Saturday, November 26, 2005

Nice people are back stabbers too..............

Hello There My Lovelies............

Y'all know that I love bellydance. I would say that I am dedicated, and that I go to every class I can and practice even more on the weekend. They have a troupe that performs and competes, and I have been thinking about performing with them next spring. Hell, I even got more music and a new uniform. I have been with my latest teacher for a few months and she's been doing new routines. She's been real nice to me.......or so I thought.

So you can probably imagine my shock and frustration when I found out that she was talking about me behind my back after I just went home after class. Luckily my friend in that class called me and told me.

She had a discussion with the other girls in the class and told them :" I don't think that Sandra is group material. Should we tell her ? Or maybe we shouldn't tell her. Maybe we should just have her come to the other class. I think she'll understand."

Most of the girls agreed that I wasn't "group material" and they decided that they weren't gonna tell me.

I have been dancing for almost 3 years now and I am more flexible than most of the girls. I am also a fast learner if given the chance. My teacher never really gave me a chance to learn all the steps. I am also more willing to wear different outfits and try new things when the other girls bitch and moan. And now they want to tell me that I am not good enough. I know when I am good enough and when I am not. They are full of shite.

This is a good case of me not being welcome. That's really all there is to it. They can dress the situation any way they want, but the girls don't really like me. I never felt welcome in that class. This is friggin' high school all over again.

This incident happened on Tuesday. That day I wore my new outfit and I looked good. It was tight and fit in all the right places and without coming off as conceited I really looked good in it. And the other girls didn't share in my excitement. And neither did my dance teacher. I saw that look in her eyes when she asked me if I was gonna dance in that or go and take it off. I smiled and said I would be dancing in it for the rest of the class.

My teacher has been very nice and fair to me so far, so I don't understand why this came up all of a sudden. But I did have a little inexplicable nagging feeling about her that she probably doesn't like me like me and can be two faced.

Right after I heard this I called her up and confronted her. Of course she denied it and is now agreeing to let me be part of the dance troupe. I never cared about the dance troupe. The problem I had was her telling the group that I wasn't group material behind my back.

I don't want to be part of the dance troupe. Half the girls there are mean and condescending anyways. They can kiss my curvy, white ass.

As for my teacher, I gotta say that it was funny listening to her talking to me for over an hour trying to cover her ass. I acted like I bought her story. But I don't. She can kiss my curvy, white ass too.

I am off to find another teacher. Wish me luck.



jcrazytrain said...

what a biotch you must be better than her or she is OTR :o)) sorry bout that news! D

zoorisk said...

It's pretty piss poor that a teacher (a so call professional) would share her personal or professional views with a class that concerns a student.  She should have spoken to you on the side, but then again I guess you were never dealing with a professional.  I am glad you are looking for another teacher you deserve better.

kdwsunshine said...

I really hate 2 faced people, and its sad that there are so many out there in the world today.
I hope that you find a wonderful new teacher!

happinessdreams said...

Oh, that sucks. I hate backstabbers. That woman is not a very nice teacher, she shouldn't talk about her students behind their backs.