Sunday, March 25, 2007

My scattered thoughts.................

Hello there,

My post below was actually copied from my MySpace Blog.

I tried posting another blog last night. I typed the whole damn thing for about a half hour. Then as I tried to post it, AO-Hell logged me off and my stuff disappeared. My feathers were ruffled over that.

I have been really busy lately. There is always something to do.

I am proud of myself for doing my own taxes. Well, I did use a website. But it was a helluva lot cheaper than hiring an accountant like I usually do every year. I took my hefty refund and used it at the Apple store. I bought an Ipod and an Ipod Shuffle. Not only that but I bought a case for the Ipod and an extended warranty for the Ipod.

I used the rest of the refund to pay part of my credit card bill, my mailbox fee and my car mechanic stuff. Now I can say that the money is officially spent. But it was great while I had it.

What else ? Oh yeah, I got 2 traffic tickets in the course of a week. Yeah, yeah. Go ahead and scold me. But I am gonna work on fighting that. I still have to get my car repaired from my last accident.

Anyway, I am done here for now. I shall post later.



freewaygurl000 said...

Hi, I've read alot of your blog and finally wanted to say hi. It is so cool how you have gotten strong from your travels and life and stuff. I want to read more. Can I join your other blog????  my aol name is freewaygurl000


winivere2002 said...

Hello, Sweetie! Life has it's ups and downs. If it didnt we would be living our lives like a flatline which means that we would be dead. Be thankful for the ups and the downs because that tells you that you are alive. That tells you that you are living. Congrats on getting all that money to spend, but you forgot to get me an iced mocha. ha ha.. Love you much. Don't give up!
Hugz, Win =.)