Sunday, March 11, 2007

I just have to rant about a customer.

Hello there my lovelies,

Yesterday I worked at ERAC and we were slammed pretty much the whole day. I would be helping people and the phone would ring six times in a row with half the people demanding my full, undivided attention.

Yesterday was my lucky day. We had this one woman come in that everyone loathes. We switched her out of the car like three times since she got the car. We gave her a free upgrade and she STILL manages to bitch and complain. I helped her last weekend too, and she bitched that the key remote wouldn't unlock the door sometimes. Apparently she is so busy that she can't just take the key and unlock the door manually. (Yes she told me that) It's too time consuming for her.

So I tried to help her. She came in on a good day because I had two other full size cars for her to choose. (Normally we are sold out)  And then as I am trying to help her and see what works for her she is deciding whether she should keep the car or switch. So let me get this straight: You drive your ass all the way down to my branch, sit there and wait for me to help you, complain to me that you're too busy to unlock the car without a remote, and now as I am helping you and trying to get you on your way with a working remote you are gonna sit there and decide whether I should help you ?

So yesterday she comes in again and demands another car, and when we get one she complains how dirty it is. The car prep is busy so my coworker has to clean it himself for her.

Everytime we think we're done with this bitch she leaves and comes back. She left and came back three times yesterday. The last time she came back, she couldn't figure out how to adjust the seat. I could have helped her but she wanted my boss to drop what he was doing to come out and help her. She is not very nice to me, probably because I am a woman. She can't even be bothered to be nice. My theory is that she wants to bang my boss. She tries to dress all cute when she comes in, and it just ain't working.

This woman is not elderly. If this were an elderly woman, I would be much more understanding. In general I have to give more attention to the elderly because they tend to need more help. Adjusting the seat can be difficult or certain cars are uncomfortable, or they need me to explain where everything is on the car because they barely drive. But this woman was fully capable of unlocking the door and adjusting the seat her damn self.

Not only did she come in like three times, but she kept calling us over the phone. Eventually my boss told her that he was extremely busy and if there was nothing wrong with the car to leave him alone and stop wasting his time. She told him that he can't talk to her like that and he said that he could and to stop wasting his time. Then he hung up.

I am so glad that I am no longer there fulltime. I just have to deal with this occasionally on Saturdays.



jmoqueen said...

Jeez I would've found it hard to remain calm with her about.


winivere2002 said...

What's going on, Sandra?! You are a car dealer now? Remind me to act elderly around you. ha ha... j/k... I'm glad you had a lucky day. Those days are very rare. Can't wait until I get one myself. ha ha... Stay kewl.
Win =.)