Sunday, June 7, 2015

And Le Weekend Continues............

So what's going on my little buttercups ?

It's Sunday, and I just finished walking and feeding the dog. He is currently occupied with ripping all the stuffing out of his toy. I let him make a mess because I would rather he destroy a dog toy than other property. I also want to give him an outlet to express himself, because I am sure he misses his owner.

I am listening to Mozart. I am half Austrian. My mother was born and raised in Austria, and Austrians love their classical music and their sweets. Is it wrong that instead of humming the classical tunes that I want to meow them out ?

I also had my morning coffee and cereal. Instead of cream and sugar, I added almond milk and coconut oil to my brew, and it was good ! Don't get me wrong, I freaking love my sugar and love it when people brag about their dessert exploits on social media. It's just that I am not in my twenties any more, and sugar really throws a monkey wrench into life with depression.

I try to take supplements, and one of the supplements that has made me feel a little better is
Vitamin D. I can't explain it and we all have our different way of coping with illnesses, but this is my little hack, so maybe you can try it ?


To continue on with my cult stories, I re-read my blog post from yesterday, and I found it entertaining, because ten years have passed, and I am now re-reading my experiences as a normal person. Sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction.

What would you do if a woman told you to cut off your own penis ? Because this is what our KK (Krazy Korean) once asked three of her male students to do. One day she called three of her male students in, and wanted to discipline them, probably for having sexual thoughts or for thinking about other women.

KK is now in her seventies and looks it, but she was very beautiful in her younger years and obsessed with her image. She definitely used it to her advantage with the male students and was secretly jealous of her female students. More on that later, but she definitely used her looks to her advantage with the male students, and did NOT like it at all when they spoke about other women. She was very passive-aggressive in methods of displaying jealousy.

Anyway, she called the three men in and had them kneel down on their knees and face her with their heads down, with her right hand men in the room too. She basically told them that their cocks were coming between them and their master (meaning her) and that they don't deserve to be her students.

You ever hear the saying "You can't serve two masters" ? That is from the Bible, Matthew 6:24. She always loved to quote the Bible and use them to her advantage.

Anyway, back to the penis story............... She instructed them to pick up the steak knives placed next to them and "cut off their cocks". And the men actually had the blades against the skin, until she yelled STOPPP ! (Because she is not a complete idiot and doesn't want to get sued or go to jail or be blamed for running a crazy cult with actual undeniable proof).

So then she had her right-hand men take them to the toilets and shove their heads in the toilets. Because just when you think you got out of one punishment, she will shock you with a new one. I knew this first hand because she punished the children this way, but she was smart enough not to do it herself. She had the parents or other member do the dirty work.

I was give a lot of punishments as a child. There were four of us kids, and I was the only girl. I really got the harshest punishments. So did the boy my age because we were outspoken. We definitely deserved to be disciplined and I am all for strict discipline, but that boy and I were singled out.

I am sure you readers, especially the men, wonder how the hell a man would ever allow himself to even entertain a thought of cutting off his own penis ? But I can guarantee that if you can get a person in a certain frame of mind, you can really get them to believe anything and I do mean anything. How else can you explain educated individuals involved in cults ?

I will write more on this later, but there is a psychology to this madness that may seem counter-intuitive, but does make sense once you understand it more.


Red Shoes said...


I know one thing... crazy Korean or not... I would NOT do that...

even resident fruitcake, Bruce Jenner has yet to disconnect from his pecker...

Having said that, cults are oh so powerful...

Remember those people that were convinced that there was a space ship tailing the 'Hale-Bopp' comet? They dressed in some kind of coveralls and Nikes or something... and killed themselves. They had been convinced that they would joining those already on board.

Of course, Hell.. what do we know... maybe they DID!!!

I hope the rest of your weekend is going well...


blogoratti said...

What a bizarre tale indeed.
Have a nice week!

RealDreamer said...

Meow to Mozart all you want, honey. But please YouTube it for all to enjoy. You may get pastries thrown at you in appreciation.

What was up with that Korean bitch? No one's penis, for sure. Glad you didn't have one to lop off.

I'm proud of you for trying an alternative way of eating. Sugar is a double edged sword. Such ecstasy yet so much pain can be inflicted on the innocent. The Korean must never know of this hideous form of torture.

Riot Kitty said...

Good God. I don't even know where to begin on "KK."

Meow away!