Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Senorita's Seven

What's Up Kittens ?

Meow !

So,  I am just gonna tell you what's going on in my world in a little list, and then I will have to expand upon it next post. Here goes........

1.) My grandparents are renewing their vows in a couple of weeks. I wouldn't miss that for the world. The marriage they have is something I could only hope for and something they have always wanted for me. I will be such a teary mess that day and I look forward to it. If you don't already know, I love my grandparents so much.

2.) I am going to wear a ring that I inherited from my Oma.( Austrian grandma) to that ceremony, My mom's parents never got to attend the wedding when my folks married, and I know my Oma would have loved my Grandma. Basically the ring I will be wearing is a smoky topaz (topaz is my birthstone) and my Opa saved up and bought it for my Oma. When my Oma passed, my mom and aunt decided it should go to me. They were the loves of eachothers' lives. And I will be wearing that to my other grandparents vow renewal ceremony. My Oma was always optimistic about love.

3.) My blog is turning 7 tomorrow. I can't believe I've been writing nonstop for 7 years. I started when I just turned 23 and this blog has been there for me when I graduated from college, lived abroad, struggled to find out what I wanted to do, when I went back to school, graduated again, and finally got hired in my field.

4.) I have made some wonderful new friends this year that I am so thankful for. I made two wonderful girlfriends, and I have always wanted more female friends in my life. And I made them at a point in my life where I finally understood what it means to be a great friend in return.

5.) 2011 is the year I will start devoting myself to dance again. I have had what feels like an artistic block for the past four years and I don't want to feel hindered any longer. This will be the year that I get back into a troupe and performing more.

6.) I was real happy that I was able to see my dad, brother and grandparents this year for Xmas. I was happy that my brother got to ride with me, so I didn't have to make the trip alone.

7.) Ever since I turned 30, I feel like life is passing me by and if I don't wake up and make it exciting, it will pass me by. Even though I have done a lot of things, I still feel like I am missing out on so much.

Seven is a lucky number, so I will just leave it at that for now. I will have to come back and blog on my blogiversary (sp?) tomorrow.

Besitos my loves !


Riot Kitty said...

Nice post! I love topaz. Enjoy the ceremony :)

I'm sure I have said it before...things just get better after 30. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Danielle said...

I love your # 4 and that you are wearing the ring to the ceremony. You sound Good!

Lulú said...

I'm with you on your #7 and I love your #4...and congratulations to your grandparents! They sound awesome!

Big Mark 243 said...

Ditto Riot Kitty. Topaz is so you.

Don't sweat turning 30. Fulfill yourself and everything will come to you. That is what I wished someone had told me when I was 30.

So I am sharing this with you. Fulfill yourself independent of others and happiness will attach itself to you in every area of your life.

LL Cool Joe said...

I agree with number 7. Live your life to the max.

Nice list.

Anonymous said...

7 years??? My gosh, have we been together that long? It sure doesn't seem like it. Time flies. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Love this post Miz. Senorita! ;)

I have two of my G'ma's rings. I love them.. Now that she's passed, every time I put one on I think of her.. and one of them I wear just about every day.

Mama Zen said...

Happy bloggy birthday! Topaz is my birthstone, too.

Jessica said...

Happy New Year!! This is a lovely post.

Your grandparents' marriage is inspiring!

Red Shoes said...

Sweetie... at the age of 30, you have SO much to look forward to... What I've read of you in this past year, you are living Life the way it's intended to be lived!!

The only way Life slips by us is if we let it...