Saturday, November 5, 2005

The Sh** I am willing to post for the public to see.....

To the boy I dated for two weeks,

I wanted to thank you for teaching me yet ANOTHER valuable lesson. Because of you I am learning to value myself more and be strong.

I thought that we had fun on our past couple of dates. Or at least you seemed to be. Deep down inside I wasn't really feeling you, but I stuck it out because you are attractive, smart and you are a gentleman (so I thought, after all my best friend had really nice things to say about you).

Anyways, my point is that I am getting better at reading men, and you helped prove my theory.

Even after a having a nice date and talking about whatever comes to mind, when a dude tells me, "Uh, I had fun. Call me when you're bored." I take that as "You're kinda cute, so call me when you wanna just mess around. But only for a little while cuz I got homework."

So I *cough* "lost" your number. But then you called during the week to tell me that you didn't forget about me and that you'd like to go out again. So I passed that off as a dumb moment and went out with you again.

 We went out and had a good time and went to dinner. You even watched Desperate Housewives with me. I thought that was so awesome. We even kissed a little. (Okay too much info, but deal)

I haven't heard from you all week. You won't call. I am online, you won't even say hello. I've got it now, and I have my answer. You were interested in me, you chased me at first and it's all gone for some reason. And though my ego is kinda bruised, I am also relieved. Now I don't have to wonder.

I have *cough* *cough* "lost" your number for good. I think that maybe you expect me to be chasing you now. And many girls nowadays will chase, so maybe you should find a girl that chases you.

I was going to ask you to go to my holiday party with me. A nice, big fat party in San Francisco with lots of happy people, and alcohol. Enterprise doesn't cut costs when it comes to parties. Did I mention that the company brings in at least $8 billion annually?

Anyways, You should see pictures of the dress I am about to buy. I am gonna look real good too and get my hair done and smell nice. And now you don't get to enjoy any of that.

Now I am gonna buy that beautiful dress, long sleeved gloves, and make sure my stylist works some heavy magic on my hair. And I am gonna go to that party and have a good time.

I also have learned to never trust a friend's judgement in men. This has been proven to me many times before, but for some reason it just clicked this time. Here's how I see it. My friends and I have similar tastes in men. They are certainly not going to put you with someone they would want to be with (even if she has a boyfriend), because that would create jealousy between friends.

Anywho, it is a Saturday night and now I need to log off this computer and go out and have some fun with my coworkers at the Saddle Rack. Some good ole' country western fun. Yee Haw !!!






poodlebane5 said...

Sandra, Let this be a lesson to you... you should always let me check out your potential dates first.  If they can get by my scrutiny, they *might* be worthy of you. At the very least, you will know that they have courage.  Love, Dad

resettozero said...

Being blown off is never fun.  That really sucks.  I don't know if you actually sent this to the guy, but the last statement kind of suggests that you are giving him the chance and the place to run and find you and redeem himself.

You can always make a guy wait.  Before you do the kissing and that business.  Until you have a better idea of why he is "dating" you, and so that you are more sure that he isn't just a run away gigolo.

kdwsunshine said...

I have had this happen to me so many times, its really hard to swallow sometimes, but just know that someone great is waiting out there to find you.