Thursday, April 26, 2007


Hello there my lovelies,

First of all, I wanted to thank those that congratulated me on my last entry. I really appreciate those that take the time to read my journal and comment.

Life has been busy for me. I was sick for a couple of days, so I didn't make it to the gym. Plus preparing everything for Office of Personnel Management is so time consuming. They want me to go back 10 years. I have to list every place I ever worked and lived for the past ten years, plus someone that knew me back then in each different job and residence. I have moved on in life, and going back takes a while. Not to mention my year long trip in Barcelona. I moved around a lot during that time. This is going to be interesting. It would be one thing if I lived in the same house my whole life and had the same job for a while, but that is definitely not the case with me.

My car is also getting fixed, so I will be happy when I get it back. My front and back bumpers should be like new. I should be picking it up tommorow. I hope that they give it a wash and a vacum. I really needed it. In the mean time, I am enjoying my rental. I am driving a brand new Sentra. Can't complain about that.

Anyway, I better go now.

Ciao Ciao.


winivere2002 said...

OOO at the Sentra. You wont want your car back. LOL... Sorry you have been sick. I have, too, since August actually. Yep, security clearances are a pain in the neck. It's hard to remember everything. If you have your income tax records, it will be easier to track. Good luck on getting it completed.
Win =.)

zoorisk said...

I am sorry to hear that you have been feeling a bit under the weather.  OPM does as a lot of questions about your past, I know I went thru that seven years ago and they had me feel out the papers again last week.  Keep copies of all of the paper work you are doing, epecially the medical portion.  Good luck, I am sure you got what it takes.