Sunday, November 27, 2005



I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I went up to see my family in Northern CA. I saw my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I had such a good time.

I stayed at my aunts house, watched movies, and ate her ice cream sandwiches. It felt so good to get some rest.

 I also got to play with my little cousins. They were so adorable and such a joy.

There was lots of food, and I was surrounded by happy people. My birthday was also celebrated so I got some nice gifts such as perfumes and lotions, and a handbag. My cousin got me a purse filled with goodies from Victoria's Secret. It was so nice.

So I am sure that you can tell that I had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. I was disappointed a little because my old man didn't make it this year. I haven't seen him in 2 years so I was hoping he would be there. But I'll see him there on Christmas.

And I am leaving you with more pictures. The big guy is my brother and the little kiddies are my cousins. The animals are family pets.



zoorisk said...

I am very happy that your Thanksgiving went well with you and your family.  I would like to also wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more to come.  It must have felt great to be spoiled on such a special day.

lifeplus0o said...

Happy Birthday,
You have a lot of pretty people in your family.  Glad you had a lot of fun on Thanksgiving.

Nice pictures.
take care.

kdwsunshine said...

The pictures are great! I am so glad that you had a good thanksgiving. You and your brother look alot alike.

jcrazytrain said...

AHHHHHHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! whos the cute guy that looks even more sexy reading to a child :o) Adorable lil cousins too and of course you look gorgeous and happy too. XOXO D

happinessdreams said...

I'm glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving. you are sooooo pretty!