Sunday, March 23, 2014

Self Help and Inspiration...................A blog post which will lead to many more blog posts .......................

Hello my little Easter Eggs,

I have been wanting to talk about self help and inspiration. I am always looking for inspiration in life, ways to improve myself, ways to feel more appreciative about life. Especially since I have anxiety and depression. I have decided that only I can help myself get better. Maybe I can help you, or at least point you in a better direction.

For me, the health care system (mental health system) has failed me, and meds have not worked. Trust me, I will get more into that later. Realizing you have a problem is difficult in and of itself, but after a diagnosis, getting the system to care about you and be on your side is an uphill battle and a constant struggle. That deserves posts of its own.

You ever read testimonials about workshops or books where people say that "it changed their lives'? That they were a completely new person after reading that one book or taking that one class ? Or that they prayed to God, and God just answered their prayers ? That God just gave them what they were asking for ? Or that they just practiced the law of attraction and got what they wanted ?? It was that simple !

"I took a Tony Robins workshop and walked on fire" or "I read the book The Power of Now, and am free of all of my negative thoughts" or "I just prayed to God and he provided my dream man" How many times have you heard your friends tell you that ? Or maybe you have read all the testimonials on Facebook or on Amazon ? Where tons of people claim these products/workshops work and why isn't the same happening for me ?

Yes, I have read all these testimonials, but no progress ever came quickly for me. For me to change my thought patterns or habits, I have had to do a lot of work on myself and put in many hours. In fact, things usually got much worse for me before they got better. No one ever told me that until much later, so I spent a lot of time thinking I was marked for extra punishment.

Things have gotten better for me in general, but my progress happened very slowly and the good thing about that is that it can be likened to building a solid foundation. Maybe it takes longer for solid results to be seen, but once the foundation is in place, you can build a house and nothing can knock it down.

I have a lot more to say, I will consider this post an outline for more posts to come...............


Riot Kitty said...

Good for you, lady! BTW if you need help in the advocacy department post your email on my blog and I will hook you up with a NAMI chapter. They can help you get through the system.

PorkStar said...

All of those things usually work for some, but not for all. A lot of people are very naive as well but for you, it also means your standards are a little higher than others, which is in itself, a very good thing.

Ileana said...

It's like anything else, you have to work at it and hard, nothing comes easy, but when you put in the hours and have the spirit to grow and keep moving, NOTHING can stop you. You're an example of that. I think I am too.

mac said...

I see in you a pretty, smart, and hella funny lady. Being honest enough to admit you don't have all your shit together ( who does?) just makes you all the more special..

You're a great person. I hope you know it as much as everyone else :-)