Sunday, July 23, 2006

Barcelona Connect

Hello there again my lovelies,

I was in one of my old email accounts I used while I lived in Barcelona and I was sent a link of the magazine that I used to religiously read while I was there. It's called Barcelona Connect and it's in English.

I collected these magazines and still have them here in my room. They were free, colorful and full of information in English. For once, I didn't have to struggle to understand what I was reading. There were stories with beautiful pictures that talked about Barcelona culture, notices of events and publis services.

I can still read the magazine online. But nothing beats having that big, glossy magazine in my hands.

While I was living there there was also a free newspaper called Catalan today. It was available at every newsstand and it was easy to find. It was also free and talked about important issues such as Spain voting in the EU elections, immigration, and Catalan culture. I read that paper religiously. Unfortunately some dipshit decided to publish it only once a week, sell it in select newsstands and charge for it. But I still loved it.

Reading that magazine online brings back memories of why I love that city. Language schools are cheap, parties are plentiful, people are happy in general and how could I forget the nightclubs and beaches.


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