Friday, July 3, 2015

Rainbow Related Questions

Well Happy Fourth Weekend to you my Loves,

How are you ? I am thankful that I have today off for the Fourth of July weekend and I am dogsitting. It's always nice to wake up to a pet in your bed. Especially a cuddly pet.

I keep hearing the term "crossing over to the rainbow bridge" in relation to a cat's passing. I don't really hear that term used for a dog. So will someone please explain why it seems that cats have the exclusive use of the term ?

So this last week was monumental in that the Supreme Court of the United States ruled same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states. I truly never thought this day would ever come in my life-time.

I have a strictly-legal question regarding the same-sex ruling. Back around 2008, I took an American Law class, and my professor said that cases regarding same-sex marriage will never reach the US Supreme Court because marriage was not discussed in the US Constitution, and therefore relegated to the states. He said that each state will have separate authority as to whether same-sex marriage will be allowed in their state, but because it is strictly a state issue, it will never reach the Supreme Court.

So when I read that the above subject not only reached the Supreme Court, but was actually heard and ruled upon, I was shocked.

I guess I will google the shit out of the above questions later for further clarification, but I was wondering if any of you lovely readers ever wondered the same.

Growing up in a cult with religious beliefs, I was raised that homosexuality was a sin. And I truly believed it. Of course I never really was outspoken about it (Thank GOD) but it was a firm belief of mine.

I mean, honestly, I came from an environment where mental illness didn't exist, I wasn't allowed to watch TV or listen to the radio, you were punished for masturbation, humiliated for watching porn, and oral sex was considered a crime against the Universe (seriously). With those guidelines, where do you think homosexuality would rank ? My point exactly.

Moving out of a communal environment to going to college and living in the dorms and then living abroad in Spain for the next year, helped transition me out of those beliefs. It started with me accepting that I had depression.

Once I could put that label on what I was feeling, I could feel more compassion for others. I lived a lifestyle different from mainstream society in a cult. People always looked at us as freaks. It was so awkward growing up to know that the neighbors were always watching us and ready to report us for any little violation. Someone even decided to call Child Protective Services on us, and the school knew about our business. I felt isolated and laughed at. Who I was I to judge someone for going against the grain, so to speak ?

I am not saying this to compare my life to that of the GLBT community, because I don't know what it is like, I just got a taste of my own medicine, and I believe in kindness and compassion.

Anyway, that is all for now.

Besitos :)


Jimmy's Journal said...

Most animal owners refer to the "Rainbow Bridge" for all beloved pets. I think the term is a crutch for the heartache one lives through when a pet passes.

On another note and without casting stones, I believe most people feel that you can marry whoever you like. The only problem I have with any beliefs or groups is when they become overly obsessed, especially when you don't share their beliefs. My only analogy would be vegan Jehovah's Witnesses.

That's my two cents worth for now. I'm heading over to pick up my betrothed sweetie, the Dolly Llama. By the way, I've been known to cuddle.


RealDreamer said...

Like Jimmy, I've also heard of our beloved pooches passing through The Rainbow Bridge. It's a wonderful place, I hear, where our pets regain their health and are happy and whole again.

I was also raised with the belief that homosexuality is a sin. Then I grew up and formed my own opinions. I have great friends who are gay. I don't look at anyone's sexuality, religion, race, color, etc. I look at whether they're an asshole or not. Sometimes it takes longer to figure it out than others, depending on how much control they have in disguising it. But, it usually comes out in the end. ;)

As far as marriage between gay people, my thought is live and let live. I hate when people say they're Christian but then judge the hell out of others. Mind your own damn business, bible thumpers! God rules, not you!

You had a difficult start in life but you've managed to free yourself from those chains. I'm glad you now know as an adult that there are choices and that there are consequences for the choices we all make. I hope the Krazy Korean is paying big for all she inflicted on you and the others.