How do you like your eggs? Poached

20. How do you get rid of a hickey… I've never had to cover one up, but what else is coverup for !

21. Favorite color to wear.  Black, it makes my ass look smaller.


mac said...

1. You're a youngin. But still sweet ;-)
2. Blue rocks !
3. Does the neighbors RV count? Yanno, I have a Dodge truck ????
4. Last Tango in Paris. There's just something endearing about the Godfather being a perv .
5. Cherry !
6. I will be honest, I can't watch a woman eat a banana. My mid wanders.
7. I suppose it would be Snookie. I have never watched the show, but she is cute.
8. I don't.
9. That brown dog that is currently snoring at my feet.
10. I have been likened to Goofy.
11. I always stay up too late :(
12. I have a son. He's way more than I can handle most days. But, he is my boy :-)
13. I think I got a new one when I moved here.
14. You don't have a 14. WTF?
15. Hot shower.... unless I have a bath buddy ;-)
16. I know bits, but not enough to be comfortable speaking any.
17. Dumb Ass.
18. No tatts for me. I am a clean slate.
19. Ham and cheese omelette. I will not eat a runny yolk.
20. I would never give a hickey where it could be seen. I think they're gross. But, I might just let my hair cover it if I had one.
21. I like to wear blue. I bet your mentioned part looks good in, or out, of black.

Riot Kitty said...

Ha! I hope my dad doesn't read my blog. But just in case, I didn't post the fact that I have taken part in a couple of threesomes in the versatile blogger post.

Anonymous said...

As your blog husband, I do appreciate your discretion.

LL Cool Joe said...

Wow there'd something weird about the thought of shagging a disney character.

Big Mark 243 said...

I like what you said about what happens to butterfly tramp stamps... I remember working in
Carolina and some old Navy geezer in the plant I was in bending over and displaying some old tat he got above his crack line... i was amazed that he would get one back there and I promised myself never to get a tat at all...

... no hints at hickey cover..? Could it be that they were never made in plain sight to begin with and therefore cover was moot..?

H said...

Now all I want to know is what that car was

Red Shoes said...

Hmmm... and you used the word, "snatch" in this one... :oD