Saturday, November 12, 2016

Election Thoughts

Good Evening Kittens.........

How are you all doing? I am taking the opportunity to relax at home with my cat and maybe get a thing or two done. My cat and I like to take cat naps together, and enable each other in being lazy. He got a lot of attention from me today. I like to give him head bonks and pet him with my forehead.

Ever since I moved into my condo, I have put the kitchen to good use. I never used to enjoy cooking much when I had roommates, but now that I have my place, I enjoy it a lot more, especially since everything in it is mine, and I don't have to clean up right away. My favorite thing to make lately has been portobello mushrooms with shredded cheese and garlic. If my stomach could handle it, I would opt for Mac N' Cheese and ice cream every night. But that can't happen because I don't want to bust my pants.

Now about that election. I was lucky to vote at the condo clubhouse this year instead of having to drive somewhere. It was fast, efficient, and the volunteers were very professional. I was thrilled that I just had to walk down the road. I remember volunteering for my precinct in 2008 when I was living in California, and had a fun time with it. We're stuck with our choices for four years and have to listen to a lot of bullshit throughout the entire campaign, so it's nice to feel like I have some sort of power, even for a few minutes to cast my ballot.

A lot of my friends on social media voted Hillary, and a lot were also for Trump. A small percentage voted for 3rd party candidates. And some didn't vote at all. I did vote, but choosing a candidate was hard because I don't identify with Democrats or Republicans enough to be a staunch supporter of either party. It has been that way for me for a long time. I don't feel like I fit in with mainstream society. I tend to sit right in the middle because I try to empathize with people. Also, I just don't trust what the news broadcasts from any mainstream station, so getting reliable information is quite difficult. Honestly, what do any of us really know about what's truly going on? Do we really know anything? Do you ever wonder if your opinions are really on point with what is really going on? Because I do. I think the only real way to know what's going on in our government is to actively be a part of it, and even then information gets skewed.

This election period I spent a lot of time listening to the viewpoints of others from both sides, and I agreed with where their hearts were coming from on both ends. When you listen to people speak about their beliefs based on experiences, it puts things into perspective.

I don't like how divided this country has become and how polarizing candidates and their supporters have become. If you don't hate this person, you are horrible and I don't want to be your friend! If you support this person, you support every shitty decision they have ever made ! The whole thing has become a circus, and I am ashamed of that. I was ashamed to watch the candidates sling mud at each other throughout their debates. I never actually learned anything about their policies or plans. It was a just a spectacle made for reality television.

The Peruvian elections were also this year, and I watched the Peruvian candidates debate. They were polished, polite, and way more civilized. I was ashamed of how we have acted as a country, especially in comparison to other countries.

Here are my thoughts on this election and our political system in general, for what it's worth:

1.) I never believed that Trump actually wanted to be president. I thought that he wanted the power and the glory without the responsibility. I don't think he actually prepared himself for the possibility of being president. Now I think he is scared and probably doesn't realize what he has gotten himself into. It's gonna be a long four years for him, putting his primary businesses aside so he can focus on running the country. He should have been more careful with his wish.

2.) Throughout this election I felt that Trump was secretly on Hilary's team, and that he was doing her a favor by saying some of the outrageous stuff he said. Did he mean what he said? Maybe he did, I know he is smart enough to know that what he said was offensive, this isn't his first rodeo in politics. I also kind of think that all of that threatening to put her in jail was nonsense, that he would never even come close do doing it. I kind of felt like this whole election was good-cop/bad-cop, and we all bought it.

3.) I don't think Trump is truly a Republican, or even believes in many of the beliefs that the far right has. That is why I think he was on the same team as Clinton. A lot of his voters wanted God back in this country, and are Evangelical Christians. Maybe Trump goes to church on holidays, but I don't think he really cares about religion, I think he is more into himself. And I don't think he really cares what bathroom transgendered people use, or if gays marry or not.  It doesn't mean that he didn't say the outrageous stuff he did, I just don't think he cares as much as he wants us to think we do.

4.) I really wish that enough Americans had enough confidence to vote for a 3rd party candidate, so someone other than a Democrat or Republican would at least be a formidable opponent.

5.) I vote and believe in voting, but not all Americans do. A lot of people get shamed for not voting, but I think it's their right to vote and exercising the right not to vote and should not get shamed for it.

6.) This country is so divided, and so many people didn't like the choice of candidates, that they felt their vote didn't matter. Who knows what the outcome would have been if everyone who was registered actually got out and voted? When I volunteered in 2008, people came out in droves to vote, and I felt we were more unified. I wish we could go back to that feeling, where people want to vote for a candidate, not feeling like they are voting for someone to prevent the other party from winning. No wonder many people stayed home instead.

5.) In addition to the sadness that many people feel for Trump getting elected, I feel that most of it is mainly shock that Trump actually won. The Democrats felt that they had a slam dunk, and would kill Trump on election night. Trump supporter prepared for defeat, and Clinton Supporters were so sure, and never for once entertained the idea that the would lose, which definitely made the outcome that much harder to deal with. A few things I hope we all learn as voters, which are things I learned growing up:

-- Always pretend the other person is smarter than you, even if you think they aren't. Many people laughed at Trump the entire time for acting like a buffoon and calling him an idiot, painting him out to be stupid. He is anything but stupid. Having offensive beliefs doesn't make someone stupid, it makes them offensive.

--Never count your eggs before they are hatched. Many of my Democratic friends the day before were proclaiming how excited they were that they were going to have a female in office for the very first time in history. Newsweek even printed the cover reading : "Madame President" BEFORE THE RESULTS CAME BACK. They were so sure! They never expected traditionally blue states to flip to red at the last hour.

-- Social Media and other media channels really did a good job in making it seem that there were way more Clinton supporters than Trump supporters. Many Trump supporters silently cast their votes on election day. I grew up in the Bay Area in California, a very liberal area, and here where I live is a small pocket of democrats. I didn't realize that almost all of my workers were in fact Trump Supporters. Growing up in a blue state, and seeing that the media is mainly liberal, how would I know any different? But I found out when the results came in.

Okay, I think I am done blathering on about politics here. I almost never discuss politics on Facebook because I am not a confrontational person at all, and I really hate the keyboard fighting. So instead, I post a lot of bullshit, and sarcastic memes.

I figured that if you took the time to read my opinion here, which is longer than a tweet, that you will probably be think your opinion through, and be rational with your response, if you chose to say something.

I also figure that I should leave my .02 here so I can read this four years down the road and see if anything has changed.

Okay, that is all for now.



Jimmy's Journal said...

One can get a general opinion of direction by watching all the different media and arriving at one's own conclusion. No one should be elected for being the first anything. I saw through Hillary in a New York minute, pandering to any thing that breathes. One of the best examples of her ways was that fake accent she pitifully tried to pull off.The average person in America is fed up with libtards and ultra rights. The people have have spoken.


Senorita said...

Absolutely right Jimmy, this election was won fair and square, that much can be said.