Saturday, November 5, 2005

You get the good with the bad

Hello there my lovelies,

First of all, I have to comment on the lovely weather we had today. The sun was out and shining and put me in a very good mood. I love the sun, and luckily we had plenty of it today. Sometimes at work when it's not busy I just pull up a chair and just sunbathe outside. It's kinda funny when my area manager pulls up and catches me.

I worked today and I had no help. But I still managed to do well. I am learning how to handle stressful situations better because my job is full of them. For some reason I can't explain, my plans always get messed up but usually end up working out okay. I never have a day where things work out as planned. EVER.

And another thing to remember. There are good customers that will be greatful for what you do, and patient with you because they know you are making an effort, and because they like you. Luckily I am happy to say that most customers are like this and willing to work with me when they see that I am the only one in the office on a Saturday and I am doing everything in my power to get them on the road. I had a guy that had to wait a long time to get in his car because I kept getting interrupted. But I drove him to the gas station and filled his car with gas and told him he should go all the way to San Francisco and have fun, especially since the gas was on me. He loved it and was very happy.

With this in mind, there are also customers that will screw you over and not give a shit. Even when you go out of your way to do them a favor. Case in point:

A couple was stranded and had no way of getting home. They walked onto my lot and had no car because they had just left it in the bodyshop. Their reservation was at another Enterprise branch way too far away, but thought it was at mine.

I dropped what I was doing and helped them. I had no cars on my lot for them. So I dropped them off at home and told them I would come back when I had a car. I didn't have to drive them home. They didn't have a reservation.

Their insurance was only going to pay $25/day  for a regular size car. But I had an SUV, for $40/day. I only charged them $5 extra dollars a day for the upgrade, rather than $15. It was the only vehicle I had at the time. Besides, that was a pretty cool SUV.

The husband was cool. He came with me to the branch. Then the wife called and bitched and moaned loudly over the phone about the $5/day extra charge.5 Fucking dollars !!! They live in a nice house that looks remodeled, by the way. She would have rather been stranded. The husband finally convinced her to just take it and that they would switch out later when I had a cheaper car. I wanted to burn her with her husband's cigarette.

I also had a woman yesterday where we made a deal with her. She could return the car at another location far away from ours, as long as she does it before noon so we could use the car for another reservation. And she nicely agreed. Well, noon came around and she sure as hell didn't show up. I called her and asked her politely what time she would show up and she bitched at me on the phone. She also told me she was in a bad mood and hung up on me.

I have more stories, but I shall spare you all. I would rather be sharing the ones where customers thank me and ask me about my day and how my weekend was. And I am sure I will have more of those stories soon.


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kdwsunshine said...

Dealing with the public can really be stressful, but it sounds like you handle it well.