Tuesday, November 1, 2005

So so SO Freaking Annoying. F Bombs in this entry.

Hello All,

Today just got my feathers all ruffled. I am ticked off and I need to vent bad.

Anyways, my area manager freaking took away our car prep at work and sent him to another location. Permanently. Without fucking telling me. That so blows. Now we have to wash ALL our cars by ourselves. It wouldn't be so bad if I could wash the cars on my lot, which would take 5 minutes. But there isn't  a proper draining system on our lot.

What I have to do is drive 5-10 minutes to the other Enterprise location where I then have to wash the car myself with a brush and dry it. All in heels and a skirt while the mechanic stares at my ass. This means more wait time for the customers because I have to drive to the other location and sit through all the red lights.

I was told that the car prep would help us if we need it, but thats a friggin' lie. I asked him to come over today and they didn't send him. I hate the other Enterprise branch. They try to steal our reservations. Now they take our car prep.

I have been talking to my boss about setting up a deal with the people at the carwash at the local gas sstation but he isn't taking it seriously and thinks we are doing fine with washing the cars. He told me he'd talk to the manager at the ga sstation, but I know he is stalling. I know when he is and isn't taking me seriously. "Sandra, I admire your persistance, but we need to see if this is really worth it for us." Nice way to blow smoke up my ass, I guess.

Fuck him. Fuck him and the horse he rode in on. Excuse my language, but our cars have been dirty and we need a better system to get our cars washed faster. He's not the one in a shirt and heels. And he hasn't been stuck with three people in the office and a dirty car. If there are people waiting to be helped I just can't just drive off into the sunset to clean a fucking car. I have to make sure that everyone get's their rental contracts typed up. I have to make sure I am chatting and smiling with everyone. Or else when they get a phone survey about my customer service I will get screwed.

Today was also annoying because a lot of people returned cars, which means that I had too many cars on my lot. It was a slow day for business. We want all our cars out on rent for as long as possible.

I am also annoyed because none of my roommates don't friggin' empty the garbage. And if they do, they just leave it by the front door. Brilliant. I came gome to a big bag of garbage at the front door. Just waiting to greet me.

Anyways, that's enough bitching for now :)



pudge450 said...

Sounds like you need to start looking for another job.  Did you go to college for this??

kdwsunshine said...

It sounds like a big mess if you ask me.
Driving 10 mins to wash a car in heels and a skirt, they better be paying you extra for doing someone else's job.

myheartsaysso2 said...

OK.. so maybe work isn't always going so well for you.. now that I've seen this entry.. lol* I'm going backwards here in my comments..lol* Well, we all have bad days..but I do hope you get a promotion for more dinero! Buena Suerte! :) Mel