Sunday, October 16, 2005

I am back and T-Mobile Sucks.....

Hello All,

I love updating my journal and I have been away for a while because I was trying to go wireless and I am still unsuccessful. I am at the community space here at my apt which closes soon, by the way.

I signed up with T-Mobile wireless. First of all, the hold time on the phone when I call in to get technical support is at least 35 minutes. Second of all, the wireless service doesn't even work in my own apartment. It took me calling and waiting for a half an hour at least five times before someone told me that I have to go outside to get internet access. How lame is that ? It's gonna rain soon here in California.

Other than that, I am doing fine and dandy. I will definitely update more later. Ciao.


jcrazytrain said...

NO NO NO Verison is the best LOL D

kdwsunshine said...

I hope you get the phone issues worked out.

pennycarr3557 said...

I have t-mobile and it is the worst service I have ever had.  I am on the 4 outage this month.  I am in Houston and they go down for 3-4 hours and they want to give me $5 for my trouble.  I called them last night at 6pm they said it would be fixed in 2 hr.  This morning I still dont have phone service.  No est of when it will be fixed.  I told them I can not run  my business like that.  They dont care.  They just give away cheap phones to people and lock them in for 1 or 2 years.  you have to pay service or not.  what a deal for them.  I am locked in to there cell internet service also.  It is slow slow slow but I can not get out of it either.  T mobile sucks