Monday, July 20, 2015

Am I the Only One ?

Am I the Only One...................

1) That is not shocked that Bill Cosby had a squeaky clean image and got away with rapes and extramarital affairs for so long, even after people stepped forward ?

2) That wonders what fellow church goers were doing the night before they showed up for the morning service ? Were they at the club ? Snorting coke ? Cooking dinner with their families ?

3) That is not shocked that the people with the cleanest images hide some of the most interesting secrets ?

4) That is suspicious of charities and think that the majority of funds don't actually go to the real cause ?

5) That wonders how screwed up my therapist is ? Is my therapist more screwed up than me ? Does she even take her own advice ?

6) That thinks the majority of life coaches I see are full of shit ? Do they even have their lives together?

7) That thinks that the majority of people that flash their wealth are probably on the verge of bankruptcy ?

8) That wonders if I am a Negative Nancy, or am I a realist ?

9) That wonders how I ever thought I had the answers to life in my twenties, and if I will ever get my shit together ?

10) That reads heated debates about international events (ie Israel, Palestine, etc...) on Facebook or the news and wonder how the hell anyone can really know anything if they don't live there and live it first hand ?

Can any of you relate ? Or am I really just the only one ?


LL Cool Joe said...

What you see with people is never what you get. We all have dark, hidden secrets, mine are so hidden, I can't even remember what they are myself.

RealDreamer said...

We are all flawed (yes even and especially your therapist). Some things are done all for show, like church-going. It's gotta be, cuz some of the actions I've seen after the service don't resemble the religious teachings at all. Those are a lot of really good, thought-provoking questions. Some we may never get the answer to. Life is a mystery like that.

Bruno Chavantes said...

No Gatovsky..u are not the only one. I relate to the artificial BS that surrounded us.

Riot Kitty said...

Not just you...I was a reporter, remember? :) I can tell you working at a nonprofit that you can check out GuideStar and Charity Navigator to see where the money goes. I donate to the place I work because I know where the money goes - right to programs.