Monday, October 24, 2005

Hello All,

Well, I just got wireless, highspeed internet access from Verizon. I'll be paying about $60 a month for it, but it's worth it to me, especially after all that drama with T-mobile. I am lying in bed and typing this. It's so wonderful. No more going to the common apartment office to get internet, and no more hurrying and trying to get there before 6pm. Now I can go online whenever I please.

I went to San Francisco on Saturday to do the 5 mile walk for Breast Cancer Awareness. I needed that exercise. My calves were sore the next day. A lot of people were there. It was moving to see people walking for loved ones that were affected. More moving was to see the breast cancer survivors at the walk. The whole thing was very well organized and put together. I am glad I went.

It was so wonderful not working on Saturday. But unfortunately, I will be working the next three Saturdays in a row.

Halloween is coming up and I am pretty happy that I am going to a few Halloween parties and that I get to dress up. I just need to find a cool costume. I can't remember the last time that I dressed up.

Anyways, I have more to write but I feel lazy, tired and hungry. I will write more later. Ciao.

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