Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm back to impart wisdom on the masses via my blog...........................

How are you my little gum drops ? Miss me ?

I so miss blogging, I really do, it weighs on my soul when I go extended periods of time without writing, but with working long hours and other obligations it is so easy to get lazy and watch the boob tube instead.

So what have you all been up to lately ? This has been quite a year for me, especially family-wise. My grandfather won an award for his architectural geniusness (if that is even a word) back in February, and my brother got married last month. Pretty much all of our side of the family drove/flew out to send him off into nuptial bliss.

My brother's wedding wedding was very special because I only have one brother, and although we rarely ever talk or hang out, he will always be my little brother and I love him a lot. I was also a bridesmaid and walked my dad down the aisle to his seat. Usually in weddings I rarely know anyone, but this time, I knew almost everyone and my family from both sides met for the first time. My mother's side all lives in Austria and my father's side all lives here in the US, so it took many years and my brother to get married, but it finally happened.

It was special, because what almost everyone was to my brother, they were to me, and I would be seeing the same people again if I get married.

Other than that, I can tell you that I have been in therapy for a year now. I really do want to start writing more about my battle with anxiety and depression and my decision to feel all of my emotions without medication. I can't tell you how difficult it has been, and how slow the progress is (so slow that it's hard to see progress sometimes), but a year later I am starting to feel grateful.

Okay, I must go take on the day now. Besitos :)


Riot Kitty said...

Congrats to your brother! That sounds like a great reunion.

I wish I could do it without meds, but every time I've tried, it's so bad that I feel like I want to bump myself off.

Just telling it like it is said...

Well I have missed you. Keep your head up from what I have known about you all these years is that you are very intelligent, talented and funny. Congrads on your bother getting married.

PorkStar said...

Congrats to your brother again, I'm sure it was an awesome party time for all. And as for therapy, keep up the good work!

LL Cool Joe said...

Hey glad to see you blogging again, I did wonder if you were okay, it just takes me a while to get to comment and read everyone's blogs. Actually I don't know how RK does it!

Congratulations to your little brother, sounds like it was a great wedding.

I'm sorry to hear you are still battling with depression. I do know how that feels.

Ileana said...

Looks like you're in a good place now and I'm glad you had that get-together with people that matter to you. After meeting you I'd love to start reading your blog again. I have an idea for a place you can interview. I'll e-mail you when I place the name of the instructor for my paralegal training. He's an attorney by day, instructor by night and I think he'd find you fascination, your work ethic, enthusiasm and varied interests. He dances, too. What was his name??! Hmmm.