Sunday, July 19, 2015

Candy and Coloring Book

Hello my little Sunshine Rays,

I recently heard some adults are turning to coloring to relieve stress and combat depression. It sure beats eating your way out of your pants and into self-hatred, right.

So today I stopped at CVS and found a coloring book, and not just any coloring book, but Lisa Frank. I freaking love Lisa Frank, she was THE sticker and coloring book Goddess of when I was in grade school.

Anyway, it was only a buck, and then I got my favorite crayons to match. Crayolas. The smell brings me right back to my childhood when I got Crayolas for Christmas. I won't touch any other brand of crayons, everything smells like cheap wax, which is hilarious, considering I am not really loyal to any brand in particular of any other product. Just crayons.

You know what also brings me back to the Eighties ? Starburst candies and Juicy Fruit gum. Recently a coworker brought Starburst to work, and I have been hoarding them. I eventually had to go buy more and replace them. But they are really juicy. I could tell you a story about how I stole a whole bag of Starburst from my teacher right under his nose in gradeschool. I ate them and everything right in front of him and he didn't notice. Then he turned around and noticed they disappeared and frantically searched for them and I sat there and watched in silence.

So anyway, back to today at CVS, I found Juicy Fruit gum infused with Strawberry Starburst flavor. I thought I had hit the memory jackpot !

Turns out, it was kind of a disappointment, and I went back to chewing the regular Juicy Fruit.

So yeah, coloring books, crayons and candy. And how are you doing ?


Blogoratti said...

Colouring books sound like a great idea actually. I'm doing very well, and hope you have a lovely week!

Big Mark 243 said...

...yes, coloring books are a really good idea... for many reasons, least of which is nostalgia for good times and it quiets the thoughts in your head...

...thanks for the tip on the Juicy Fruit/Starburst combo... sounds like a better idea than the reality..!

RealDreamer said...

Coloring is s great idea. I think anything that brings out your creativity is very therapeutic. Knowing you though, you won't stay in the lines. And I imagine you drawing moustaches and sex organs on everything! LOL Starburst is the bomb!!

Jimmy's Journal said...

I recently saw a tv ad for coloring books and I must admit I used to enjoy coloring as a kid. All that stopped in the sixth grade when my teacher caught me coloring with a girl. She said I went way too outside the lines.

Nowadays, I paint when I have a chance. I'm finished with the living room and the bedroom is next. After that I'm gonna paint.


LL Cool Joe said...

When you say crayons, do you mean the big fat wax ones? How do you keep inside the lines with those! :D