Monday, November 1, 2010

Meow !!!

Whassup My Bitches ?

Miss me ? Sorry I've been away for about a week. The truth is, I just had no energy to write. 


Forgive me please ?

Guess what ? Tomorrow is Erection Day. Oh my bad, ELECTION day. Voting can be so hard.......

Anywhore, How was your Halloween ? I had a blast. I went to a party with my friend above. She makes a hot witch doesn't she ?  Before then I hadn't gone to a Halloween Party in 5 years. It was nice to dress up and go out. I have better pictures on Facebook. I can't post them here because I don't post pics of people without their prior knowledge.

At the party there was a live band and I danced a lot. It was awesome. I saw one dude just waltz in as a fairy A manly looking dude with a beer in one hand and dressed like a girly fairy with green wings. While he was dancing, I did a "grab and dash." It's a move that I had to take out of my war chest and dust off since it's been a while.

Basically my loves, while he was dancing with his back turned to me, I grabbed his ass kinda hard. I got a big chunk of his fairy ass in my hand for about a second before I turned around and disappeared back into the crowd. I did a very good job because by the time he turned around I was busy dancing and he looked at my friend. She tried to convince him it wasn't her but I don't think he believed her. Can you blame me for trying to get a little pixie dust for myself ?

What else........................

Other than that I've been busy with work. Did I tell you that we now have a new tenant in our hall ? Like we needed more people to share oxygen with.

I mean, I already hate sharing the bathroom with the bitches on my floor. Not only do they kind of ignore me, but they stink up the bathroom AND they like to gather themselves in there and talk.

 I hate talking in the bathroom. I don't understand why a lot of women feel the need to have chats in there.  But these beezies like to stand around, straighten their hair (the smell of burning hair is not appealing) and talk about God knows what.  The only reason I don't know what they are talking about is because they are speaking another language. I wouldn't care so much, but we all know they speak English really well, yet when they see me they immediately switch into Japanese, as if I am going to hold it in longer just so I can stand there and listen to them. No thanks, I would rather drop the kids off if you know what I mean.

So yeah........... sorry, got off track for a second.

Our newest tenants are mainly men. Not just any men. Neanderthals.

Last week I caught one of them picking his nose. Really digging for gold. While he was waiting for the elevator, he was kind of facing my reception desk, which I was sitting behind. Now I know I am short, so maybe he didn't think I was sitting behind the computer working. But c'mon, if you are gonna give yourself a fucking lobotomy Total Recall style, the least you can do is take two seconds to scan your environment.

So anyway, he was facing the elevator, but turned towards my direction to pick his nose, thinking I wasn't there. So he makes a swirling motion with his index finger, like he was looking for gold and scratching a bad itch at the same time.

I just sat there, still not believing what I was witnessing. In the middle of his dig-fest, he looks up at me, while his finger was still in his nose. Yeah, we definitely had a moment. A very awkward one. He immediately turned around and got the eff of our floor. Aaaaawwww.... wonder if he'll come back.

I thought an incident like that was just a one-time thing. Oh no...... The next day a guy burped real loud while waiting for the elevator. He was short, so he had a lot of power packed in there.

I shudder to think what may be next................ Ball adjustments ? Ass scratching ? Farting ? Wedgie picking ? Oh the possibilities......................

But don't you worry my little kittens, you can be sure I will tell you all about it.

Okay, so I will be making my way around your bloggies in the next couple of days. Gotta go watch trash TV.

Besitos !


Big Mark 243 said...

I guess you DID miss the memo... men are PIGS

mac said...

Do you know what Japanese men do when they have erections?

They vote.
It's Erecton day, everyone go vote :-)

Well, except the nose picker, booger eating, bal scratching, own ass smelling buttheads in your building.

Organic Meatbag said...

Well mrrrrrrow there, kitty!

Shadowdancer said...

Darlin' ain't no one better at belching than you!

Danielle said...

You two look like yu had a blast.

LL Cool Joe said...

Ball adjustments are necessary, just as women readjusting their boobs in their bra seem to be! :D

Choleesa said...

"give yourself a fucking lobotomy Total Recall style, the least you can do is take two seconds to scan your environment."
That is funny!!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh - I h*te the b*tches in my office bathroom too. They HAVE to talk to you constantly while you're trying to take care of business. Absolutely NO privacy whatsoever. ARGH!!!

Red Shoes said...

'Erection Day?" LMAO!!!

Men are pigs?!?! Oh FUCK!! Not again?!?!?! *cries*


* Ashleigh * said...

Qweefs? j/k

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. One of my kids did a killer burp the other day - I bet SHE could have put him to shame. I couldn't believe it. Lol

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Sounds like you have tenats from hell living in your building.

I love your costume!! I haven't dressed up for Halloween in many, many years. lol

K said...

Meow back at ya.
I must confess I do love a chat whist in the loos but sadly don't speak Japanese.
I look forward to ball scratching day.

Riot Kitty said...

Excellent pic! Sorry we didn't get to meet time! I'll be your first ;0 (Girl blogger to meet, that is.)

Loving Annie said...

People can be pigs. Mining for nose gold and burping.sigh.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Great Halloween picture. I'll check them out on FB.

Men, like the social wonders you described, are greatly appreciated. For me, it just eliminates the bulk of the competition and the ladies pay more attention to the real gentlemen.


Scarlet Ily said...

You both look great in your costumes! I can't believe you got away with the "grab and dash," but then you were so slick about it. Good for you! I think I'll start doing that later in life when I can get away with it...when I can blame it on dementia or something. ;)