Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Work and Wireless Hell

Hello All,

Well, I have to say that I had a little laugh reading yesterday's entry. I guess I was really pissed.

Today was better at work, even though I had to wake up at 5am to get to our meeting at 6:15am.

I solved the car washing problem. We still have to drive 10 minutes away to our other Enterprise location to wash cars when we are slow. However, if I am in a rush and have customers waiting I can just go across the street. The owner at the bodyshop across the said that he would let me wash some cars on his lot. That makes me feel a lot better.

I did some door to door marketing for businesses today. I just drove around businesses in a certain area and introduced myself and told them about our corporate accounts. I have to admit that I absolutely hate that because I don't want to face rejection and hear "no" or "we don't give out names here". But I also have to say that I need to learn how to accept rejection because sooner or later I will hear a "yes" from somewhere, somehow. This skill will come in handy as I am entering a competitive world of business.

Yes, my boss does get on my nerves sometimes and we don't see eye to eye on everything. But today I realized that he's trying to help me, and that he will say "you're right" or "I'm sorry" if I have a valid point. We are both stubborn people with good intentions that just want to get promoted and make a lot of money.

On another note, I have to say that I hate T-mobile. I am STILL having problems getting my refund back. I am screwed out of $108. I was on hold for another half an hour today, and got transferred twice. I sent back their wireless internet network card, but apparently they can't find it.

Unfortunately, I forgot to make a copy of the UPS tracking number, so I guess I won't know for a while where the package is. After they get the package I have to wait a whole month for the money to be refunded in my account.

I haven't felt this much hatred for a company since Cingular screwed me over three years ago. Today I bitched about this to the guy that sent out my package and we had a laugh. Two other customers nearby decided to chime in and put in their two cents. They hate AT&T. That's funny because I think that AT&T merged with Cingular. No wonder they suck.

Anyways, that is enough for now. I shall post more later :)



zoorisk said...

It is good to hear that you solved somewhat the carwash problem, lets hope it works out.  I am sure you will do just fine in the marketing business and dont be afraid of the rejection part.  You have to be tough and move forward some people need a bit of convincing. Its like work when we tell crooks dont steal of course they reject me on that thought but I keep moving forward.  There lost not mine.  lol.  Henry

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kdwsunshine said...

I have Sprint, I have never dealt with T Mobile, but I know that Cingular is crazy around here too.