Monday, June 1, 2015

It's Monday *Le Sigh*

Hello My Little Marshmallows,

Miss me ? Please form a single file line and try to contain your excitement. Thank you.

Today is Monday, and Mondays tend to blow because I can never seem to get proper sleep the night before. My mind knows I have to wake up early the next morning, and it won't let me sleep. Instead, my mind tends to either feed me really brilliant ideas or bring back memories of some of the stupid mistakes I've made over the years.

Today I was late for work, not because I didn't plan properly. I actually left early. I was late because usually there is no traffic, and there was a four-car mess this morning. (Which is actually tame by Florida standards). I also forgot my phone. Lovely, right ?

What else ? I went to the Dollar Store yesterday. Usually I am not a fan of the Dollar Store, because items like food, cleaners and batteries are really substandard. Plus, Most cleaners and hygiene products of better quality can be found cheaper at Walmart and/or the drugstore with a coupon. And did I mention that I am not a fan of the crowds there ?

But, yesterday I found E.L.F eyeliner for a buck (ELF makeup is decent) as well as envelopes and dog toys !

Once in a while I will allow myself to purchase expensive makeup such as Chanel foundation or Urban Decay, but I like to leave the impulse buys to cheap stores like Big Lots and the clearance rack at drugstores, or even the dollar store, so I don't go bankrupt. But for things like primer, and foundation, I believe in spending more money as it sits on my face all day.

Enough babbling for now, tootles !


Zsuzsi said...

Yay, you are back! Or at least I re-found your blog. I hope all is good!

Red Shoes said...

I stopped wearing make-up.... and heels... no heels...

... unless they are on cowboy boots... then I wear heels...

~Le Shoesies~