Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hello Everyone,

I'm not sure about what's really going on between Israel and Lebanon. I am glad that the news are showing more graphic images on the news. We need to see what's going on in the world. I'm not big on political correctness when it comes to violence.

I was listening to the news and heard that Americans had to pay for their evacuations. So what if an American in Lebanon can't afford a ride home ? He's left to die? Isn't it the duty of the US Embassy to keep its citizens safe ? I also learned that the Americans that registered in the US Embassy were guaranteed a place on the boatride to the nearest airport. So, the moral of the story is to register with the US Embassy when you travel abroad for an extended period of time.

The biggest mistake I made when I went to Barcelona was not registering with the US Embassy. I was living there illegally and didn't want the Spanish govt to know I was there. What I didn't realize was that Spanish govt didn't care nor check on who's there. It would've only helped me. Had I registered there, my family could have found me if  they needed to. I also would have been able to prove that I had resided in Spain and therefore been able to obtain legal residency.

I feel sad knowing that Lebanon is being bombed. I've wanted to visit Lebanon. I heard that it is a beautiful country. And the people there are so beautiful. I also love listening to Lebanese music when I bellydance. I hope the fighing stops soon.

Anyways, I am really tired so I am gonna go for now.


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