Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hello All,

I am being naughty right now. I am in bed with chocolate ice cream. Somebody stop me.

I rented movies over the weekend and didn't even get to watch them all. I have to return them tommorow night. I feel like I am throwing money down the tube.

I finally got my refund from T-Mobile. Now that I have it back in my bank account I can run like hell and warn everyone else. My boss has Cingular and is currently getting screwed over. I had Cingular 4 years ago and they really had me bend over. T-mobile and Cingular really stink.

On a good note, my bellydance outfit is finished. It is lilac. I tried it on today and it really looked good. I look like an Egyptian princess. I can't wait to dance in it. I also danced today and my teacher gave me some new music to practice my routines to. Ever since I took up bellydance, I have acquired a lot of Arabic music.

Anyways, tommorow is another day. I hope it'll be grand for you.


zoorisk said...

I see why you are in such a good mood today.  You finally got your refund, dont spend it all in one place and you got your bellydance outfit.  Now go easy on the ice cream.  

jcrazytrain said...

oh a little ice cream never hurt anyone. With all that dance'n you will work it off :o))D

happinessdreams said...

I'm glad that you got your refund! Chocolate ice cream...get your butt off that bed young lady work it all out!! An Egyptian princess...that sounds very nice and captivating.