Monday, October 16, 2006

Here we go again

Hello Everyone,

Closing our borders is becoming a huge topic in the news right now, especially because politicians are trying to get themselves elected or reelected.

You know what pisses me off about this ? How the media portrays it. Everytime I see something in the newspaper or TV about guarding our borders better, it's always because of illegal immigration.

Yes, illegal immigration is a problem. But not as big of a problem as human trafficking, drug smuggling and terrorism. And the media doesn't even friggin' consider that we should close our borders due to those problems. All the news does is point the cameras on the Mexicans trying to jump over the fence.

I didn't realize how freaking easy it is for terrorists to just waltz right over through our desert into the United States until I did some research. All they have to do is blend in with the other migrants and pay the right smuggler. Does the media ever talk about that ? Nope.

The media also doesn't really talk about the human trafficking issues going on at our borders. Women from third world countries are promised jobs as waitresses in the United States, only to be forced into prostitution. And San Francisco is one of the hottest growing spots for those "massage parlors". I read about that in the San Francisco Chronicle. There was a huge article about it. Unfortunately articles like those are few and far in between.

Oh, and don't even get me started about the drugs. Columbians specialize in cocaine and Mexicans prefer marijuana. In exchange for the Mexicans helping them smuggle the coke in the US, Colombians give them cocaine. The Border patrol apprehends more drug smugglers than the DEA.

I just wish that issues like these would make the news. Instead, the media focuses on how racist the United States for wanting to put up a wall and hiring more agents. They think that all this effort is to keep out migrants. People have a right to know.

Okay, I am tired and heading off to bed.

Ciao Ciao.

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winivere2002 said...

I love it when you get mad about things that are important! Perhaps you are in the wrong profession.
XOXO, Win =.)