Sunday, November 6, 2005

Yee Haw !!

Hello :)

Last night I went to the Saddle Rack. It was such a fun place. You can ride a mechanical bull, have a few beers and line dance. I was too chicken to ride the mechanical bull. I went with my coworkers. The branch manager that went is usually kinda strict and yells a lot during the day. Well last night he was wearing a ridiculous orange shirt that said "Got Beaver?" He was also dancing and taking his shirt off and rubbing his stomach. He also went on stage, and took off his belt and danced with it between his legs. I was sooooooooo dying of laughter. I gotta say that the place was a little too crowded, though.

Today I danced for about 4 hours. I felt so much better afterwards. I worked on some new routines. I just can't waiting for my new costume to be ready.

Tommorow is another day in the car rental business, bright and early as usual. I shall update more on that later. I always do. Ciao.



kdwsunshine said...

You sound like you had a great time!

jcrazytrain said...

gorgeous men love to watch women do that LOL D

zoorisk said...

I glad to hear that you had a great time.  I bet it was a great way of releasing stress.  Henry