Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Madonna and her latest adoption drama

Hello there my lovelies,

So it's been in the news lately that Madonna is trying to adopt a boy in Malawi. The boy is not an orphan because his father is still alive and willing to take care of him. The father thought that Madonna was just gonna feed and educate his son and give him back. He didn't realize that Madonna was gonna take him for good.

I have to take the father's side. He is a poor man in a third world country. He can not read or write. He is probably not an idiot, but I am willing to bet that he doesn't have a clue of what life is like in a developed country and how legal contracts work. And you can't just give a person like this a crash course either. You kinda have to coach them a little and have patience when explaining it. I remember when I was in Spain and I showed a man from South America how to use the computer to set up an email account for the first time. The guy had no clue where to begin. I had to start from the very beginning. I am sure that Madonna's lawyers tried to explain to him the adoption process in simple terms, but failed to emphasize that he wouldn't raise his son anymore.

I am willing to bet that when Madonna walked into his town and did charity work, he didn't question it. I know that if I were uneducated and grew up in an impoverished third world country and an organization came along and fed me or clothed me, I would take the aid and think it was God above. I wouldn't have known that it was coming from an organization and I wouldn't have thought that they would expect anything in return from me.

 I am sure he thought that God or his gods were answering his prayers.  So with that said, when Madonna offered to help his son, I am sure that he thought that God was answering his prayer again. After all, she provided aid and asswered his prayers already, so why would she do anything like take his child ?

If I were Madonna, I would give the boy back and find another child. The father loves his child and the child has a loving family in his country. Lord knows that there are plenty of children in Malawi without any parents or even any relatives. I am sure that the boy would have a nice life in the US, but deep down he would wonder why his father gave him up, and why he didn't stay in his life. And you can't fill a void like that.

I know it must be hard for Madonna to give the boy back. He probably formed a strong bond with her and possibly her children. But she should still let this one go. There are plenty of other children out there without anyone to love them. At least this little boy has his father.


lmitc89854 said...

Sorry, have to disagree with you on this one. That baby had been in the orphanage since he was 2 weeks old. Madonna is the best thing that could happen to him. And he says the same. He said the media has blown this one up, not him.  I think this could be an open adoption with him still having contact with his son.  Yes, there are lots of other babies but this has happened and will work out. I know of other babies adopted from orphanages and this is one lucky baby.

jkambalame said...

I also disagree about the child not being an orphan. An orphan is anyone who has lost one or both parents.