Sunday, October 30, 2005

My New Hairdo

Hello there my lovelies,

Yesterday I went to my second Halloween party this weekend. OMG. They were both so fun. I loved the costumes. People were real creative. The house decorations were really good and there was lots of candy. Let's just say that I helped myself.

My coworkers worked so hard to try and get me drunk. She kept making drinks and shoving them in my hands, despite my best efforts of telling her that I don't really like to drink. Everytime I put the drink down, she yelled at me and shoved it back in me hand. I guess us people at Enterprise are lushes.

Last night at the party I was minding my own business fooling around with my digital camera. And some guy from work comes over to me and challenges me to a pushup contest. Whatever I do, he will do double. He told me that because I am a girl I should "attempt" to do 5. I just looked at him, batted my eyes and said "I dunno, that's kinda a lot." Then he lowered the bar to four.

So I put my drink down, took off my nice black gloves, and got down and did some pushups and counted each one out loud. I cranked out 25. I shoulda done more, but oh well. He looked at me and ran out the door. The other guys laughed at him for being such a puss. Then one of my bosses who is 40 lbs overweight got down and cranked out 38 and laughed at him and told him "You're just mad cuz the fat guy beat you."

I swear the last Halloween parties I went to weren't nearly as cool as this year. This year everyone put lots of effort into their costumes.

Actual Halloween is tommorow, but I can't wear the above costume to work so I will wear my traditional Austrian dress and look like a country girl serving beer with my hair parted.

Did I mention that my boss is gonna give me my second review tommorow? It's gonna be so wierd getting it while I am in costume. I hope he gives it to me over lunch. That's what happened last time. Both the review and the food were good.

Anyways, y'all enjoy the rest of the weekend and Halloween tommorow :)



jcrazytrain said...

Hey love the new do!!!! Very schexy LOL I would have done the same thing with the push ups. What an ass LOL Guys do that to me too think I am innocent looking so couldn't possibly know anything LOL BRAVO!!! D

kdwsunshine said...

I love the hair do!!
You sound like you had a great weekend!!

zoorisk said...

Your hairdo looks fantastic, you also look great in the costum.  I am glad you stuck to your guns about the alcohol always think safety.  As for the guy who challange you, I am sure he wont be doing that anymore.  Good luck on the review I am sure it will be a good one.

happinessdreams said...

I love your hair!!!!!! It looks so pretty. Looks like someone had fun. I'm glad to hear that. You looked extremely sexy.